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Arguments for Atheism and Skepticism Part 1 Burden of Proof

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Hey everyone thanks for joining in today on this new episode of Ask an Atheist Reverend. Todays topic deals mostly with arguments for atheism, such as the burden of proof relies on the one making the outrageous and extraordinary claim that some type of god exist with actual verifiable evidence of such claim or any extraordinary claims, if not then theres no reason to believe and the same is true for any outrageous unverifiable claims.
ever heard of the teapot thought experiment by bertrand Russell? It's pretty much a thought experement where no matter how hard you look you can't throughly disprove the theory that a teapot is out there somewhere in space orbiting the sun somewhere between earth and mars or sometimes jupiter. I don't believe there is one but i can't disprove that there isn't and no matter how hard you try until you can get actual verifiable data and evidence that can be repeated from unbiased sources then we'll talk about the color of said teapot.
Alot of people think an atheist like myself denies the existance of god which is just ridiculious.
This sort of presuppositional thinking is illogical, so asking an atheist to disprove God is an unreasonable request.Now, imagine if someone were to walk up to you randomly and say to you "I can fly" you would automatically say "No you can't, prove that you can fly". Then just like many of the theist out there, the guy says "no you must prove that I cannot fly, and if you cant, then obviously i can fly! HAHAHAHA" see how absurd that is?

Anyway thanks for listening to the first part of this... More to come plus the full episode coming soon!


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