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Aaron LeBauer speaks with David Strausser about music projects he has worked outside Life Of Agony
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I wanted to ask you, you brought this up for failure and you said bands okay. We've spent a lot of time talking about life of agony. But what other bands do you play with or do you do? What has been for? Yeah, there was a band called stereo mud. We were signed to Columbia Records. That was Life of agony. Had taken a break in 1998 right after 98 going into 99 life of agony and taking a break. My cousin Minna went, went on to do some other things. She went on to do her own solo project. And like we al and I had taken a break from doing like with agony. So I had I started, well I with other people, I started a band called stereo mud and did that for a couple of records on Columbia. And that band was very successful believe it or not, we toured with bands like disturbed crazy Town. Um We did some big tour, Seven Dust and and that was a very fun, exciting band. We did a lot of stuff. We played with stained Godsmack. We did