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The Survival And Basic Badass Podcast Episode #217 Camp Survival
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shelter now, depending on the weather and depending where you live maybe making your own shelter Maybe that's it. You know, maybe that's something you dio also teaching your kids. Sorry, I was going to say how toe pick out a campsite. Yeah. No, that's a really great idea that z that's big. And it's, you know, it's not always, ah, lot of the time that, you know, it's not always easy Thio to find the perfect spot. You want to be close to the water, but you don't wanna have a rainstorm. Come and wash your campsite away either, Uh, and you know a nice level spot. Obviously you want, you know, software ground. If there's a pile of leaves, it's not. Not bad to set right up on top of the leaves. You know, something soft to keep you keep you separated from the ground a little bit, but with kids, you know, you can usually give him a sleeping bag, and they could be on the ground and have no problems. But, um, you know, a little little foam mattress doesn't doesn't hurt anybody. Keep mama happy. Mhm. Um, now, one of the main things. After you get set up, you know, get your tent set up and that sort of thing. Um, when you're building shelters, a tarp and some para cord could go a long ways that can keep your kids occupied for a long time, getting, you know, getting a little shelter built, um, something to keep them dry out of the rain on. But you know, they really like those activities. It's it's, you know, it's fun for them. It's problem solving at a level that they can they can handle. And if they're old enough, slash mature enough, you give him a hatchet. That's the quick way to pull him away from the Xbox and whatever when they feel like they get to do, because in their mind you know that tough guy thing, right? Right. And all kids love playing with fire, so it's important to teach the kids how to get a fire started. And, you know, most of us grown ups have been doing it long enough. You know it's not a big deal. It's, you know it's 123 you get it going. But for kids, it's important to teach them the you know, the basics of fire building, you know, gathering the tinder up first, you know, birch bark and paper and dried grass. Um, you know any wood that's dry, that's that's thinner than a number two pencil. And then, you know, after that gathering the kindle ing, you know, like thumb some with branches and things like that and then gathering the fuel, you know, bigger logs and and sticks and things like that. So you that you are ready to start the fire, you know, in the basic steps. And they're involved in doing all the, uh, you know, activities to get it ready. Exactly. Well, that's the thing with adults. Even a lot of people don't realize how much of that in between you're gonna need. You know, that smaller would the Qinling You know where to keep it going. You know, you can kind of get it started and you get into flame up and all. Look, I made a fire, but to actually get those logs toe light, take some time. You know, unless stuff is very dry, it takes some effort and you know, when they when you actually do it, that's when you learn about these things. You know so thes air skills that we're going to keep paying off. Yeah. Now, one of the things that I find ah, lot of kids and a lot of even guys you know younger guys have an issue with is is they're not tying skills. You know, there's a There's a million different knots for a million different situations, and it's, you know, it could be a little bit tricky to learn more than your first, Uh, you know, your your granny knot in your square knot. And after that, that kind of runs out of most people's skill level. So learning a couple extra little knots, you know, Sheep Shankar clove hitch. Yeah, yeah, learning a couple extra knots. You know, it's not hard to learn one or two and, you know, see the application for it, you know? Yeah. How cool would you be if when you plan this trip, you had, like, a topographical map, one of these hunting maps or whatever of the area where you're going hiking? And if you could point out the different features and just kind of show them how to understand and comprehend. And I would say you could even take it one step further and actually set up. Maybe. Now work with me here. What if you actually may be on your way up to the camp where you're going to camp? You left some kind of treat or some kind of cool prize. And you made some kind of scavenger hunt where maybe little compass using, um, use the map. You know, maybe you take your old lady to the skinny dip in whole, you know? I mean, whatever you gotta find a way that makes it work for whoever you're with, you know, you want to make it a fun time. Maybe. Maybe it's your special guy friend. I don't know. Different strokes, man. All about that. But you know, it it doesn't hurt. You know, I've I've done this a few times where I've been planning hikes and camping trips with the with the family or, you know, with some friends. And I'll do the hike first, you know, just to map it out, see how hard it is. See where the hard parts are, you know, so you can have everybody prepared, you know? All right, we're gonna do Ah, a half mile. That's that's relatively easy, but we're gonna get come to a part where it's really steep and a long climb. So once we get there, we have to get ready and do the man stuff. And once we get to the top, we're almost there. You know, you can kind of playing it out so they don't start. Oh, when is this gonna end? When you know, Right, If you have a good idea where you're going and what you're doing ahead of time And like you said with the scavenger hunt, you could lay some stuff out in certain spots, you know, Or just, you know, maybe when you did that pre hike or whatever, you know where, like the awesome view of the Valley is or, you know, like I said, a swimming hole is or you know, something cool. You just kind of pick out some need things to go find, or the tree that looks like an old Wiseman or whatever. You know, you just something to make it fun. And maybe you make a little effort to make it look like an old wise man. You know, whatever. I mean, there's just so many things you could do to make it cool and and make it a good time toe, you know, spend with your family now. So we got, you know, we set up camp, we gathered firewood. We made a fire, maybe did a little hike. Now, how about cooking? Yeah. You know, cooking is really one of those things that the more you do it, the easier it gets. And I had, um when the missus and I got married, um, we had a big, big out in the middle of nowhere wedding, you know, right on the river. And, you know, we cooked steaks over the fire and just the whole big thing, and it's easy to do if you bring that bring the right set up. We brought a tripod with it with a grill grate on it that could, you know, you could raise the lower and, you know, but I've cooked food on rocks I've got, you know, can't even a can of beans that you put in the fire. And, you know, you get a punch a hole in the side of it with a with a coat hanger or something like that. You know, kids, really dig those, uh the whole made. Yeah, that's it. I mean, the sorry is going to say the further you get away from traditional, the more they're going to get excited about it and keeping it simple if you were if you just, you know, break out some hot dogs and put him on some sticks and roast them over the fire. You know, kids have a great time with that sort of stuff. Yeah, and I mean shit. You don't even need s'more. She just break out the candy bars at the end and everybody's in. I will say it's a better time. Um, also, like, you could set, you know, a pot right on the logs. You know, there's all kinds of different ways. How many times did you, you know, go out camping with just like aluminum foil? And you're just throwing it down in the coals and letting things cook. And some of that is the best taste and stuff. When it's slow cooked like that in the foil, you really end up with some good food. You know, if you do a little seasoning, Um, I've been listening or watching a YouTube channel a lot lately called a deer meat for dinner and, uh, the guy always use this Everglade seasoning. You know, you just pick out the right thing. That's right for you guys. And you just, you know, season it up a little bit. A little of your secret, you know, survival powder. Throw that in there. You know, those are the things. Maybe when you're out on that hike, you actually do a little foraging. You know, maybe you scope out some of the plants that air in the area. Um, you know, find out what is edible in the area. You know, if you do a little research in the beginning and plan things out, you could make it so awesome. I mean, if you go through what we're talking about today, you can really plan a great time for your family and, uh, something that they're going to remember. And it's going to get him excited about going camping. And this also means being prepared, you know, one, you're going to check the weather and hopefully going things are nice, But just in case you're gonna be ready, if bad weather comes, or if it's really cold, or if it's, you know, think ahead. You got a plan to make it a good time. And when you do these things and you really provide a good time, you're going to really get your family excited about your preps, about your survival, about going out, you know, and having a good time. And it's gonna get him out into nature. And you know, that's when you can really enjoy your family one on one, instead of when you're all sitting around staring at a screen together. You know, thes air the times you interact and you build that bond and I'll tell you who the best kids are when you're out camping. It's that kid that does bad in school because he's got a D D, and he's all over the place from one thing to another. That's not a handicap. That's not a handicap. When you're out in the in the woods, that kid is great. He's so excited about doing this and doing that and gathering the firewood and tying knots. And you know, those kids they don't they don't do well in a classroom, but they do really well in real life. If you've got the patience to deal with them, mhm, and that's it. If you plan things out, it shouldn't be hard to come up with something to Dio. It shouldn't be sitting around the camp. So then there's other things. There's learning how to use a knife, learning how to use an ax, you know, teach them how to whittle something. You know, there's just so many ideas. You don't need to take all these ideas, But take some and find out one that you have skills and maybe you develop some skills for the next trip. You know where you can take him. Maybe you break out the bow and arrow. Um, you know, archery is fun. Arteries a great time. Compound bows air Great. All my kids started out with recurve bows, and it's just a great time set up targets. You can actually go hunting for small game, different things. Um, there's just such a good time. You can have. I mean, man, if you guys get the opportunity and could cook up a squirrel or rabbit and just add that to the excitement, I mean, think of how great that is. I'm sure if they go back to school and tell their teacher what they did. You'll probably end up in jail, but, you know, Hey, tell him to keep it on the download. That's another skill they could develop. E, remember when my kid, uh, caught his first fish and we cooked it over the fire? That was like, I mean, that's something he'll never forget. You know, you remembers. You remember that to this day, And that was probably, you know, 10 years ago. Yeah. And it's, you know, it's something that that really makes them excited about. You know what they can do and what they're you know, it gives them confidence, and it gives them a skill set to base that confidence on exactly. I mean, knowing that you can take care of yourself is so valuable. And it's just there, man things that they love to tell their friends about. And, you know, love Thio, you know, go out and say, Hey, you know, look, because these air basically the rites of passage, that our society is missing so much
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