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Asmongold on Why He Lives Simply

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Why, despite his streaming success, does Asmongold choose to live a simple life? It's a question he hears a lot, and one he's finally answered in the snippet.
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So boys, So today I want to talk to you all about the question that I've gotten a lot recently in the past, I don't know, 3 to 4 years and that is why do I live a simple or why do I live a humble life? This is a question that people in my real life have asked me friends and game, have asked me, people have known online for years have asked me people in my stream of asked me other streamers have asked me, everyone has asked me this question and I thought I should make a video and kind of explain where I'm coming from and what I think. So I think that the best way for me to make this video and actually do it is to start from the very beginning whenever I was younger and show you kind of what's happened in my life to make me arrive at the position that I'm at now. So whenever I was a lot younger and I'm talking about ages, I'd say like six or seven, 2, 13 or so. So all of elementary school and I do apologize, there are a lot of fucking mosquitoes here. So I might be flailing around for a little bit of time in this video, but I didn't want to record this outside. So anyway, um, this is whenever I was a lot younger and I went out and I cared a lot about wearing Nike, I cared a lot about wearing nice shoes. And I remember my mom bought me a really expensive pair of shoes academy and it was awesome and I go and show them off. People would think I was cool, etcetera. And these types of things in the materialism of it was very appealing to me. It was very important to me. It was part of who I was as a person and I basically allowed that to kind of be part of what I identified myself as and that was the case all through, all through elementary school and also all through middle school and the real formative moment for me personally was in high school now um in high school I didn't always go to the same one high school, I went to two high schools at the very beginning, I went to a more upscale, a richer high school where you know it wasn't like super super rich or anything like that but it was definitely more upscale. You know the kids would drive the hummers to school and it was very obvious that these kids did not buy their cars from their Mcdonald's part time job. Okay. Their parents bought them very expensive cars and they were very brand conscious, they are very conscientious about what they would wear, how they would look, how they would appear. And whenever I looked at those people I thought it was so superficial and so worthless and so meaningless that it was just very off putting and weird to me. And then I realized that I was also looking in a mirror and I realized that while those people are doing the same thing, I was just doing it to a lesser extent than if I had as much money as they did, I'd be just like them. And I think that realizing that I didn't fit in with those people at all and seeing the conclusion that that type of mindset led to kind of allowed me to diverge from that type of mentality and whenever I went to another high school, this was much more poor high school. I fit in much better there, I liked it much better there and um I didn't really give a shit about that stuff anymore. I didn't care what my shirt set on them, I didn't care what car my mom drove to school. These things were just completely meaningless to me because I cared more about spending time with my friends and being happy and doing the things that I wanted to do. And I think that's another big part of this, is that a lot of people I believe do things, especially nowadays, uh not necessarily nowadays because it's harder to do things nowadays, but you know, in the proverbial nowadays, since it's much more common to see people that they will do things because they feel like they should do them do things because they feel like they would want to have done them. And I think that's even a little bit more acceptable, but it's mainly the people that push themselves into a circular hole whenever they're square pick. And the thing is, I'm a fucking triangle. I'm not like any of this other stuff. I I'm myself and I think that coming into yourself and realizing who you really are and not allowing a brand or not allowing a item or a piece of jewelry or clothing or anything like that to define who you are is extremely important in understanding who you are and building up your own self image. And I think that's really what it comes down to a lot of times when I was younger. The reason why I felt so attached these different things, why I felt like I needed to have Nike, why I felt like I needed to have, you know, X, y or Z. My parents needed to have a nice car. Why is that really? What is the fundamental reason for that? And I think I believe, because I was insecure, I didn't feel like I was enough on my own, I needed something more to become more than what I was, and I viewed those brands and those different things that were superficial as a way to expand who I was and inflate who I was, and I realized that it was all hot air, it doesn't matter, Doesn't make a difference one way or another. And I think as I've gotten older, um, I would always think about, what would I do if I had x amount of money, what would I do if I had y amount of money? And then whenever I got those amounts of money, I realized that I actually didn't really care about what I was going to do with the money, I cared more about having the money and being able to do those things if I wanted to. But the thing itself didn't really matter to me. I take actually great pride and having a cheap, fucking shitty car and I think that a lot of people might not ever look at things this way, but think about it like this, if I go out to Taco Bell and somebody keys my car, I don't care. It doesn't really matter to me. Yeah, it's gonna piss me off, but it's not going to ruin my Day. You know why? Because it's a shitty 2001 Mustang, it's worth 2000 dollars. If I had a Lamborghini that was worth 200 grand, I would be stressed out constantly, I would be worried constantly, I would be worried about the people that would park next to me, I would be worried about the quality of the car. If the car made a weird noise, there's a little bit of anxiety would come and I think that a lot of people don't understand that with a lot of these luxuries, uh, these luxuries come at a cost and the cost is not just the money, it's also your peace of mind. And for me personally, I don't want to have my life and my burdens are sort of my burden of, but I'm going to get to that. I would not, I don't want to have my life burdened by these meaningless things. I don't want to have to think about my car. I don't want to have to think about, uh, you know, my clothes, these are things that are not important to me. These don't make me happy. And I think that it's very important for other people. I've said this many times in my stream, It's very important to buy things to make you happy. But it's equally important to make sure that buying things doesn't make you