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Audio from a Juneteenth Celebration

From Audio: Celebrate Juneteenth!
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Learn About Juneteenth: Past and Present Discover the traditions and history of Juneteenth with this playlist full of audio from conversations with historians, journalists, and people who have been celebrating the holiday for years. Listen through to the end to hear learn everything you need to know about our newest federal holiday. Vurbl Audio for the Holidays
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An interviewer at a Juneteenth celebration in Texas asks three people to explain why Juneteenth matters to them. One interviewee says that Juneteenth is important to her because it's the day she became a person and not a number. Another says that Juneteenth signifies his human right to live free of oppression. One native Texan says that it commemorates his freedom as an American.
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uh it is so important to me just because it's like, it's the day that I became like a person rather than a slave or like a number celebrating it. It's like celebrating your culture and your legacy and the things that your ancestors did to get you where you are today and know that you're going to do those things to get your, you know, your future kids and their kids and their kids to a better place than we are now. Just because slavery is technically, and it doesn't mean that everything's like happy and dandy and equal. And so it's like juneteenth is still so significant because of like the, I don't want to call them civil rights battles, but just because of the battles that we still face in the african american community, I don't believe that oppression is something that we should live under or be subjected to and so on a personal level. Um it's my, it's my human right to be able to, to live equally and thrive as equally amongst our brothers and sisters. For me, juneteenth celebrates my freedom in America. Uh fourth of july Independence Day does not celebrate my freedom in America, but juneteenth does. I am a native Texan and native houstonians. I've also already said I was born in Third War, raised in Third War Emancipation Park. So this date commemorates my freedom as an american name. Mhm.