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The Positive Professional Podcast
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Listen to Tracyavon, Host of the Positive Professional Podcast and Vurbl Curator discuss the differences between mental health and mental illness; as well as providing helpful strategies on how to maintain your mental health.
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health. The first tip is to take a social media break and social media has become one of the top factors leading to poor mental health in recent times. And while we all know, it's practically impossible to completely avoid social media because of how much our lives depend on it, it is possible to take breaks, Taking one day a week to shut out social media and the time spent on your phone is essential in maintaining good mental health. These breaks will help you to connect with your inner self and let out the distractions that come with social media. The next is you should consume healthy food and drinks. Do you know that the food and the drink that you consume has a lot to do with your mental health? A lot of research has reported the effects of unhealthy meals on the brains and this is even more severe if unhealthy meals are consumed and massive portions. So it's important to cut down on excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods, soda and sugary contents Tip # three. Do things that make you tip. And you must have heard of the enzyme called dopamine that generates in the body when a person engages in activities they love. This enzyme helps you to feel good about yourself and the activity you're engaged in. And this simply means that you should do good work. Often engaging in activities you find meaningful and purposeful will help to keep your brain alive and active. Okay, on to tip. Number four. Be physically active. And yes, I know not everyone finds it easy to engage in exercise, but you need to remember that. Exercising is not only about going to the gym. Exercising is not only a form of losing weight or building muscles, it means to connect with your body and soul Taking a 10 minute walk every morning or evening is a form of exercise and did, you know, dancing to your favorite song is also a form of exercise. So choose a form of exercise that works for you. The next tip is to connect with people and have healthy conversations where you can express your feelings, surround yourself with the best persons and while doing that, don't belittle how you feel about a particular situation or event. Have the necessary conversations needed to sort out your feelings and feel better. And for some people that may mean going to a therapist, whatever you do, make sure that you are maintaining positive relationships and the last time.