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Ace Talks: Your Day Is As Good As Your Mindset

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Your habits are essential to your success. Consistent check-ins, mindful practices, and grounding rituals allow you to show up for yourself before you show up for others. Our Founder & CEO has adapted a daily writing prompt on how she starts her day, every day.“When I take a few minutes to savor my morning coffee and get grounded first thing in the morning, I can make a bigger impact on how I show up for others because I take the time to first, show up for myself.” — Mandy BalakThis simple 5-minute grounding habit will support you to be more intentional, more focused and to live and work in alignment with your values.Daily Questions that will change your life:How are you feeling? It’s important to know where you’re at right now to know where you’re going. Whatever you feel - good or bad, anxiety, fear, excitement - it’s all valid.How do you want to feel? A simple question that can knock you off your feet. How do you WANT to feel? When you can define how you want to feel, you can often make powerful decisions to do or not do things that do or don’t align with your desired feelings. This is inspired by the incredible Danielle Laporte whose career and work have been guided by this one question. ( hyperlink )How do you want to show up for others? Who is counting on you? Your family, your team, your co-workers, your spouse? How do you want to show up for them? ( Ex: powerful, calm, funny, dependable, organized…. )What are 5 possibilities for your day today? Accomplishing the hard things starts with the little wins like drinking water, making your bed, moving your body or washing your face. What is the possibility you are creating for your day today?>> DOWNLOAD WRITING PROMPTS HERE: << >> SIGN UP FOR THE LEVEL-UP WORKSHOP: <<LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE.