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Albert Einstein Speaks on Truth, Knowledge, and Values During WWII

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Albert Einstein makes an inspiring address during the tumult of WWII.
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what are some of the fundamental ideals for which the free world is striving today? Professor Albert Einstein, the world famous scientist will discuss this question in the talk, he is about to deliver from his home in Princeton, New Jersey. Professor Einstein, ladies and gentlemen, our age is proud of the progress. It has made immense intellectual development. The search and striving for truth and knowledge is one of the highest of men's quality. So often. The pride is most loudly voiced by those who strive at least, and certainly we should take care not to make the intellect our gold. It has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality, it cannot lead, it can only sell and it is not fastidious in its choice of a leader. This characteristic is reflected inequalities of its priests. The intellectual the intellect has a sharp eye for methods and tools but is blind to end and values. So it is no wanda that this fatal blindness is handed on from all too young and today involves a whole generation, our jewish forbear, it's a profit and the oil chinese features understood and proclaimed that's the most important factor in giving shape to our human existence is setting up and establishment of a goal. It's a gold being, a community of free and happy man who by constant embark endeavor strive to liberate themselves from the inheritance. Both antisocial and destructive instinct in this effort to intellect can be the most powerful aid the food of intellectual efforts together with the striving itself in cooperation with the creative activity of the artist length, content and meaning to life. But to the sea route, passion of men rain our board more and restraint than ever before. Our jewish people. A small minority everywhere, with no means of defending themselves by force, are exposed to the coolest suffering even to complete annihilation too far greater degree than any other people in the world. They hated raging against us, is grounded in the fact that we have upheld the ideal of harmonious partnership and given it expressing expression in world and beat amongst the best of our people, exposed to a criminal oh toothless persecution. We are in our self aware that we serve mankind to ideas. There can be today, no higher goal for a chew, 10-8 with all his power, all those of his fellow jews whom our aid can reach the most great satisfaction I have with most greatest satisfaction. I have observed that the rescue work supported by the united jewish appeal is excellently organized and most highly important. Plus the salvation of our people, help to save the body that the spirit may continue to be effective for the highest good of mankind. Thank you, Professor Einstein.