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Andrew Brown Jr.'s Family Calls For Unedited Footage of His Death to be Released

Last Played: April 29, 2021
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Today, a court is considering whether to release body camera footage from the police killing of Black man last week in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.
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speech when a president is newly inaugurated as biden is, the speech is called something else as if maybe the chief executive isn't up to speed on the state of the union yet. But in any case, the format is about the same lawmakers applaud or don't applaud. Its president's offer big proposals to a national audience. And biden is expected to promote the american families plan. That's a way to address economic inequality largely by providing benefits for Children and parents. NPR White House Correspondent Ayesha Roscoe is following this one. Good morning, Aisha. Good morning. So what should we expect tonight? What's in the speech? What's in the plan? Well, as you said, the centerpiece of Biden's speech is what the White House is calling the American families plan in there is direct funding for childcare. They want to make sure that low and middle-income families spend no more than seven of their income on childcare. Then there's universal preschool for three and 4 year olds And two free years of community college. There's also a paid leave program that would eventually provide 12 weeks of paid lead to care for a new child or a sick family member. And then there are also tax cuts for low and middle income families, lower health insurance costs. And there's even more than that too. So it is a very long list of what would be really big investments and how much will it cost? It would be massive. It's about $1 trillion in spending over 10 years, along with $800 billion in tax cuts for low and middle income families. And remember this comes after Congress has already passed biden's Big covid aid package, Which was $1.9 trillion. And Biden has already proposed about $2 trillion dollars in spending on an infrastructure and jobs plan just last month. These numbers are mind boggling. It's impossible to overstate that. How does biden proposed paying for this one? The White House says it will be fully paid for over 15 years and that's because biden will also propose a a lot of changes to the tax system for the richest people in the country. The top tax bracket would go back to what it was before the Trump tax cuts of the last administration. And for millionaires, the income that they get from capital gains, which is things like selling stocks, it would be taxed at the same rate as wages. They're also making the point that only the richest americans are going to be affected by these loopholes that are being closed. And the White House also says that they can get $700 billion in taxes from wealthy people who are evading taxes. There's this plan to beef up I. R. S. Enforcement. Okay. So taxes could become interesting over the next couple of months. But how likely is it that Congress is really going to get behind this? It's going to be a very tough sell. Republicans have already started calling these things radical and arguing that, you know, raising taxes like this would wreck the economy. And some democrats have also expressed concerns about the cost and some of these changes. The White House says they're open to negotiations on both the jobs plans and the family's plans. Part of this will be seeing what parts of these measures that they're putting forward, Whether they get traction in the weeks ahead. NPR White House correspondent, Ayesha Roscoe. Thanks atia. Thank you. Are at a big question in north Carolina. Will authorities? They are released to the public video of the killing of Andrew Brown
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