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Audio Moment from S3E12 "Excerise for Mental Health"

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The Positive Professional Podcast
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Listen to Tracyavon, Host of the Positive Professional Podcast and Vurbl Mental Health Ambassador discuss the benefits of exercise on mental health
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the benefits of moving your body go far beyond physical. And there are also many mental and emotional benefits of regular exercise. And this includes helping with your mental health. Like I discussed in the first segment. So there's a relationship between anxiety and activity and though the connection is not entirely understood, a clear link exists between physical activity and a decrease in the likelihood of anxiety and its comorbidities including depression and panic attacks. These effects occur biologically physiologically and emotionally. Physical exertion release endorphins, chemicals in the brain that function as natural painkillers. Not only do endorphins stimulate positive feelings, they also improve sleep sleep in turn reduces stress and improves anxiety. Endorphins aside exercise and it drives the body leaving you feeling good both during and after the activity, better mood, better sleep and better feelings, reduce the physiological and psychological symptoms of anxiety and yes, anxiety can be all consuming and this is overwhelming sense of worry or dread that leads to panic attacks, engaging in physical activity that you find both challenging and enjoyable distracts you from obsessive and harmful thinking. Your mind rests in a sense while your body works. Now, it's important to find an activity that does present a safe challenge and an activity you're interested in participating for the greatest benefits in this regard. Half hearted participation in exercise that feels more like a chore than a fun activity is not helpful. It may lead to further stress and anxiety. This activity does not need to be hardcore exercise. It could be a gain of soccer with friends, gardening, simple walking or even yoga will do the job. It's all about getting your heart pumping in your mind off your worries, giving yourself the goal of more physical activity and following through with it will leave you feeling accomplished, doing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle too will grow your confidence, self contentment and confidence is beneficial in keeping anxiety at bay. Since most anxiety is rooted in inner conflict, the most difficult part about increasing your physical activity to reduce anxiety and the likelihood of panic attacks is getting started. It can feel impossible for an overburdened mind to find the time and energy to decide upon and pursue change, but it is not a professional can help you to develop a plan to get started on and stick to a new regimen of activity. The most important thing is to find activities you enjoy that you can and want to fit into your life and schedule.