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All You Need To Know About Music Making

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From dealing with failures to knowing when to release your music out to the world. This Snippet has it all and more. Take a listen.
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failures like maybe in other people's eyes was a failure. But for you it helped set the stage for what was to come. I mean, I've had many moments where gigs and and things just didn't happen and didn't work out. And I think that, you know, you're just really making music has to be something that you're doing because you really enjoy it. And it's like just you have a passion about it And you know, most people won't just find success with it so easily. If you could, just like there's something that you have to keep going with and not necessarily have the focus of finding success but just making music because you like to make music and just making music that you enjoy and that you want to present to the world. But you definitely have to release your music and get it up. And I think my biggest failure Iran was not completing music and not not finishing my tracks and getting them out to the world. And there's so many songs over the years. I just never saw the light of day because I just didn't finish them, and I think that you have to finish your music and you have to release it. You can't hold on to it. Yeah, that's great. So, out of curiosity, is there like a time window that you need to release that track before it goes stale or, like, go back Probably only scale to you because you heard it so much? Yep. Most of the music that is released these days has was made quite many months ago or even a year ago Or more. Artists are used to signing their track to a label or being done with the track. And it doesn't not for a long time. And this yourself release everything on band camp, for sure. I think that you brought up a great point about releasing music. And I'm just curious because, you know, I talked to various musicians and and everybody kind of has a different feel over what is. Releasable uh you know, not every song maybe makes the cut. How do you deal with that? And keep moving forward and, you know, producing such high quality material. I mean, I feel like if the track is finished, then you should release it. Um, obviously, if you absolutely can't stand the track. That's fine. We all make something that we don't really like. I have songs that are released that I don't really like. Um, right. I have also found that songs that aren't my favorite sometimes or what everybody else loves. Um, you know, my particular taste doesn't appeal to everybody all the time and is different than other people. So a lot of times you may dislike something, and that's going to be the song that everybody loves. And I know a lot of musicians that their most famous track is not that big a track. Um, so, yeah, I think that if the song is done, then release it. What's the worst that can happen? People don't like it. You didn't like it? Okay, whatever. Like I mean, if it's really something, that's awful. And, of course, all the reason was, I think you'll know in the process if a song is pretty terrible and maybe you just don't finish it and maybe throw it away and do something else. Yeah, so that that kind of leads nicely into outstanding questions I've had. When do you know a song is done? Well, a lot of people get too caught up in and, uh, changing tracks constantly and never being done with something. And and I know a lot of musicians are like this, and most musicians are like that, but I think that you finish your arrangement, you mixed the song and it's done. I mean, what else are you gonna do? You know, you're gonna You're probably always going to find something You wish you could change about a song, But you have to let go of that. You know that that sort of thing is like it can help you to a point. But I find that at a certain point, if this song is the arrangement is done and you're just being super picky. And, you know, I'm just getting to really, really about it. Then, you know, I don't know. You're just probably not going to make it better. You know, a lot of the times. So maybe just let it go and use it, because, yeah, it can be a problem that you hold onto it for too long and you hear it too many times. And you're always just like you're growing more tired of it. And so then you want to change it. But actually, the song was fine. And it was done, you know, two weeks ago. So, yeah, you gotta you gotta watch it with that. That can be can be problematic. Nice. So kind of breaking down an individual song to like, a track or sample that you're working with. Um, like desert dwellers, music is so clear and textured and refined that I I kind of wonder how do you work with a particular track or sample or instrument and refine it to that perfect window of like, uh, not over doing it, but working with it so that it's unique? Well, I mean, I'm not sure if we feel that way about all our music. Um, you know, maybe maybe now if we could go back to our last album, we probably do something sticking because we've learned a lot more recently. We're going through our the the the elements of our last album To find pieces to put in our lives sets over the remixes. And as I go back to those things, I'm like God. We did a horrible job queuing the sounds and what we did really needed to put better effects on that. We really needed to do something better with this. And now I'm having to fix things. Um, so I mean, really, it just depends on where you're at with your skill set, and and the reporting you have is a part. You have that in a lot of tutorials that I watched and a lot of musicians I listened to. They always say to try and start with a good sound. Now try it. With you picking the kicks on, go through your kick drums until you find one. That sounds really good with the track, and it was the right sounds of use because a lot of times you just settle for something, and I think that's a mistake. You should definitely try to make sure that the sounds you're starting with are really high quality sounds. So you don't feel like you keep needing to add more or you need to change stuff. I don't know. I don't know if that answers your questions. No, it's It's a good it's a good one. You got
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