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Addison Rae Tells David Dobrick how much People Make on TikTok

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Last Played: December 06, 2021
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People make less from TikTok than you think. In conversation with David Dobrick, Addison Rae breaks down just how much a TikTokker can make from one video. She explains the limits of the platform and the misconceptions that lead people to believe their favorite content creators make more than they actually do.
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thank you. You're great, no Addison. I will. I have said this behind your back and I will, I will rip you for No, seriously, I I genuinely think you're you're really, really cool person. I've said this to you, I fucking said to see the other day, I think you're like, one of the the only people on that app that has, like, potential that, like I said this about you, he said this about you to mean, yeah, that exceeds the app. And you know that, and that's why I'm friends with you because I think I can milk you for way longer than because I have followers. But you know what I was saying to is like, the other day, I was like, doing this deal and I like, look at my phone and it's blowing up. It's like, Natalie miscall like four times, like, David Facetime me five times and I'm like, oh my God, they miss me or something. I was like, are they gonna ask me to come by? Like they miss me? And then I look at my text and Natalie's like S. O. S. Urgent. And I'm like, oh no, I'm like that something happened. Like I'm glad they're reaching out to me to help them immediately call Natalie back. Right? When I see that text message and it's David that picks up and goes, so I'm trying to post at Tiktok right now. It's not letting me record with the green screen on top, so what do I do? And I'm like, my heart was racing. I was like thinking I needed to help you guys with something that's fucked up. Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were in the middle of a brand deal. I used to know how to record with a green screen option and you know fucking everything about that app, That's what I'm here for. That was my fault. Okay, let's get into this Addison, uh, for those of you, for those people listening that don't know who you are. How many followers you have on Tiktok? I have 45.1 million. That's crazy. When this podcast is probably out, you'll probably be a 46. I feel like such a, like an old, like, like Ryan Seacrest talking to somebody and when this and then when you guys are listening to this, you'll probably already be at 50 million. That's how fast she's growing ladies and gentlemen. Um, so 45 million. And how many months ago did you start Tiktok? Um, I started the beginning of july. That's why download the app. I download the app in less than a year ago. Less than a year ago, you started ticktock and you have one of the biggest followings in the world and it's completely translated to your instagram now, right? Like you get, you get like basically kylie Jenner likes, I would say no, I'm being honest. Right? What is that? What is that? Like? What is it going from being in? What were you in high school? We're in college, you're in college. What was that like? Where was it? Where did you go? Oh my God, what the fuck is going on? Because this is like an actual like overnight type of thing. Like, I feel like other people like, like it's like a slow build but literally happened in like minutes. Like what was the first video where you blew up? Um Well, my first video that I ever posted, which is like not even on my page anymore. Um it got like 93,000 likes and like two days and it was like my first video and it was very random. And then I ended up like Posting more after that because I was like, Okay, this is weird. Like I've never gotten more than like 105 likes. And um, I posted my mom and that was my first video to get a million lives with me and my mom lives singing. That's fucking crazy. When do people's mindset change about you? When did they either do they go when you first started Tiktok? When you're probably like one or 23 videos on the app? Like, what do people think of you then? Were they like, oh, this girl's so she's such a loser for posting? Or what was the first impression people got when you were posting before you got any followers? Um, no, I think, I mean, I just graduated high school so I'm sure those people thought I was pretty weird. But I think like for the most part, I mean like I was, my first post on my ted talk right now is like me and a cowboy hat. So like, I think a lot of people were like, oh, this is a southern girl. Like people weren't used to seeing like country people I guess. And then how fast that people like change up on you. Like they were either jealous and they would like send you something mean or they wanted something from you. I mean that happened probably Honestly like right around the time and I got like $300,000 because I remember like Me and my mom like made this huge deal about like how I got through in 2000 cause there's just so much do you think your mom is using you for clout? Yes, 100%. No. honestly, like she, like I said like my video of her and I was like, the first one to really blow up and that's how people like new me. It was like my mom. And what is that like when? Because your parents both have Tik TAKS, right? What is that like when they're making Tik TAKS also? And they ask you to be in a, like, I remember one time my dad posted something, he posted something. Do you remember this? He posted something And I was like, he'd never fucking post that. He's just posting it because I know he thinks he's going to get likes. Like, is it ever like that? Are you ever like my dad's just fucking fishing for like, oh my dad for sure. Yeah. Like my dad is, I don't even want to speak of his cup. I don't know. I do great screen. No. Seriously, it's the worst. My, my mom's a little more like aware and careful about what she posts cause she realizes that a lot of people see it. But like my dad, like it's such, oh my God, I can't even speak about it. Like I tell them to delete it. Oh yeah, Yeah. Because they're like, really embarrassing. And I'm like, oh my gosh, charlie almost made me to lead pictures today of her. I was like, whoa, who's this? That is so bizarre. Yeah. And then she goes, Addison commented on it. Just leave. It was like, okay, my daughters and my daughter is obsessed with Addison and talk about to talk about feeling insecure. Okay, So, um, uh, charlie called me like Wednesday and she was like, just like hanging out with David Addison, hanging out with David and I was like, David fucking call me. So, I mean like, you know, everyone feels that way. And then Jason committed whale on my Tiktok Addison made it so you can't comment the word whale on her Tiktok. And then I went in to see and you can't. Yes. So now there's one comment that's as well from Jason, nash Addison, your, your top three dictators in the world. Top To, uh, number two on the app. Okay. What, what is the most amount somebody on the app has gotten paid for one tick tock for one. Take talk that I'm aware of, that someone has gotten paid for. Yeah. That I'm aware of. Yes. That, you know, we think you'd be pretty aware if you're the, I'm just saying like from abroad, Yes, somebody could be, you could be somebody else, anybody. Yeah, let's all guess. Okay. I'll take a guess. I can guess right now. Okay, go 80,000. Oh, I was gonna say more than that. No fucking way. I was Gonna say easily like for 45 million people know it's gotta you know, it's gotta be it's gotta be more than that. No, I'm saying one post. I'm not saying a record label takes you and makes ads from U. 250,000 90. But yeah, but that's what I know is like what someone's because Tiktok is still new. So like brands don't want to, they want to see how it Works 1st. You know like 250,000. It's kind of numbers you see on Instagram more because it's like beer is here everybody to. So Madison, I'm gonna flip the question to you, What is the most you've seen for one instagram? Post instagrams insane. People get paid like a million dollars for a story. Some people, you've seen one person get paid for a story. A million dollars. How many friends? How many views do they get? Like five frames? Probably five frames. Okay, so five insta stories For $1 million. For less than a million. How many opens do they get 40 million views? Okay, that makes sense. Yeah, that does make sense. I was going to be like five million. I was like, what am I doing wrong? I guess that's a swipe up right And there's no link. It's like swipe up its full. Yeah, by the way, the purpose and this is not talking about myself, but like there are people with hundreds of millions of followers on instagram and like their reach as much with Tiktok, you can't engage with things as much as you can on instagram. So that's what the thing I hate about Tiktok prices Is people think that these Tiktok talkers get paid per post. So like everyone will do math and they'll be like, Addison Rae gets paid $45,000 proposed. It's not like She posted 400,000 posts and they make up somewhere. Yeah, They're like, Oh my God, she's posted 30 times this week, which means she's made $18 million dollars this week alone. No, it's only when it's branded as you make money.
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