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After I Found Alice

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A man finds his wife, who he thinks is dead. After encountering monsters, ghosts, and alternate dimensions, they return home, only to get the travel bug again. They decide to road trip to a friend they know from a secret underground organization.
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to catch you up. Uh huh. Shit. Okay. Mhm. I went looking for my wife Alice, who I thought was dead. She wasn't dead. Years past, we encountered monsters and alternate dimensions. And I think I hung out with a ghost ones. Then Alice and I we came home. Yeah, that's basically the story short version. Anyway. Sometimes you don't need the details, you know? Okay. And so then here is what happened. Mhm. We got restless. Sometimes. The paradox is that when you travel endlessly, all you want is home and then you finally reach that long awaited homecoming, only to find that the miles had gotten into your blood when your body thrums with movement and stay still feels like clothes that don't quite fit. That the whole rest of your life becomes an attempt to balance these two dissatisfactions. It's great to be human sometimes. So Alice and I decided to go on a road trip. This time. We wouldn't be on any sort of mission to do anything. We could just wander or that was the plan Plans, right? We met up with Tonya. We loved Tanya and didn't want to fall out of touch with them just because we were no longer in a secret underground organization together, fighting for our lives. You know how it can be after that. A few texts and email and then you see a person on facebook and realized you hadn't thought of them in years and we did not want that. So we bought ourselves an RV and off we went.