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Advice For Musicians Starting Out Today

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Find out what you can learn from your competition, why it's okay to get it wrong, and how to best handle the sound person.
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uh, guys that are advocates for For the women of music scene, too. Thanks. And And tell me about some of the things that you've learned over the years that might be helpful for a musician starting out today. Connect with your I mean, you connect with your fellow musicians. Are whole beginning was going to open mics and just meeting people and showing support. You know, listen to them. It's not all about you, you know? And just there's so much to learn from your fellow musicians and and make friends and go to their shows and connect. That's really that's I don't really think there's any other way to do it except for, um, yeah, leaning on each other and supporting. Yeah, it's a big one. Yeah. Supporting each other only makes everyone more successful. Yeah, um, you know, of course there's competition, but it should be. It should be kind and supportive and uplifting competition. You know, we want we want everyone to do. Really Well, it's only going to help our seen here, Um, where we live and and, you know, it's better for our community. So, um, yeah, yeah. And, uh, don't let the sound guy get you down or the sound gal, I should say the sound person because we've had plenty of sound gals to, um yeah, don't Don't you know, is there any experience that you're drawing from many experimenting? Many give you crap. Oh, yeah, Be careful, but yeah, well, we don't need anything, but, you know, it's no, it's just hard sometimes, especially starting out. Maybe I'm being something better that there's not like a class you can take on how to do all these things, you know. So when you're learning, well, there are. But you don't. I don't know where it is, but how to just not make a fool of yourself when you're doing sound, check for the first time or when you're, you know, on stage, and there's just a lot of things that you learn by doing it wrong. And then you hopefully never make that mistake again. And usually it's by feeling really embarrassed about and, uh, and so there's just a lot of figuring those things out, and, um, and I understand, too like sometimes it's annoying, you know, on the other side of it, when there's people that are learning and then you just have to remember like we were all there once and just try to give the benefit of the doubt on both sides that it's just hard and yeah, most of the time there's not someone holding your hand. And so just try and ask questions. You know, have someone like, you know, I'm lucky that I feel like I've had some, like, mentors that I can be like, How do I How do I do this? What I do, Hopefully they are nice and and just help you out a little bit. Yeah, some person should be. You know, they're your friend. They're just they're doing their job, and you're doing yours. And if you can do it together, then you're going to have a really great show. But, uh, you know, they are also doing their job. And, um, sometimes, you know, sometimes I'm not very happy at my job, you know? And so, yeah, I I always just try and just, like, kill them with kindness right back and just try and be like, You know what? We're gonna have a great relationship. You and I. I'm just going to continue to be nice to you. until you are until you turn your You're you're you're nice to me. And then and then it usually works out that way. So yeah, and besides, mentors Were there any resources that you use? I know you studied music in college. Um, but how or what resources were helpful to you over the years at least evolving how you create music and and evolving your sound. Mm. Man, that's a good question, too. I mean, I think studying other artists is always helpful, you know, and making notes mentally about what? What works and what doesn't. In your opinion, I mean, art is it's open to be interpreted, right? So maybe something that someone does I don't like, but it works well for their art. But if I like, I don't think I like that. Then I Then I take that and learn from it. And don't do it. Um, but as far as resources, I mean song school was a great resource for years. That first songwriting that's a Rocky Mountain folks vest does. I guess it's playing bluegrass, but they do a song school. Um um, course, and it's every year