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Top Snippets - Accountant conversations this morning
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Happy Monday!!! Yes. We’re a bit early
Let’s do it anyway!!!
Welcome to The Coffee Run

The Coffee Run 612 - Accountant conversations this morning!!

I had a meeting this morning with my accountant about last financial year (we run from 1 July - 30th of June here in Aus) and he asked me when looking at the numbers “Are you happy with your numbers from last year?” … to which I laughed!!!!!

An important question you need to answer for yourself is:

What are your measures of success?

Your measures of success will be different to mine. Which are likely to be different to someone else you know.. not because one is better or worse than the other.. but because we all have different values.

When we think about our hierarchy of values (which change, by the way)… it’s important to think about how we are demonstrating those through what we put out there.

Are ALL of our values important to communicate?

Your values ripple through everything you put out there!

They help people to see ‘behind the curtain’

We talked about why is THAT important?

Enjoy today’s The Coffee Run replay and remember:

The World Is Ready For Your Brand of Awesome.

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