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Alien Abduction on a Camping Trip

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Last Played: December 14, 2021
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Two Air Force medics take a weekend camping trip to Arkansas’ Devil’s Den Park where they have a horrific encounter with what might have been aliens. Decades later, one of the medics explains how doctors found physical evidence of his abduction and subsequent experimentation inside of his body.
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And I said no. And she seemed perplexed. And she took like eight shots in my leg and my right knee in particular. And I said, is there something inside my knee? Is that what you're thinking? I see. And she said sure I called a radiologist. He's on his way down to take a look and she popped a film, an X ray film and those view boxes. And on my right knee you don't need a medical degree to see it. There's a obviously man made structure about the size of your fingernail inside my knee panel lateral With two wires attached running up towards my head. So about this time as I'm looking at this, the radiologist walks in and says it looks at the X ray, he's talking to the technician to completely ignoring me. And finally he walks over to me and he pokes me in the knee and says it will be right here. And I said, what will be right here doctor? And he says you're going to have a scar right here because you can't violate the integrity of the skin and introduce a foreign body this deep into the fashion tissue. Without there being a scar without there being scar tissue. And I said well doctor I don't have a scar there. And he says well you do you probably just don't remember probably happened maybe when you were young and he had an intern with him. And I think he was in kind of teaching mode. And he asked her to go get a black light because he told me that scar tissue will fluoresce under a black light. So she comes back with his hand held black light. And they examined my knee again And he looks at my need for like 10 minutes. And he said you don't have a scar. I said well doctor, how often is it that you find a foreign object underneath the skin like this? And there not be a corresponding scar? And he said never said I've been a radiologist for 23 years. I've never seen this before. And I said well that's interesting. And he says well there's there's more. And he showed me the shot the X ray of my leg from the side view and in my calf muscle there are an arrangement of tic tacs size objects arranged in a floral pattern. And you should have that X ray. Yes. And he says that on X ray film at these objects have the same density of bone. But he said phone doesn't normally just sprout in the middle of muscle tissue, much less doesn't arrange itself in such a symmetric pattern as this. So this is very strange. I've never seen this before. So when I saw that film it was drawing to me, it really was like a slap in the face for some reason. Because instantly I knew that this had something to do with my camping trip in 1977, which I'll get to tell you about Would you say at that point in your life that that 1977 camping trip was a repressed memory or just think you're like, well that happened and I'm not going to think about it anymore. What was the revelation that you felt when you realized that you had this thing under your skin? That these things have put their hands on me and that made my skin crawl? Yeah, because seeing, having a visual experience is one thing and I do have a memory of being on an examination table while I was inside this thing craft. But it was validation that what happened to me really happened that this wasn't some type of confabulation or some kind of uh I mean my my buddy Toby was there with me and the two of us to have the same recall the same memory, the same experience. It just validates the story, which is why I think one of the reasons that the air force went through so much trouble to separate the two of us because as I said to people telling the same story has a lot more validity than just a single person telling the story. Well, let's actually get to that story. If you're comfortable going to that, would you share with our listeners the story of the incident from 1970 7? I'd love to. OK. It's kind of the meat and potatoes of everything here. Yeah, sure. My buddy, I call him told me told me and I worked together in the emergency room as MTs, we drove an ambulance. If there was a plane crash or a car accident or a heart attack, anything on basic needed an ambulance. We were it and go out what we had to do. And we both liked the night shift because my friend Toby, I was absolutely fascinated with the night sky. I mean this kid was the same age as I. We were both 22 years old at the time and he knew every constellation in the sky. I mean, he could time satellites and tell me when you want to be coming by. And you know, I didn't think about it at the time. But in retrospect, I wonder how far back his fascination with the night sky goes. And if it goes back to childhood because I had some incidents in my child. And I definitely wanna talk about that after you tell this story. But what you're saying is that you thought that there may have been a longstanding connection with that interest that would be connected to prior experiences, Essentially. That's exactly right, yeah. Okay, so Toby and I were best of friends. We were both married, I'm still married 42 years, 43 or something impressive. Yeah, I guess, yeah, I'm very fortunate and uh probably was married to his wife and my wife were best of friends. One day, Toby came to me like at two a.m. And said, hey, I got an idea, man, let's go camping. I remember laughing and saying, man, what are you talking about? We're city kids, Toby, you know, I grew up ST louis city, he grew up in flint michigan. I said neither one of us ever been camping in our life. What don't we know about camping? And he's like, no, no, no. I think about think about it. As I was known in the hospital squadron as an amateur photographer. I had a dark room set up where I could develop black and white film. I had to set up inside my home and had a new you sheikha camera. I was just dying to try out. But unfortunately for me, we were both living on a SAC base sack of Strategic Air Command. It's a nuclear part of the air Force at that time. It's since been reorganized, but the base we were on had a contingent of B 52 by
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