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An Ode to Yoga Leggings Fash Faves of 2 Moms Don't Make a Right

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Tired of black leggings? These super stoked Moms share alternatives and leggings of all sorts, why they love them so much and the jewelry they go to daily and shoes too! Just what they adore wearing - their joy is contagious!
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and so I'm just like, what do I wear? So Vanessa, what is your like, everyday, go to um flip flops and I'm just kidding no, for real snow, that's like an everyday I wear slides, flip flop, shoes wise, clothes wise, um jeez, it just depends on the weather, but leggings, leggings, leggings. We said that in our first podcast how the creator of leggings needs a statue because I think all mothers wear leggings, why do we dress up? Like we're going to the gym, but we never go like, like, like I wear black, I'll black out, like I'll wear black leggings with the black tank top underneath and a black top on what I do do, what is a signature of mine is I always try to do my makeup, that's good. And even if my hair is crazy, I always do a messy but your hair always looks good. I do a little, I do a little, a little fanatic pizazz right here in the, in the, in the hair part and the signature earrings. I know, I was just gonna say that that's your like boudicca and I say it right, you did okay. And I even felt a little flavor. I did. I felt like I felt like I was like transport back to Puerto rico. Yeah, that's like your boudicca. Like I love the violet was playing with your earrings. Kids do they play with my earrings? I have mm Probably like 10, 15 pairs of hoop earrings. I I asked people to only if you're gonna buy me rings by me. Hope I love hoops, that's like a signature. And I like different kinds of hoops. But um hoops is my signature or studs but mostly hoops. I like, you know um what I wear, I wear when you said flip flops, I'm actually wearing fit flops. I don't know if you've heard of them. I have like really flat feet. Oh, you know what? My niece has really flat feet and she was walking a while and she was wearing sandals and she said her feet felt like they were on fire. Yeah. If I wear flat shoes or like shoes with really bad support, my whole body hurts. So I wear, look, I'll show you you guys can't see but look how flat there. So I have always had, I've always had flat feet. No, it's always been a problem. Um, So I um, so I wore flip flops which are supposed to help you. I don't know if they do anything, but they're really good support. So I wear them a lot and I um, I too, like right now I have on workout pants and a tank top, which I'm planning on doing my little indoor circuit today. Okay, That's why you were addressed in that. Don't lie. Yeah, I hopefully I get to it. I hate it when I don't work out. And I have my workout clothes on. I'm like, I just wasted it. I wear my workout clothes and I mean, what I do wear is my pants. They give you so much support they do and they suck in your tongue. I know. I was like, these are non first giving people a good black pair of of like yoga capri. Okay, wait, because now it's getting hotter. So now I go from the pants now, I've done it up to the Caprice and now I even have like the Bermuda shorts, kind of like biker shorts, Yes. And they're like the same, oh, so easy, so easy to put on with a shirt and ready to go, you know? Yeah. Bermuda shorts. I'm wearing these right now and I'm like, you know what's also amazing about yoga pants, workout pants? There's so many pockets and I feel like every year they had a new pocket. Like they have these little key pockets for the yeah, for keys or you know, I don't know if they're for kids. I think they might be for headphones for the gym, but I put my keys in them, that's smart. And then also now they have cell phone pockets on the side. Like you don't even need to put them with like a little like mesh. So if you are working out, you can hear music through your pocket. Did you know that? I did not know that? I love when you find out, that's what that pockets for. I make fun of my mom because she has this one pair of the leading um workout pants. Okay, so this is my pet peeve, the ones that girls are wearing with like the mesh and then the legging. No, no, not yours. Yours are behind. No. These girls are wearing like sexy like meshed out. I have some. Why? No. Okay. They are so breathing. They make No, no, but let me tell you the hooch is. Let me tell you for real. I did I do t m I always just already this episode because I always have some T. M. I. Okay because you talked about your deodorant shoot. Okay, so I have another T. M. I. A lot of people know this. Most people know this. Some people don't want to admit it. But as awesome as leggings are sometimes they make their stinky so that mesh helps them breathe. So that's one thing. And also I I do have these like I spent a little bit more money for them. Those mesh on the side. You know the breathing ones? And um from Zella. I love Zella, lulu. Lemon is awesome because L. A. Is also awesome. It's like so um and for if you guys can't afford those brands, Sam's Club has some really great supportive. I have them on sale sometimes. Or like 9 99. Well there you go, Yuki knows the quality. I know the budget. Like the really tight budget. Like I'm just saying like you drink the cold press and you know what I mean? I know you can get the same ice coffee at McDonald's for $2. Like you know what I mean? You know the quality and I just know I can still get it but just cheaper, cheaper. Yeah. So people on a budget just listen to me because I'm the budget. And she's the health conscious actually. Like I was telling you we were joking about that this weekend on my vacation. They well, okay, so I have to tell you this about the hoochie leggings, so.