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Alaskan High Schoolers Make Weed History

From Audio: Bong Hits for Jesus!
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As the Olympic torch passes through Juno, Alaska, eighteen-year-old Joseph Frederick and a few of his classmates leave school early and make weed history on national television by unfurling a banner that says, "Bong Hits for Jesus," as the torch and its cavalcade pass through their section of town.
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kind of a prank. This is this story today is on a whole nother level though. Uh, perhaps, shall we say? On a much higher level. Dear God, All right. On january the 24th, 2002, the Winter Olympics Torch Procession ran through Juneau Alaska. Right, Okay. So I'm having some vague recollections now that this was an Olympic year 2002. It was the year that I graduated high school. So you can bet that my memories of this entire time or pretty hazy, but yeah, sure olympics in judo. I'm a little older than you. So my memories of that time are a little cushy actually. So this puts you right in the shoes of the hero of today's great moment in we'd history, your, your, your age contemporaries interesting. Okay, I'm going to guess that this was a senior prank. Was this actually involved? Uh, this person's high school or high school class. Yeah, well, here we go. So it's it's the big day and Juneau Alaska. The torch is, you know what? The procession? Yeah, Right. It's like this flame that's never been extinguished and they're carrying it a, you know, a person carries it or, or shoots an arrow with it or whatever into the actual like, uh, goblet or whatever you call it. Yeah, but before that happens, it goes on this long route. Um, and it's running through Juneau Alaska. And so along with the rest of his high school, 18 year old Joseph, Frederick gets excused from class for part of that day so that he can stand on a public street and observe as this most sanctified international symbol moves past. Right? It's like a little, it's a parade or whatever. It's a special occasion in Juneau. Yeah. And what's better than getting a half day off a high school for pretty much anything? Yeah. Seriously? So joseph, uh, decides he's going to have a little fun with this. Okay. Any thoughts? All right. So there's a flame involved here. Uh, you know, a lot of times in a weed story, there's flames involved. But I mean, still, like I I just I don't know. I mean, you know, I'm trying to think what 18 year old me would have done in this situation, maybe pants the runner, but again, that that seems malicious and and not that we? D not that we d All right. So, I I don't know what what happens here? What does he do? So, joseph organizes a number of his classmates in advance of this, so they know this is coming a conspiracy. Yes. And Together they constructed a 14 ft banner. They folded it up carefully and they secretly escorted it to the parade route. So joseph has it like under his clothes, mm. Then joseph waited until the torch approached, strategically positioned himself so that all of the attendant television cameras would you know he's going to be in the camera of you. Oh he's gonna be on tv. Sure it is there filming the torch. He sees the torch procession coming And then at the optimal moment now this is 14 ft so it takes several students. It's highly legible, Very highly like and we retire that punch. All right. So he's got his little crew and you can imagine remember when you were young and pranking and your hearts and you're like sweating and Oh yeah, absolutely. I mean this is essentially as an 18 year old, the type of moment that you live for. You know what I mean? Like this is it And obviously there's a lot of people have been working on this. You know what I mean? It's like people have come together, These Children have bonded over over this activity, something's about to go down. Yeah, he's showing leadership and I say this story is close to my heart because I was a very sort of punky teenager in this way as well. And so okay, everything's lining up now. Here comes the torch. There's the cameras, he's got, his crew, joseph gives him the signal and they unfurl this banner, which is just like a big banner with writing is duct tape. What do you think it said? I mean, my first guest would be legalized weed. Okay. That's not it. Huh? That could be one. I I was thinking I've ever heard of this is not a fuck the police. That's a pretty weedy statement. That's pretty weedy payment. It's more surreal. It's more out of the box. The only other thing I was thinking would be a fun one. If I could, you know, I always have my red pen in mind. Make a little edit. You ever heard of Alaska? Thunder? Fuck yeah. The strain. It's native to the Matanuska Valley up there. That would certainly raise some eyebrows. But no, it is a very simple sign that says, bang hits for jesus.