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America's New Pop-Punk Princess?

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Last Played: August 12, 2021
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We can't help but hold Olivia up to some of the biggest musicians of today. Similarities between Olivia and Haley Williams are easy to see, as well as correlations to other Disney-stars-turned-pop stars like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Honestly, she may be in a league of her own.
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because I mean, Taylor Swift might have invented pop music and Lord might have perfected it, Bolivia. Rodrigo has just elevated into another sphere. Man, this is some fucking banger after banger around this album, sour the first album from Libya Rodrigo, known for being in High School, the musical, the musical, Whatever The High School Musical, the musical, the Disney Plus series about high school kids acting in a High school musical play at their school, which is, I think actually kind of a smart way to uh reboot that I. P in the certain, give him credit for that. But yeah, go to Olivia Rodrigo's Youtube channel and you'll notice that there was nothing on this until four months ago when Driver's License came out and that is something I've just been so struck with. Its just that the The speed of which Libya has ascended to pop superstardom, complete a list like that I played, she just turned 18 years old, like you said, she was only known for acting on a show for teens. So like when the whole thing happened with driver's license, the other, their drama behind the scenes with her boyfriend who was a co star and this song happens. It's a big thing on Tiktok because uh, you know what? That's cool. Maybe I'll check out the song eventually because like I'm not invested in the high school musical, the musical drama like this. It was not something you know, on my radar. And then course not all of a sudden Olivia, Rodrigo is not only completely accepted by gen Z, but now she's going to completely embraced by millennials as well and scooped up by Interscope and now she's a mainstream pop force And she just set the biggest first week sales for an album of 2021 thus far with Sour, which did uh, over 200001st week. And again, I'm just like fuck how the hell did this happen? This is crazy. Even Spotify, ah you know the top 10 songs Olivia Rodrigo's page sour dropped what? Two weeks ago now? Um 32 Fridays million. 30 million each. Listens is this is the least amount of lessons that she has. That's insane. Like you think about like we're just talking about rock bands. Like if the killers had an album where they're least listen to track was 30 million, that would be the biggest success of their career at this point the killers are probably the most mainstream, down the middle of rock band that we have right now. So that's saying something this is a fucking phenomena and you know I think the album actually backs it up for the most part. I think the second half it's a little bit higher. Some little bit same noti but man, that first half, all the way up through Good for You is like undeniable to me, I'd say. I mean even now again, we are over a week removed Weekend weekend removed from the album drop. She's still occupying eight of the top 10 spots on the top 50 us chart and Spotify of course she had been occupying all 10 for a while at this point. Um the scale again just really baffles Me Good For You, which was one of the singles and one of the best songs on the album Uh set the record for biggest streaming week and Spotify history with over 84.1 million streams, which broke the record, she had just set with driver's license, which again is mind blowing because no one was ready for driver's license to drop and excited to stream and shit ton, you know? Uh it's crazy too. But yeah, I think for, for, for a debut album, for someone who is not a full time artist until the past few months, it's way better than it had any right to be. And I don't know how you can really be critical, obviously have things to quibble about, but for a first record, for someone who has not been a full time artist for more than a few months, like it's a complete complete win and she's being completely rewarded for it obviously. Yeah, it's, it's insane and you know, it, it drivers place, obviously, you mentioned, it was dropped, I think back in january, january, just blew up tick tock, uh, made it made its way all the way to SNL where they did a whole skit based around this um, when she was a musical guest, just amazing. Uh, you have to have that kind of reached the zeitgeist in that way. Obviously gen z is not really watching SNL, so why they're doing this and the fact that kind of made it into the, that audience is just phenomenal and mind blowing. But then you go right from driver's license to deja voodoo on Tiktok, freaking good for you is all over Tiktok right now. You can't swipe 12 videos without hearing that song again. It's insane how poppy this album is the point where it literally is just setting trends every other week on the most popular social media platform that we have right now. And yeah, you know, you start off with the song like brutal, which is not at all what I expected, especially because, you know, hearing driver license in deja vu, those were, those felt like very like down the middle pop songs in terms of like Convention Good for You is a little bit more like Paramore. E and even to the Yeah, I mean it sounds just like uh what's that track? Misery, misery business? Yeah, it sounds a little misery business, but it's still fucking goes hard but brutal is right in line with Good for you. And she wants to be exploring this like op rock sound, which I didn't expect. But I mean if she's going to be going from there to things like one step forward, three steps back, which is obviously a toned down piano tune, she's going to have the range to make albums that people are going to love on the same level as Taylor Swift and Lord and all of them. So this guy feels like the limit for Olivia Rodrigo right now, right? Yeah. So I would say like in terms of sour as an album, I would say there are like slower moments in the middle. Like once I've heard like the fifth ballot track, like it's not going to stand out as much. Like I could do without some of the ballots, but that's what again, what makes good for you stand out even more because of how much of a different speed it is. And that would actually probably lead me to, I think where her biggest room for growth is as someone who has not been a full time artist for very long, she does come across as a bit stiff to me as a performer. You can see that on SNL you could even, I think even see it in some of the videos right now, it's totally, totally fine. Obviously there's room to grow with that. I would say though, like if you want to actually go down like the pop, punk, mainstream pop punk ankle uh lane, that has recently been resurrected by machine gun kelly of all people. I think you're gonna need to bring more energy so we'll see how she goes down that, right? But ultimately her path as a pop star as a Disney alum is a little different than a lot of the other Disney alums we've talked about of late, obviously mainstream pop is filled with Disney alums, Miley, Cyrus, Selena, the Jonas brothers, Ariana, most of them, especially the female that has mentioned are all tremendous top to your vocalist. Olivia is not that she's more in the taylor mold, right? She's going to be bought writing first and foremost because she does not have those eight year pipes. So I'm just curious to see exactly what's next? How quickly do we get the follow up from Olivia? Because again, she's been a full time hardest for four fucking months. It's crazy. Yeah, it is crazy and you know just thinking about she's fucking 18, like you know you're talking about where's her room for growth, like if I was 18 and able to like command my my performances and go out there with total confidence, that would be mind blowing and taylor swift for who she is now, you know, 14 years past dropping those earliest albums did not have the stage presence that she has now, you know, you even think about a lot of the knock on her has been that she, I was like this is kind of corny and awkward, a lot of the time performing and that was even more so in those teen years, you know, you watch something like her performing change at the things like this, be amazed or something like that and it's a powerful moment, but it was like the first time you really tell her you're like, wow, she's really like owning this moment. That was two or three albums in. So I think if her biggest knock is man this 18 year old isn't dominating these performances, she's in great shape. I really just feel like this is is coming out of the next up queen as speakers. Just do not expect that this year at all. Oh absolutely. Got to say So her fans.
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