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Listen to Tracyavon, Host of the Positive Professional Podcast and Vurbl Mental Health Ambassador discuss the effects of racial trauma on mental health
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mhm mm. So let's talk about the different types of stresses. People can experience direct traumatic stressors. This occurs direct trauma as a result of living in a society of structural racism or constantly being on the receiving end of individual racist attacks and examples of these are being heavily policed for your race or culture or barriers to home ownership and the next is vicarious traumatic stressors. And a major example is when african americans are constantly exposed to brutal police killings of other african americans as such. The video associated with George Floyd. These incidents can lead to traumatic stress reactions. Even if you're not directly related to the situation at hand. One can experience racing thoughts, wondering if this can happen to you next and cause someone to become anxious and public or even at home. And a transmitted stressor Would be symptoms of stress transferred from one generation to the next. This can be seen through descendants of the chattel enslavement, descendants of the holocaust survivors and historical trauma shared by the native americans, including boarding school massacre and more. So what are some other effects of race based trauma? Race based trauma and injuries don't only impact you emotionally, but they can go in as far as impacting you biologically and socially being routinely exposed to triggering events such as micro aggression discrimination and violence can lead to negative health outcomes such as cardiovascular disease, increased risk of stroke, lower birth weights, hyper pleasure and high rates of asthma in reference to social. While systemic racism can lead to feeling trapped, leading to individuals may be dropping out of school substance abuse and use gang activity itself, harm. It's important to note that racial trauma is in fact very dynamic and detrimental to those receiving this mistreatment, a reference to long term effects. Examples of this could be lack of housing, food, scarcity and adequate health resources and poor education. All of these effects are passed down through generations of families, causing the lineage is to not have access to thriving. Their main focus tends to be survival overall. The most significant and profound results of race based trauma is deaf. According to the studies, the mental, physical and emotional health issues related to racial trauma accumulate over time, causing a higher rate of suicide in african american teens. Therefore, we must consider how these issues as a whole, impact. Not just this generation, but wants to come, how can we better our society to better our mental health overall. So how do you know if you have race based traumatic stress, you may be able to do a self assessment of symptoms. However, diagnosis of race based traumatic stress requires assessment by a qualified mental health professional. If you believe that you may be suffering from race based traumatic stress injury, it's important to seek therapy from a multicultural and racial trauma informed therapist. These therapists work to create an open culturally affirming and parrot space for you to heal from the racialized trauma in all various forms. So how can you address racial trauma? The truth of the matter is that healing race based traumatic stress is complex and it's not a one size fits all situation while self care tends to be a go to when it comes to certain mental health conditions. Unfortunately, it doesn't always apply as well. In this case, it's recommended that people find places where they feel like they have power and influence, then exercising that power and influence in helpful ways, can be a huge step towards reclaiming a sense of empowerment.