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The singer married Dalton Gomez and decided to host the event at her home. Less than 20 guests attend the ceremony and in a room full of love and happiness.
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Ariana grande married. You know, we have sources telling us it was going to be this summer at a rented home. But it turns out she just wanted to throw a shindig in her own backyard Sarah Iran. What can you tell us about this union? The man. A lot of people don't even know who she's married to. Belt and Gomez. You guys, how could you forget about him? They have been linked since early 2020. Very much everyone thought a pandemic romance. You know, it seems like maybe she moved him in. You know, Ari likes to move move pretty quickly. This is a real estate agent um, in L. A. And it's, I guess it's the real deal. They tied the knot at her home. I believe in front of less than 20 people quote, the room was so happy and full of love a rep for the singer confirms the couple and both families couldn't be happier. Um, Us weekly previously confirmed they were going to have a small wedding. They were obsessed with each other. They didn't want to wait for Corona to be over, and we have details on his the wedding band he designed for her. He, um, did a quote, a beautiful and tasteful platinum and diamond band he was very happy with with it. It matches the one he and the engagement ring he gave her.