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All You Need To Know About Solo Performances

From Audio: Nick Pauly - FMP 006
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Find out what factors to consider and how to go about solo performances.
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tell me about your performances, at least solo performances. How do you present on stage? I guess it depends on the venue and the crowd. And if it's with a band or just me and a guitar, I haven't played too many big shows just as a solo act without a band with me. But yeah, mostly. It's just kind of like a more singer songwriter esque type of set. You know, I'll talk more in between the songs and explain the songs more. And yeah, it's oftentimes I'll use, like a loop pedal to and kind of lay down like the framework of of the back beat of it, like on the guitar itself, all the way down the percussive elements of it and then pop like a phaser pedal on and kind of get like the bass tone, you know, layer on top of that, just the chords and then solo over that. And then you kind of have the ability to, you know, you could lay down a verse on the loop pedal and saying over that, then you, you know, stop the verse, stream the chorus and saying, then come back in with the loop and it kind of gives it, like that cool effect of having more than just one. A dude with an acoustic guitar, you know? Yeah, that's very interesting. Now, where did you learn some of these techniques with the loop pedal? My living room. Nice. Nice. When I was living in Colorado Springs and I was, like, 21 Yeah, I was probably, like, sitting around looping for, like, three or four hours every single day. And And the nature of the loop pedal is that it's going to be different tomorrow, even if you try and play it identically. Mhm. I mean, you're human, you're not a machine, and it's gonna be different. So do you ever just find yourself on stage like, Whoa, I didn't expect that, you know, to go that way, or, you know, I didn't mean to hit the note there, but maybe it works. Maybe it doesn't. How do you deal with those situations? Yeah, with the loop pedal. I think the worst one is when you try and stop it, and you're expecting it to stop. And I don't know what it is about my looper. Sometimes the pedal won't stop it. So I'll try to transition, and then it's like keeps going for an extra measure. And I'm like, Oh, shit! Well, I was supposed to be eight bars, but now it's 9.5, so it's all wonky. But that's kind of the beauty of playing by yourself to those you can recover from a lot of that stuff. If you kind of call yourself out on stage in a way, or just laugh it off or just visibly play it as if it was part of it. Like you said, Yeah, because you know, music is such a fleeting thing, like at the end of a set, no one's going to be like, Damn! Do you remember that, you know, be flat that he hit when it should have been a G or whatever, You know? Uh, yeah, I mean in music, especially if you're playing by yourself. You do have a lot of freedom. So, like you said, maybe it's supposed to be eight. And then it continues on. You're like, Well, whatever. I'll let it go for 16. Kind of give yourself the space to work with now a loop pedal. It's typically layering you layer on and then you kind of take out. Now when you're playing with a band, that's entirely different, because everything can change simultaneously, you know, dynamic way when
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