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Are your parents overprotective?

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Are my parents overprotective? No. They're not. Similar to their approach to parenting, which was more relaxed, they felt like they could really trust us. That they let us make our own choices and also experience our own consequences. They tried to protect us by teaching us good principles by setting a really good example for us by being the people who help others, who are kind to others, and who follow the guidelines and the personal value system that they've created for themselves.

They were able to really help us and guide us as youth so that we could follow a similar path.

There are times that we might be heading down away that would lead to poor consequences that they didn't want us to experience. So, in those times, my parents would have a small intervention with us where they would talk to us and say, this is where I see this going. Are you prepared to face that consequence? And usually the answer is no. I don't want that consequence. So they would give us a lot of guidance and feedback and help and then encouragement to make a better choice.

And that really helped us a lot of times also because we had a good relationship with them. When we did feel like we have made bad choices, they were always a really safe person, in a safe place to come to our home was always felt safe, so they didn't have to be so overprotective of us because I think they had a lot of confidence that they were teaching us really good principles and because they knew us and we had a good relationship with them. They trusted us. They hoped, and really believed that if something bad were to happen, that they could, we could trust them enough to come to them to ask for help. And both, we could get put back on a better track than where we might have been otherwise.