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Apologies. No Interview

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Adam and Thora goof off while apologizing for not having a full episode today. A quick peek into what being a guest is like and a request for you to join us on the show.


Hey everyone welcome. Hi there! To Autism On Shift I’m Thora. Interrupting Adam. Moo.


So today is a little different. We unfortunately do not have an episode and we apologize for that. Sorry. Yeah, we have some technical difficulties. I’ve been trying to piece together and out takes episode and yeah, I failed. Thora got put in jail, is what really happened and so she hasn’t been able to do it. It’s just a lot of editing and it’s going to take a lot of time. But the thing is we do need some more guests. We have a few people. Lined up, but the more the merrier because we want to get some episodes out there for you peoples. Yeah, we want to be consistent. We want to make sure that we’re always here for you every Thursday morning. Uhm? I imagine some of you might hesitate a tiny bit. It’s not uncommon for us to have anxiety. I don’t know nothing about that. But I want to assuage your fears a little bit. The experience of the interview, like our interviews, are about 40 minutes each, but they usually take an hour to an hour and a half and we cut out all of the- mostly we cut out all the stupid shit I say.


It’s not true. We all you know. The thing is we all kind of, you know, it’s a casual conversation and and we talk a little bit before the show. We get to know people. We kind of just hang out and make everyone feel comfortable and hopefully people are a little bit more comfortable and some people want to run away when they meet me. Uhm, I know I did. You had a really strong rope.


I’m just kidding. I’m so tired. This is my bedtime, so pardon me for taking a minute for everything you say.


I’m supposed to be surprised? No. Our listeners are. They’re so surprised because I’m always such on the ball and never- So we mess up and there’s all kinds of stuff that goes on. But the point is, is that you know what you hear is edited. You know, we’ve, we’ve, we take it up with the best stuff that people say. And you know, basically trying to make ourselves look awesome. Yeah, and we do the same for you. No, I don’t mind looking like an ass. You do such a good job at it. We don’t want to take that away from you. Totally, totally not. But you know, as as it relates to our guests, we want we want you to feel good about your experience. We’re going to take out anything that might embarrass you. That’s not going to go in the show. Right. Anything I mean, just you know? I mean, we’re just hanging out, and if you say what’s on your mind and you feel like you don’t want that in the show, you can always just say, oh, hey, scratch that or hey cut that or you know whatever like not not an issue we’ve had people say, oh hey I want to answer your question but you can’t put it in the show because it’s because I’m talking about a certain person or whatever and that gets cut. We completely want to validate your experience, we want you to feel comfortable to be open and just be yourself and not have to worry. And we want you to be on the show. That too. You know the whole point of letting you guys know is because we imagine, as I imagined for myself, being for a different podcast, or when people ask for a volunteer for something. You know I’m like, I’m nervous, you know, and- Oh, you know, it’s funny in the outtakes episode that I’m trying to edit. You actually say that at one point, and I wanted to put it in. Oh, really, yeah, you say I was terrified when Thora asked me to do this. And Oh my God, I would never. Yeah


it was funny. I didn’t know we took that out. I thought it was actually in one of the episodes. Oh was it? But you could still put it in. You can say it twice. It’ll be the Adam remix.


I hear there might actually be a remix in the next episode. I’m trying to figure out how to make a fun little loop beat thing. You’re a smart ass, you can figure it out.


Is that not how that works, although to be fair, Adam is usually the editor, so true he does the hard work. But not always.


I edited one episode, maybe two. I did the hard work the other day. I worked 16 hours. You sure did! That was rough. Yeah. Hold me!


So, yeah, it’s it’s super fun, super casual conversation. We joke around. We talk about real stuff. We talk about fun stuff. And we do our best to make you look good. Once the show comes out. Oh you look good. You all