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Audio: Crime and Punishment Chapter 1 by Fyodor Dostoevsky

station description Crime And Punishment Fyodor Dostoevsky's romantic thriller about guilt and redempt... read more
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Listen in to Chapter 1 of the classic Russian literary novel, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Here you'll meet the young student, Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov. Cut off from everyone and living alone in a small, hot apartment, listen to what happens as he decides to go to a pawnbroker.
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Listen in to Chapter 1 of the classic Russian literary novel, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Here you'll meet the young student, Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov. Cut off from everyone and living alone in a small, hot apartment, listen to what happens as he decides to go to a pawnbroker. Listen along as Raskolnikov finds himself in several different moral dilemmas and navigates his personal philosophy.
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My name is Rodion Raskolnikov for the rest. Scalding off In just a few minutes, I would have ended the life of another human being. And it won't matter one jock because because to those who have a vision and the courage to follow it there is no law on no crime, no punishment, only a re evaluation of all values. For the man who dares to stand alone on the mountain top and a firm. I am all that Crime and Punishment by Feodor Dostoevski Traumatized in three Episodes By Mike Walker Episode One way You are at the beginning. These people like cockroaches. Filthy insects. Come on, man. Do or do not. Four flights at all up. 60 steps, paint, smell of bank. Is someone working here? What? Is that working late? Oh, sure we saw it, young fella. When one of them caps, I am the old woman's bless shore. No, no one brushes. Bank tens, turpentine. A wire brush. Everything so clear. Like seeing it off for the first time. You should have known. Maybe here should have found out 60 steps Leona's door and then step across. Step two, step after step on your tab the door. No bell ringing the bell. Hello. You'll say. Oh, it's you back again. She'll say And you'll say, Think you'll say Thank Christ. How did it go last time? Think. How does it go last week? Come on. Come on. That Come on. Uh, hello? I was here. Raskolnikov. I'm a student. Last month I was I came to see you are gonna I pawned it. I remember exactly who you are. Exactly. I don't forget faces. So here I am again. State business doesn't change the business summit. All right, come in. Yellow wallpaper. The Muslim curtains over the window, The sun setting. You were thinking, Yes. The sun will be shining the same way next week She? What's the matter, sonny? Some got in your eyes. Well, the business And you. I've brought something to pull a pocket watch. Silver steel chain. Time's up for your last pledge. A month we said you're a day over. I'll give you interest for another month because every patient, that's for me to decide. Not you. Maybe I sell your pledge today. How much for the water? Maybe I'll keep it. Not much, is it? Just watch stuff. You bring me rubbish. Mostly my brings. I gave you two rubles Street. You could buy a new one for one on our my father's watch. Look, look, look. It's good. Give me for 1.5. I'll be getting money any day now. 1.5. 0, come on. Interest paid in advance. No, back then. Don't take one of my off. Of course you will. They always do Wait. Sunlight flashing off the casing of the watch as she carried it out of the room. And you would hear a drawer opening in the next room. Small top troll. The sound of the keys. She carried them with her all the time. What we want for a strongbox will be obvious, which so in the top drawer left. All right, on the money. And then now it came to you standing there waiting. How mean it'll Wasim? Er how shabby! Hateful This is one ruble 15 15 interests for the months to come. 20 still, owing on that ring of yours. 35 out of your 1 50 leave. I know what it leak was. Sure you one of these days are you on a I might bring you something else. Something better? A silver case cigarette case. When I get it back said, then we'll talk again. Sunny, A friend. A friend has it. So, uh I mean you you stay at home like this. Your sister? She busy? What's this? He to you? She's simple. I just asked, That's all. I see her around selling old clothes. Just She isn't here during the dough. She's simple. That's all. Nothing to do with. You know, the Biljana have stupid, disgusting way. Really? Planning even then be here today. Look at your heart, See what's there? A pit of cockroaches. Stinking mountain of insects. No, no, no, no. Oh, you might not have. Even then you might have changed your mind and done something else. But you need it. Drink. That's it. Coming down the stairs. Maybe even right here. Was that baby cry? You stopped And you thought that's what I need. Oh, do you mind if I, uh, Mom a lot off civil seven. If I If I don't? You You look like a man. Sorry. Education. Are you Can I ask? Are you in government service? If I may, I mastered Yes, I view it Experience your she of life and men? And have you ever spent the night on a hay barge on the river? Know why? That's where I come from. Fifth night on the barges. You see, I have a little problem. Yes, I'd say you have a little problem. Of course. You of an education you could see in Princeton. It's over. Oh, God! I am subtle and insect! Such a filthy disgusting My little son. My baby by Stop it! You're doing yourself damage, Dammit! I deserve modern here. Yeah? Do you see any hair here? I really don't want. She pulled it out. My wife Katarina it Katie. She's a fine woman. He does not deserve a rich like me. Your wife pulled your hair out out of pity that I have been fitted more than once more than once. And I am a booked play, then simple. You know, sir, I even drag her stockings. He waas Yes, on her angora scarf and she coughs in the winter TB Oh, she misses that scarf. She had execution. She was an officer's daughter, won medals as a child for her. Whatever you win medals for I dragged them up, too. If it could be sold, I could think it. And I did. I could see you looking at their thinking. Doesn't have any feelings, huh? That's what you're saying, isn't it? I was actually wondering who's on. This is why I think I'm looking for compassion and feeling, not joy, Never there. I'm looking for compassion and feeling, compassion and suffering. I think Toe Shover, For all the horrors I have brought down on my wife and Children, we have for you know, the little ones. Sonia. Uh, now we come to it to Sunday. If it were not for her, we would all start. Oh, yes. I make no bones about it. Start. You see, She is vital. Three others are kids. Second married. Her first husband died and then she got me. You don't work. I have work, sir. Indeed I have. When Katarina and I got married for years, I was out in the morning home in the evening. A glass or two of one card. That was it. But the brute will aunt, I lost my job. Now we have a room in the tenement neighbors who despise us. Spit on my Katarina for her Hasn't graces has a soldier, is he? Once you stopped to drink, there is nothing to catch you and you fall. You fall right to the bottom of the pit. She works, You drink. How old is she? 18. Money is hard enough to come by. I know that. How much could she? And I mean for all of you? Oh, come on, Mr Mama. Lard off. What's enough? She sews shirts that wouldn't keep a monk in vodka. Never mind feed a family problem. A loved one. Six months ago I was drunk and at home and the little ones were 100. Kate was hungry. There was no money for the rent. Wonderful. I waas you were drunk and the land lead is wanting the rent or we're out on our years of them. Takes Katarina by the shoulder and they walk over to the window in the chatter Be on a big later. Some year comes in and Catalina takes her by the solar and they chatter. Pit stops cry. My little son says on cattle. Venus is what are you saving it for? Girl? You think it's some kind of it goes out. Saudi goes up if she comes back. Sonya. She puts 30 robos down on the table and she goes toe have bad put the soul over her head. And Katarina kneels by her feet and kisses him. I was lousy. Has a rule of her own. He comes to see us in the evenings. Sometimes always she leaves money. Your daughters are prostitutes. Oh, I was so shale that I stopped the kid My old job back and things were so fine Coffee before I left for work, Kate. So obliging when I got home that night everything simply as if I moved into the Kingdom of heaven until I brought my first month's salary home. Then I simply took the money and wait for the nearest bar. And here I am, five days on. I saw her today. Pretty little Sunyer drying her trade down by the Haymarket girls in her line of what they have to keep himself clean, you have to be really clean. All the cops will take their tickets away. And that costs and she needs pretty things. The customers won't put up with any other stuff. You know, they see pretty things a gentleman like perfume. I could have saved. Yes, maybe. I did know I took her money right there on the street. I thank everything. Now that is not a lift. Except to go home. And he will forgive. My son of God will forgive. Careful. May Then take me somewhere. I am a sinner and I need a friend. Have a great show and he will say to me Come for for my drunk ones by week. One sec You wear somewhere somewhere everyone needs somewhere. The girl. So breathe. Come on, let's go. I can't face her alone. It's not my has pulled that much she wants. It's her eyes. The way she looks at man, he will say You are pretty lacy things that gentleman like on perfume. He could have saved her from the look of the flat on the family. She'd saved them. But what chance on you, whoever you are, because there's always a risk in doing business the way you do. Grubby room hungry kids. Pathetic attempt, keeping up some kind of standards. And his wife, Katarina, she pulled his hand. All right. Hey, crawls after and the kids cried. You couldn't get out of there fast enough you even left them some of the owners money, money you could hardly afford. Strange. This mom a lot off. Put his daughter on the streets, weeps of it gets over it. Well, that's man here in sex. Older. Maybe Everything is a lie. There are no truths and no barriers. Well, that's just how it should be. A Eliana up there at the top of the stairs, waiting with her keys. Have money box. What are you waiting for? Some kind of sign for courage to step your hand on your jacket and feel the accent. Oh, nothing more certain than steel. More certain and your intentions. But you knew what was gonna happen, didn't you? Everything pointed you towards this one inescapable end. Just as sooner or later, little Sonia will pick up some file. Dizzy. Go on, then. Up, up. It's not far after all. It's not a long journey for a man. So come on, read the map. Follow the route. After you saw him on a lot off, he went back to your room that covered and slept and slept like the dead. And then when you woke up, the kitchen maid was standing there in the open door. Had you left it open. Did you want to be stopped in some way? Wasn't every word she said inevitable by then. Get up, you lazy hog. Come on, It's afternoon tea. You want some tea? Is that the landlady's to its T? You want to go? Not. I mean, look atyou thin as a start dog. And he asks his right now, Scott shot blanket. Do me no favors. Thank you. Hold on. I've got some cash. Could you go out and get me a roll? And sausage? Whatever's cheap with the butchers. Wouldn't you rather have some cabbage soup? I made it last night. I thought I catch you when you came in. But you were too late. Was with a strange but won't risk of your mind. Even loan ladies can't be everywhere at once. You hold him, I'll get a boat. It's good stuff. Believe you may. Good stuff. Cabbage soup. Oh, very good stuff. On goodness. Donostia. Very goodness dance. Yeah, that's what do you think that goodness would balance all the rest? A simple heart. Pathetic. Here we are. Oh, dear. By and now you And May 39 40 get this down. For God's sake, don't spill it on her blanket. Paschal feast says she's going to complain about you to the authorities. Oh, come on. What she wanted. You don't pay your rent and you won't get out of the room. What do you think she wants? She's such a fool. That woman. I'll see her today. She may be a fool, but does that make you Mr Clever? Lying around all day like a sack? I mean, you said you used to teach tries. Yes. So why don't you get a job again? One. Well, I'm not What? I think that's my work. Using my brain. A lot of money. You've thought up any way you can teach Children without decent boots. And he wants to teach, Not you. Obviously. Don't pay anything, Marchionni. And you want a fortune today? Yes, I think I do. Nastase. Ah, whole fortune creeping. Wouldn't you like to come into money just like that? I don't know. Space ape. What would you do with it if you got it by new boots? Maybe. And I'd help my mother and my sister. Dunya. What's she like? Your sister? She like you don't know don't is nice. That's why things are so bad. For what? Because she's nice. Because she's good? Because they said mean money. Mother Rondonia. They can't afford it, But they do. And you let them. Do you think I want them to? She's going to get married to some little toad who treated like rubbish and treats my mother even worse. That toad illusion he's coming to Petersburg. They're all coming. Only he's coming. First class on Mama has to pay out of her pension for her Rondonia. So why is she marrying him? I don't know. She can't love him. Little toad like that. Well, maybe you'll find out when she arrives. She deserves better than that. Well, then, Mr Clever, maybe you better try and do something about it. After all, you're her brother. Can I do Nastase? I don't know. I'm just the maid. You're the one who does all the thinking. Maybe she's doing it for you. Maybe you should think about that. You finished with the suit bowler? You want some more doing it from May? Why not? I'm a lot of sun yourselves. Our body for a useless father. Why shouldn't Dona sell her body for her brother. Let's hope she keeps herself clean. Isn't that what women do? There's not so great a distance between Mom. A lot off on me. Not so great a distance between Alyona and May. Just a few more steps. My legs are so so heavy, so tired. Every way you look, you see self interest, greed preying on poverty, corruption preying on innocence on the streets, Out in the open, the insects scuttle. They don't even try to hide themselves. Three days ago on the Nevsky Yes, go. Just a girl. Any go? She was tired or she was She was drunk. Just a girl. Hardly. 15. She fell onto a bench and sat there. Silly smile on her face showing her legs unconscious where she waas view looking at her of gentleman looking at her, getting closer. Who must licking his lips? I wrote this tender piece of chicken. You? Yes, you. You told What do you want with that, right? Leave her alone. She's only a kid. Go on, get out of here. What you doing? No fighting on the street. Oh, come on, for God's sight! Look at it. Talk to him. Who Are you got any identification, Raskolnikov? Raj on student. Well, ex student. But look, you're wasting time, Officer. I'll make that decision. Why are you shouting at this gentleman? Because of her eyes drunk. They probably sent her out that way. I mean, she's not a professional, She's just a child. They want to break a rain. Can't you see that? I bet you didn't even dress herself. Someone forced her into that stuff and him over there? Yes, you fast. Take it easy, son. He was following her and now he's just hanging around waiting. He's not even ashamed. You have to stop it now. Let's see what she's got to say. I love you. Okay. I am fine. Yes, thank you very much. You got somewhere to go to? You're nice. Have you got somewhere to go to? She's too drunk. Look, can't you take us on my safe? I've got some cash. I'll pay for a carriage. We've got to get her away from here. She's no more than a child. Actually, being well fed maybe comes from a good family. Who knows? Because so many of them on the streets now, a bloody shame heats the shame him over there. Looks like she's going under her own power. Go on, love. He's still following half a God site, man. Look, I'll try and keep an eye on her. If I see her around, why bother? Once she's gone round the corner, he'll be all over and everything will be as it was mentally, Justin and a whore on the streets. Where? Why not? It's not treasure. Unless we could all get out. Dirty your hands on it. You don't will tired. I'll find somewhere and rest. I'll be fine. I'll be fine. Just take care, son on. Don't get into any trouble. Don't get into any trouble, he said. And you said, Oh, no, Be sure not to Officer and I was tired, so tired, tired to death, tired enough to find an empty seat in the park and sleep. And even in dreams, even there, maybe most of all, the dreams they used for Hey Roger to take it to the bodies. You've seen the big horses and all the cards haven't power. They haven't got a card works, and she's not strong enough to pull it. Tell them apart. Tell the Carter she's to metal. There's nothing to do with us. Way have to get our tell. She's too young. Look, he's the Carter. He knows his business. He paid No loves his only opponent. She can't. I gotta stop that power. It's none of our Why don't want? The Lord will forgive us all. He will say you are swine and peace would come into my house and we were weak. Fall at his feet and everyone will understand. Even Alyona will understand. Come on, old woman. Come on. Who is this? Good evening. You know I'm back. What? I've brought you something. You're doing an article. But you want you know me. But Raskolnikov, what do you want? Unethical to pledge? You remember the one I promised you? The cigarette case. Silver. I got it back from the friend who had it. Remember? If you want to take it otherwise I'll go somewhere else. I don't have the time. No hurry. Sunny. A cigarette case? Super. I told you last. Yes, He said receipt on article. A cigarette case. Silver C c. You look ill. Give it to me. A fever? You can't help being pale wrapped up. What did you have the necessary all these knots. Never get it undone. You'll need the light are gonna take it to the window. I take it where I want to say right. Take your time. Slowly. Mind the blood. Good drawers Top left or right? Don't stop. Look, just think everything. Everything. Take it all. My God! Crazy system. All right, all right. Common. Just stay calm. You can do this. Come through now. You must be busy. I've seen you around. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I just have to I see. I didn't put her hands up. Don't stand there beating yourself up. Yes. You need water. Soup won't move. Oh my God! Wait! Please go Now Leave! Go! Just go. Just walk out down the stairs. You can do it. 60 stairs. No one will see you. Go 14. What? What happened? Something. Nothing. You never even put the door on the bolt. You've been asleep? Yes. And you left the door unlocked. Lock the doors. Lock it now. Close. Check them every inch. Phablet. She played like a family. So much. Become unclear. Must be blood. Look again and again. Jacket, elbows, Cuffs always comes to blood. So thin. There must be blood. Of what? It would be thorough trousers. You were kneeling down when you pulled the keys. Thoroughly calm. These finds afraid edge and cut it off. Nothing else. Shad cap, socks, stock. How did that so? No, no, I copy. No way. No how Ideas either. Sock and hide the threads. Threads. Are you dead in that? Come on, the O you get up. Look in the stove. Just somewhere you want to break me. That's crazy. A blind man. Good. Just a minute. No. About bloody time. You've been in love. New. You didn't like death warmed up. Police. What? The summons. You're supposed to go down to the local station for like I don't want before. How should I know? You got a favor or something? Fine. Your eyes are yellow. Look, maybe you better not go. Nothing. It is so Looks like it needs a watch. Just you, for me alone. Less data. I'll go to the police station. That's what I'll do. I have to put this sock on. You don't want the tea, then please yourself. I don't reckon you'll even make it down the stairs. But the sock on It's holy blood after all. Any If they want you If they know Good thing. Look, you had to do it. It was inevitable. You stood on the mountain on the mountain I had They told me to come. It's a summons, all right. They really should hold on your Dimitris friend. That's it. What? I want to see officers down here. Man has this place Mitri lesson making your a friend of the major? Yes, about the only friend. I had a university wear friends too. He talked about you. A lot of Raskolnikov will be remarkable man. One day if Yes what? Doesn't matter? When I saw the summons have been issued, I tell him to pointed in my direction. I mean thinks it's a bit of a dam. Any friend of the meter is yes. Good off. Dmitry is a food. Well here we are busy. What do sit down. All right. A bit feverish. That's what's this about What? Why am I? What do you reckon then? Nothing wrong. Recently Just get on with it, All right? Don't bite my head off. You're in a police station, you know. Please Will you tell me what you want before it's your land. Lady apparently has had a promise. Remote last year for 100 rubles. 115. 25 actually. And she wants it back. Landed. You find it on using it. Won't this have fun if you don't pay up or give a date by which you will pay? You don't understand. No, it was just a note. Her formality. And here it is. And you must pay or give a date when it will be paid. No, no, no. Look, the thing is, the thing is, I'm seeing you as a favor. I could be doing well. We've got a big robbery. And there's this murder. Mother. Well, the old woman there, sister. I mean, there's no I'll give me some paper, all right? And I are You have three months, right? Start talking about murder, and you're already to get everything done in a flash. What do you mean? You think is don't like it when real life shoves his ugly face into yours, do you? I don't know anything about any murder. What are you talking about? Sure, you're all right? Let me sign. I'll pay it back. I'll sign everything Oh, yes, yes. My my sock. You really don't know. You better get home, right? You want me to send someone with You know, I'll be Really? I'll be be fine. Thanks. On their dropping on, Dimitri, he was asking after you Don't be a stranger going see him? Yes. I suspect you. They must have that oily little sound. So Sammy off. How did Dmitri get someone like that? Is a friend, but coming Maybe they said it all upto such the room. Look. No, don't look so stupid. Look, man, look. Of course it's still there. Full. How could they know? But if maybe if they do a house to help search in the air. So get the stuff out of the house. Get rid of it. Hide it way somewhere Stone to stone. Find a thing. Well, that's that times take a walk. Just one more student on the boulevard. But if you did do this consciously on not like a fool like a man. Like if you had a definite aim, then why didn't you look in the pass? If that's what you wanted the clarity of the act. I think it's clear, sharp, bright vision of what you will be hit isn't like that mixed up in your head with because you're seek. Must be. You've been tormenting and torturing yourself because you're sick. Yes, exactly. So you have to do is wait a while and then you'll get well, everything. You don't get salaries. You are, dear. God bless. She thinks you back up. Thank you. Three complex. So what a joke. One of the insects has given coke. He's coming around. So he is l. Rodia, but with us, Are you? What happened, Dmitry? Killed over in the street. Thumb just like that. You've been at it for four days. It was them yourself. He told me that one of the police station. Good job he did, Or you just still been lying there? We got the doctor in. We your land lady in me. Oh, he's really chanter As Mr Regime. Ekin wound her around his little finger. She's not so bad. If you treat her right. That's your trouble. Roger. You never can treat people decently. Even Samuel Tough. And he's a mild enough chat dresses like a pimp. You are. What can you do with fellow? So I've got some good news for you. And your mother sent 30 rubles. She wasn't sure about your new address. I didn't want them to see me here on this wrap eep Well, you're glad enough to stay rent free? She asked me to pass it on. So here it is, Riches. I don't want it. Take it away. I don't want her treasure. What you're talking about. Stop being a fool. I don't mean money. Well, Roger, that's a lie, and I'll be your witness. Take it if you insist. Well done. Now you ready for some food? Yes, Mr as your sweetheart is running soup from yesterday with rice and potatoes with rice and potato. Right. Go get it on some tea. Don't mind me using your bed. Nowhere else to sit in is covered. Just help. Well, least you're raving anymore. Was I? You were rather Have you were What about? Come on now. It doesn't matter what was raving about it. I don't know things. Things You're going on a patch of sock For some reason, you kept begging someone to give it to you. Sure. Well, Nastasi found it and gave it to you. Probably have your blankets and relax. Try to get a bit more sleep and I'll take some of your mother's money and get some decent clothes. You don't need clothes. Secondhand clothes. All right, I'll be back in a couple of hours. I don't look yourself in again. Have to get out of him. Get away. Take the rest of the money. Find a new place. Vanish. Disappear somewhere No one knows, You know one. They take your boots where your peeps sucks. Soothe point rest A little more sleep. You'll be fine. Yes, Think about it when you wake up. Maybe this is happening. It's a dream. Mad mom. A lot often is still So I got on the street of dreams with details Law, Unlock the door. They won't be able to come in and lock the door. Ayanna on back unlocked the door. Al Yona back. It's Raskolnikov and I've got something for you. I've got something for you. Look at these. These trousers or are these trousers their trousers? Dimitri and damn Find trousers. If I say it myself, will lightweight perfect for some of with matching waistcoat in the Haymarket on a fine pair of boots. Almost new. Clarke the British Embassy was short of money. That won't fit. They will we take your old boots for another three shirts. Now, look at these first class. Better than new software warning the Haymarket. I didn't think that Lizzie used to sell stuff forever. Her sister. What are you going on about? That four? Besides, they arrested the one that did it. Well, they arrested someone. But that doesn't mean anything. Yeah, the painter. It's obvious. What is that? He did it. He was working right there with his brother Song. And he had premiering weights Were identified by someone who knew Ayana. He says he found him on the stairs stairs. He tried to sell them to some other money lender. If he found them, I wouldn't see. They're no good to him. Why not buy a glass of vodka? The police don't make that kind of mistake. They do all the time. They want to clear it up. They need to find a face or any face as long as they can make it fit. What are you saying to me? Look, this painter and his brother, they were painting one of the flats. They started fooling around flicking each other with paint. They were having a laugh. There's a witness to that. Laughing, having fun at the same time as the bodies were getting cold upstairs. I don't believe they were that good actors. They just just criminals. An old woman, A simple girl. The kind of animal who could kill them in cold blood Could stand around laughing after with these. What do you reckon? You're the think around here. How do you see it? Well, she would both just leave me alone. No need to be so we want to sleep. Leave me alone. Okay. Roger. You sleep. I don't have the men. Don't is Rodion Raskolnikov. I say That's called ago. Here. Who are you? Ah, you He Who were you losing? I imagine my name is not unfamiliar to you. Not Not sure, you know. Let us cannot have failed. I say failed to reach you. Your mother has written in my express request. Toad. Bigger pardon. So this is U the fiancee. Yes, I know all about you. Nice to see you have been ill. I say you're right, sir. Oh, right. Zunica and Dimitri. Journalist. Well, Mr Risk on a golf I hope out acquaintance will in the future after we become related after the happy events. Which event was that? My marriage to your sister. Junior, Of course. What else was happy? That confused me. Perhaps if you said after the financial transaction, I might have understood. What did you say? Perhaps I got it wrong. I thought Mother's letter said when you and Dona decided to that you told her marrying a poor girl made good sense since she was never likely to look a gift horse or maybe a gift toad in the Mahabharata. Take it easy. I'm sorry, but he has been able in a fever. And he's not better yet. Not by a long way, Rogers. I think this is much took rubbish. I can only assume it's some idea your mother has got hold of in totally the wrong Web. Our dear. If you ever dare talk about my mother again in front of me, I'll kick you down every stair in this house. I don't see your friend is right. You I won't hold it against. You'll want to just go home on rodeo. Whose only Dimitri if you come on. And you, Mr loosen. Don't have to tell me to go. No Go! Yes. Everyone needs somewhere to go. Didn't Mom a lot of say something like that? Everyone needs somebody. Oh, nights. Sentimental songs and gaslights Give everyone a pale green, sickly face. No way Could have some rain for the gas lamps to shine through rain. Would you like to come with? No, No way. Bring me some tea and any old newspapers. You've got around a nice weekend. Anything from the weekend. I'll see what I can find. Well, well, well. Dimitris friend, you came to the police station. Zambia. Whatever might have I said that I know her. There are deceits here. Please yourself. You are That's all we have. I say Latin for news, aren't you? But you said you were sick, not out trying to catch up with the welding. What a good chappie is there, Dimitri? Good friends. Friends walk around the house for you. Is it to ensure the girls get no trouble from the law? Anything interesting in the papers? We've had a few five. I'm not reading about five. Do you want to know what I'm reading about? Why should I? Because you're curious. Don't wanna admit it. I wanted to read about the murder. Which one way? Have a lot in this town. The old woman of the idiot sister. So what At this station you were talking about her when I got faint. Do you understand? Understand what? You're either crazy or what? Nothing. Why don't you drink your tea? It'll get cold. Did you read about the counterfeit? His whole gang? 50 of us. Then they were fools. What, 50? Someone sure to get drunk and shoot their mouth off. 43 two Stupid. All of them. No attention to detail. That's why they're criminals. I mean, since you were reading about it. Look at the old girl who got no killer. Had a certain style in and out in the daylight. Even so, he couldn't do more than grab a pair of hearing. After doing both of you just have to get out. So you think you've got in the paint where he went and got drunk? Couldn't live with what he done. That's what we record like a child. So what would you have done? You want to know? Uh huh. Yes, I do. A lot. A lot So after after I killed him, I take the money and the things on I get out and I've got to some place, like an overgrown allotment And it be a stone about so big. And I lifted up and scatter the insects underneath it. And I put the stuff stuff. Put the stone back. I wouldn't touch for a year or two or three. So now you see me now you don't. You are crazy. And what? It was me who did the old woman and Lizzie go admitting for a moment. You really believe me? No, Never. Oh, I got you. You walked right into that. Some detective. I've told you. I don't believe it. I never believe, but you could have this money. 10 15 25 rubles. And yet I couldn't pay a thing when I was at your office. Not a thing. Well, by detective, that's how much you know about murder. Where the hell did you get to? We were looking for you everywhere. Nice cosy. A was worried. She was really worried about you. What you doing here? I mean, where your friends What? What does it mean? It means I'm fed up with you all. I just wanted to leave me alone. Okay? Still sick wife is Just get out of my wife. Listen, rodeo, you shouldn't be out. Come on. Come back to my place. You need to rest. Get somewhere every tree. I don't want your good deed, right? You're getting this. I do not want your charity. I spit on it, which ought to make even. You see that there's no point. You're really smart. I admit that really smart. And sometimes you're so strong. Thank God I'm having some friends around tonight. Just you don't have to talk to them. Just drop in. You can sleep over. I swear to trick you. Let someone beat you half the death. You thought it was doing them good. I'm not stupid. Rodeo. Good night's Dmitry. You come if you don't stand pathetic. Yes, I get it. Why don't they leave me alone? That's all they have to do. But what are you going? Of course The police station. Where else? Everyone needs someone to go to. So what you gonna say? What do you tell them? It's also disgusting. So stupid. So you are again Bank, where it began 56. 57. 58 59. Good evening. You know, Ivanovna, I'm back. I brought you something. An article. They're painting up here now. Well, they would Who moved in with all that blood? They've taken down the curtains. Could be a pleasant room. Maybe you should move in. See the caretaker. Is this room for rent? What? You crazy? Are you? Now you should go. Things to do. People to see. Yes, they have to know in the end they How strange. Just being here. Have you on that? She was there. Crazy sister. She was there, Have you? Well, here and now. You were still here and they are not strange. You can't walk more than a few minutes and back without crossing a river, is it? Another questions will be like running is a washed clean. What is it? What is it? Jump. Yeah. What happened? Did you see what happened? Just a girl. Some girl drinking How it takes. Did you know her? I knew on my friend. So you some of the same establishments as I do tried to hang herself the other day. What? That girl bucks down the market when you soothe water unless is in vodka drink. No, no, I don't. One little drink. A little sin. How are you, my friend? You're a pale video. It's none of your business. What are you doing here anyways? A free city. You don't breathe? No waiting for my little son. You know how it is. Money. Go, Go, Little Sonia. Well, maybe I'll stay. Have a look atyou. Shame. I'm a great sinner. Sees Teoh. Get away with devilment. Little no Mom down. It's OK. OK. Just be careful with you know. Try to warn one. Don't worry. You get you Get a doctor. No, A doctor's coming. We're sending her doctor. Do you understand? Can you hear me? You beast? Thanks. What? Who? Meteo? I don't think she's here. I'm a lot off. Yes, See me, Junior, You don't know. Yeah! Episode one of Crime and Punishment by Feodor Dostoyevsky Dramatised by Mike Walker Radian Raskolnikov was played by Barnaby Kay Mama Laid off by Robert Lang Lucien by Anton Lesser Dmitry Raza Meakin by Oliver Milburn Alyona by Paula Jacobs Moustache CIA by Deborah Berlin Zam Yacht off by Jonathan Chancellor on the Policeman by Ian Broker Other parts were played by members of the cast. Crime and Punishment's, directed by John Taylor, is an independent production by the fiction factory for BBC Radio four.
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