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Ali Wong Stand-Up on Why She Packs Lunch For Her Husband

From Audio: Joe Bataan & Ali Wong
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Ali Wong joke about not wanting to work from her Netflix stand-up special
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And she wrote that book that got women all riled up about our careers. Talking about how we as women should challenge ourselves to sit at the table and rise to the top. And her book is called lean in. Well, I don't want to lean in. Okay. I want to lie down. Yeah. Okay. Want to lie down. I think feminism is the worst thing that ever happened to women. Our job used to be no job. Mhm. We had it so good. We could have done the smart thing which would have been to continue playing dumb for the next century and be like we're dumb women, we don't know how to do anything. So I guess we better just stay at home all day and eat snacks and watch Ellen. Um So allie uh as you're doing that joke, you are super pregnant and working right, telling that joke is you working?