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"Always/Never" Adverbs Grammar Review

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English Grammar Review!
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What Are Adverbs? How to modify other words in American English! An adverb is one of “The Eight Parts” of the English language. An adverb modifies or describes an adjective, a verb or another adverb.

Sentence adverbs can modify an entire sentence. Adverbs can also modify or change phrases. Adverbs are one of the most important parts of English to study.

Here are some adverb examples.
Adverbs are in bold type.

Are you a really happy person?

I think so. I am always very cheerful.

Is it super hot in the summer where you live?

Yes, extremely warm!

Are you riding the red bus today?

Yes and tomorrow as well!

More adverb examples.

Isn’t it so beautiful outside?

Yes, the sky is very blue today!

Is London always a friendly city?

Yes, it is a fun city now.

Has she ever been married?

Yes, she has been married twice.
English Grammar Review!
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Always is used in present simple and perfect tenses!


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