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Anoushka talks about the best ways to get ahead as a women in VC.
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pretty incredible opportunities, building a little more on that in a ska. We've had conversations with a number of women in M B A. Programs on a concern that came up a lot was the fear of getting stuck at the entry level position and non surprisingly, really given female partners and BCS still who were about 10% only as someone who has moved up the ladder and is now a partner. How was your experience with career progression in this industry? I think one thing I've had to learn and maybe, um, you know a lot of my female friends have had to learn is How do you advocate for yourself, Andi? I think there's some sort of stat about If you know, males see a job description and meet, you know, 25% of criteria they'll apply. And sometimes that isn't true of females or believe there is kind of one study done. Um, but I think you know, across both genders, like, how do you become a self advocate? How do you gain, um, kind of the courage of conviction to kind of speak up? Ah, when you feel like you, you know, have a view or know something. Well, uh, is definitely a skill to be exercised. Um, and one, Honestly, I feel like I'm still still learning every day. Um, but I do think that is one, um, to consistently, like, hone and refine because it is challenging to kind of make those jumps from entry level two mid level to you. No more senior. And also just shift your, you know, mental model for your role in the organization and what you should