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The New York Times write up of Lavish Dog Weddings. Woof!
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because his mother, she's got the house in Dallas and it was in the backyard. She wore trixie. Not trixie. Trixie. How cute is that? Not? She wore an applied Lace Bodice with a ruffle of layered 12 at the, at the waist. It doesn't look good. The groom donned a handmade handmade silk tuxedo and top hat. It doesn't look good. Okay, now this, the wedding was done by a wedding planner. Okay, so it had, you will not believe this four legged guests were invited to this wedding. They belong to a brussels Griffin club, an exclusive club for this type dog. And they invited all their friends and they enjoyed a meal of puppy chow from festivals catering in Dallas, which also caters events for humans. This is what this says. And as well as pa pacino bar and activities, including a ball pit. Later the four legged guests enjoyed dancing. I don't even want to think about what that looks like. I can't, I can't handle it. The nuptials cost $25,000 And and they went on a honeymoon. I mean where, how would they know they went on a honeymoon to a, to a fantastic dog park in colorado. I'm like, no Twix e please. She's, she's like Bridezilla. She probably begged for it. There's probably no end. And then they had a registry, they had registry at a puppy store. So you could buy them gifts. This is so crazy. Okay, The two. Okay. And their kids. Okay, this is so they give us the love story behind it. Right, These two love birds met at the brussels griffin hangout. Remember I told you now they're calling it a hangout. It used to be called the club. So I guess the dudes went down In February 2021. The dog soon became exclusive boyfriend and girlfriend. Oh my gosh, I know how dogs greet each other. How can you, how can you ever be exclusive about this? Okay. And they started planning the wedding immediately. one of the Brussels griffins, Okay. One of them was very popular. The groom cowboys best friend invited 37 out of the 40 Brussels Griffin's, he's the guy, he's the guy with the moves. He's the, he's the fun guy. Everybody came. It just turned out to be a grander event than even the wedding planner anticipated. They had a photo shoot. My God, I can't stand it. Okay, this is a whole page. I mean people don't get a page. Okay, so the registry that they were registered at was called the not what do they chew it? I have no idea. Okay, so then to be fair, we go on and there was a holy Catrin mony Cats do this to of Toby and Noel. This is in the same article. Okay, after this cat's had a string of successful in person dates. Every human who witnessed their chemistry agreed that they belong together. The couple were wheeled into the wedding. See I don't think they wanted to be there On June 19 instead of on a red wagon. It was a glorious what stan And it had red flowers and white flowers. Red flip red sir favor color white as his. I don't know how you ask cats these questions. Okay. Noel wore a dress that was handmade by her co oh, by the co founder of Rescue Warriors. Okay. That's very sweet. And an employee of the village Pet supplies. Okay. This is now. These people are very, they're very in with the in crowd. Okay. So the pet supplies owner led the ceremony, which included reciting vows for the cats who writes these vows like the owl and the pussycat went to sea. I don't know how you write vows for cats afterwards. Cupcakes insider Were served to the 40 human gift.