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The Right Way Forward

From Audio: Positive Affirmations
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High Vibrations
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Best Audio Affirmations for Anxiety and Depression It's going to be okay. Take a moment to listen to positive affirmations from soothing voices like ASMRtists Jellybean Green and High Vibrations to remind yourself that this too shall pass. Take a moment to breathe and distract yourself from the thoughts plaguing your mind. Vurbl Wellbeing & Happiness Audio
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Progress isn't linear, and sometimes you don't see how far you've gotten until you've looked back. What's best for your mental health going forward isn't always easy, either. The right way forward might not be clear, but it's going to be okay.
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and I advise for people to learn that everyone isn't happy for you, so you have to be happy for yourself and you cannot let that you know, not motivate you to continue to do whatever it is you want to do. You know, I can't always get like you're not gonna always get followers, you're not gonna always get people that's gonna listen to what you have to say because honestly some people don't want to fuck with what you're doing until they see you doing it and successful, they don't wanna right the way with you, they want to write it when you're on the wave and that's not where I'm at um alright, my own way by myself and when I become a successful, I'll continue to strive and ride that even to more success with you or without you. So everyone is not gonna be happy for you, but you have to just continue to be strong and stay level headed and when you feel like you're not the most positive person, you need to really just take the time out to just take in what you have in your life, reflect and compare your life to how it was before and I'll make you appreciate what you have now more than ever. You have to be appreciative of the now, you have to have a work life balance and you have to be self aware of how you are because some people aren't self aware and a rub off negative energies and no, you don't have to explain yourself to everybody and say, oh I'm like this because this and this, that and the third. But you have to understand that people don't want to be around a negative nancy and in a case do you feel like you're being negative and it's time to come out into the world? You have to understand that you have to present yourself in a positive way and have a positive minds in order to manage through your life. Yeah and that's my message for today, is to appreciate the now. Mhm. I appreciate them now have patience and be self aware of your life and be appreciative of your life. Don't get caught up in routine and over analyzing over thinking and feeling like you're not progressing because you feel like you're not moving at a fast pace as you would like to. Because everything happens with timing, timing and patience. And if you keep a positive mindset and gain self of awareness and surround yourself with people that I like you. Mhm. Life will move way more smoother and way more easier than you make it. You make your life complicated by negative negativity, negative thoughts, negative mindset.