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The Best Episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater Listen now to some of CBS Radio Mystery Theater's most memorable and intriguing episodes curated specifically for the lover of all things mystery. These timeless tales of murder, horror, and crime were first broadcasted in the 1970s as part of a radio drama series that captured audiences of all ages. We hope you can agree that these episodes are the ones that keep you listening, and make you remember sitting on the floor of your living room as a kid waiting for your favorite radio show to come on. Vurbl The Best of Old Time Radio
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For this episode of CBS Radio Mystery Theater we see the struggle between love and money, but not in the way you would think. Oftentimes when we go looking for one thing, what we find might not be exactly what we're looking for. It might be even better. In this story a private investigator stumbles upon a murder case with unusual key pieces of evidence: five $20 bills with two zeroes written on each of them. What does this mean though? Listen now to "Double Zero" and find out.
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CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Come in. Welcome Fiji, Marshall. He who has 1000 friends, has not a friend to spare. And he who has one enemy We'll meet him everywhere. One enemy a single enemy can be enough and more than another one dedicated, determined enemy can reach any protective wall even if that wall is 1000 friends. But on you need not be a drink. Strong or powerful Enemy mosquitoes kill more people, then tigers. Well, don't have to arrest me, Lieutenant. I go my booty people to the city Pays you what? 15 20,000. Uh, how would you like to be a million am we kind of bribed me. Millions that shot a bribe. Let her rebirth. I'm not for sale, Not even for a million. You know how much of million is so? He is making a lot, Mr Obama. Double zero was written especially for the Mystery Theater by Sam Dan and stars Robert Brighton. What it is all about love and money. Some say you should also add war and hate. What hate is the other side of love and the basic cause of war is money, plus the absence of love so no matter where you turn, there's no getting away from it. Every story you ever heard or read about lover money, and this one is no exception. We should deal with liberal amounts of way. Start with Stanley Skinner, a gentleman who was trying very hard to be a good citizen. I call the special police telephone number. He asked Skinner. You know, the one that's on the television if anyone has any information about, uh, about that murdering and do you have such information, Mr Skinner? Well, it said the police are baffled because it didn't seem to be a robbery and the victim had $100 in his wallet. That's true. Isn't Lieutenant yes? And it was reported that the $100 was in the form the form of 5 $20 bills. That's true. Yes, all that was put on there, and furthermore, on each $20 bill, it was a double zero written and ready. That's how the bills would describe Mr Skinner. What are you driving at? Those were my $20 bills. Your e. I say mine mine. In a sense, the sense that at one time they were in my possession you think I always make a double zero rating on every bill? It's more than a dollar. Will you tell me? I'll tell you why. How many times will make a small purchasing 35 40 50 cents and give the cashier of the clerk a 20 in and get back. Change for a one, though, is it probably doesn't happen too often. You your rather tall, strong and effective looking. But people like to take advantage of me for some reason. So when they say it wasn't a 20 I I say look in the drawer, you'll see a double zero written and reading. When did you spend those bills? Well, my rent is $100 a month. What would you give the money to buy? You may think it's reasonable for these times. Well, yesterday was the first day of the month. My landlord ho is your landlord. Oh, dear, I I will have to tell you his name. One I Yes, Mr Marker, The Herman J hipster marker. And what time yet today? Did you give him the money? Well, I've been to a cocktail party and it was a frightful bore and I left it about six. And I passed Mr Tense Tomatoes office on the way home. Not knowing what you're saying. Is that about six o'clock last evening? You live, Mr Pence Mark 5 $20 bills that were found on the body of the murder victim. Yeah, that's what I am saying. I feel way. Yes. Are you sure? Well, I would say I have toe time to come in, please. Always a police coming. Thank you, Miss Defense Tomorrow? Yeah. Got no, thank you. My name is Kramer. Detective Lieutenant Kramer on the side. Well, what can I do for you, Lieutenant? I assume I can do something. I realize you wouldn't be here. You see that deduction to my girl? Last night a man was murdered. Crime, crime, And it is getting out of hand. His name was Ben Bowl. Luther. Ben Bow. Did you know him? Uh, did I know him? There was a private investigator. Did you give him $100 last night in $20 bills? Well, why should I give him him $100? At about six o'clock last night, a tenant of yours, Mr Stanley Skinner, paid you $100 for the rent of his apartment. Oh, Mr Skinner, I know very well. And two hours later, Mr Luthor, Ben Bo was found shot to death. Then the $100 were in his pocket. 5 $20 bills, each marked with a double zero and reading. Identified by Mr Skinner as the money he gave to you. Now let's begin all over again. Did you know Mr Luthor? Ben Bow? Yes. Why did you give him $100? Is that important? Yes, but it's something. Something very personal. This is a murder case. I needed the services of a private detective. And that was his food. Yes. What for? I wanted him toe. Uh, yes. Uh, my wife is having an affair, and I hired Ben Bodo. Find out of the man is did he know? How long have you been working on a month. And he had no idea who the man could be. No. Let me ask you something. Who the man is could be important to me. Why is it important to you? Because if the man had something to lose, it might be a motive for him to murder Ben. Both the silence. Now we could say the same thing about your life. I like. Are you sure she was having an affair? Yes. In one month, Ben Bo was unable to produce any definite results. How do you know he wasn't leading you on? Hay said he traced it to an apartment building in 9 11. Cherokee. Certainly share a keen circle. That's where his body was found. Yes. My, uh, wife would go there 23 times a week. That's what Ben Bo told me would follow her there. And on most nights. Where does your wife tell you she's then? Well, when the opera show a moving. You see, I e. I have to work late. Most nights. I see. Well, what? What do you think? You see, It's no picnic being a landlord these days. We're trying to tell me I neglected. I give it all the money she wants. So, Ben broken tell you is that she frequently visits 911 Cherokee Circle. Now he didn't find out. She says no. What are you trying to do? Are you going to talk to her? Yes. Does this mean that you should find out I had a detective shadowing her? I'm afraid it does, But she divorced me well. And that's why you hired a private detective to follow us. You get the evidence to divorce her? That's different, huh? Why did he have to hire a detective? You could've asked me. I told him when you admit you were having an affair man's name, what did he marry for money? Just to sit around the house all day and half the night. Just waiting for His Majesty to decide to come home. Mrs. Friends. Marker that may. That's a mouthful tour once you just call me surrender. What is he saying? He's busy. Swamp work. I must ask you to tell me the man's name. The guy has a good job. Wife. Kids. Just a good time for the both of us is name. Please tell your name. What? My poo. He didn't kill that private. I didn't. Even both of innocent bystanders sense the micro. I'll have to insist. Yeah, right now you will. He works for a bank. He's a trust officers. So this comes out. He did level with me coming repacked the come road with it Turns out that neither of you were involved in the murder of? Probably not. Yeah, that sure. Real definite ironclad guarantees. I'm sorry. That's like the movie. I, uh I don't know what I continue what we know so far. As if Mr Luther Ben Bo, a private detective, was killed in the line of duty. That is, he was murdered while shadowing surrender fence Reminder, Lieutenant. Terribly both men of the world, I trust you realize that if my relations with Mrs Spence Democra became known my position here, the bank would that would become untenable. And when I'm afraid that's all beside the point. I am a homicide detective investigating a murder. You know, you're being watched. Did I know we were being watched? Yes and no. Is the answer at all that the answer is no. Did you know Mr Luthor? Ben, Bo? Um, once again, the answer is yes or no, while the answer is no. But what you're saying is a You didn't know Mr Ben Bow and be you were unaware of the fact that you were being shadowed? Yes. That is exactly what I'm saying now. Is there anything else I have to do now? Not at this time will it be kept out of the news media this time. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Available in case you needed. Yeah. Needed for once. I don't know. So far, the case is still wide open. It is obvious, therefore, that Ben both was leading his client on. It would be simple to attain the identity of the man his wife was meeting at 911 Cherokee circles objects to make the job last long. Oh, yes. Lieutenant Creamer. They said to you about it. About what? The murder. That private eye. My name is months, Dolly Months. Um, Mrs Lewis Munson. Although one divorce. Uh, yes, Mrs. But I heard on the radio in the papers. Anyone has any information concerning the murder of loser Ben Boat to call on. You have information. I know you decide supposed Newtown. I work a 9 11 charity on a companion to an elderly gentleman companion. I read to him a lot. Really? Uh, birth is nice. Couple of nice looking. I mean, I don't need them on the elevator lately. They get off the eighth floor, we don't know each other, but what we not You don't say hello. You know now this is last minute. I'm waiting in front of the 9 11 for the bus. You know the express bus? Yes, yes, yes, I know it very well. Don't come out when they head for their car, which is parked right at the curb. But they start now for the first time. Grand. Oh, there's a man standing. A little rain down the street. Now, now, this gentleman, he leaves the lady, then walks over to this man and he starts to talk to him. Could you hear what was said? Oh, could I could hear it all over the neighborhood. This gentleman You did a man. Are you spying on me? And the man answered something like, I don't know what you're talking about. Well, there was more of that kind of stuff, and the gentleman threatened to do something to him. Pardon me? The lady called up. Please don't start anything. And then the gentleman and the lady got into his car. Well, then this morning I saw the dead man's picture in the paper. So I thought at the lady and the gentleman you don't know their names. No. No, I'm not even sure they live in that building. They could just be visiting. But I remember the cars. It's a real nice looking for in sports kind of car. And the license. I notice the license because it's so short and simple. You l 50 eight you l 58. Just I wanna run life. Miss Number. Get me the motor vehicle. Computers? Yeah, I want you out. 58 Yes, Rama co their child. Uh, you can't beat modern science. You'd be surprised How many lie detectives there are in this world way here. Mr. Fairchild say he didn't know Mr Ben Bow and that he was unaware that he was being shadowed. Well, we shall have to confront him with all this murder. That's what Lieutenant Kramer has to contend with. Of course, murder moves in a bewildering maze of directions but refuses to confine itself. Tonique insights package, for example. We're already involved with adultery, conspiracy, false would murder certainly does not keep wholesome company. That's bad. You still insist you're completely unaware of Mr Bender? Lieutenant, I swear. Mr. Phan. Child, I warned you. This is a very serious situation. It's murder. I don't want to take you in and book you. I won't run away. I know that you can't afford to, so I'm not gonna take you downtown. Yes. Ah, You and Mr Fairchild left the building last night and there was no encounter with anyone. Try. We just got into the car. That usually just drove off as usual thing. This woman who says she saw Fairchild and then go get into an argument. Why would she lie? Look, so many people being desperate don't live. This is a chance for her to do something out of the ordinary for Why Pick on you. Look when they're in the elevator, she's seen us. Can you give us that? Up and down? Look what I mean. You too. You're not putting anything over on me now. She notices that been bow hanging around. She figured maybe he's depicted. You know how most people love to write mystery stories in their own head. So he made it coming together. I was with Mr Franchise 15 minutes ago. Did he call you and tell you what to tell me? Oh, you told me you were not in love with Mr Fairchild. That's those are sure. Well, and if you're not in love with them, why do you want to risk being an accessory to murder? Wait two thirds of the way there. Now, far as Mr Fair Trial is concerned, we have motive. We have the fact that he was heard to threaten Ben Boat. It's hard word that Come on, Mrs Spencer Marca. That woman is telling the truth and you know it. I know it in their child. Knows you're in deep enough. You're having an affair with him. You were with him. You also had a great deal to lose your connected with the case. Okay, So, Ron, nothing points to you as an involvement, but it's messy rather than illegal. They can find him guilty and you can still walk away. But don't try perjury or even conspiracy, because then you're asking for the same first degree murder indictment that he's liable for. I don't see how I can commit perjury if I'm placed on the stand that witness stand, I just I have to tell the truth. And what is the truth? Hey, did notice the fellow and not just for the first time last night either. Because I spoke about it and we didn't know what Last night. I guess he felt. Sure. Hey, did Britain with Matt? That's the truth. Yeah, I'm sorry for him, but that's going goes, Yeah. Go way, way, people. Mr. Robert Key has been charged with the murder of that Ben. Both fellow. Another prominent person. Mr Fairchild, Trust office. Have a union United Federal that you can't trust anyone It all the way. John Fair. Mr Fairchild, To pay the price for this. Jonathan, as you yourself have said, life is unfair. Yes, but mother, especially since he didn't do it. Well, are you suggesting we get him all now? However, his careers of shambles. Anyhow, the fact of adultery has disgraced him permanently. So we're we might just is way to make sure if convicted of the murder how? No. And I don't trust lawyers. State should have a really island. Glad case against him. Let me put a Ben Boo situation, Doris. My God. There. That will want to knew who was used for this Julie years. A very competent man, Terry. Furious that the gun he used could be found somewhere among Mr Fair Trials Possession. I won't confess because I didn't do it. You said you didn't know you weren't aware of Mr Ben Bow. That was a lie. You did have a motive, but that doesn't prove home. In your den, In the lower left bottom drawer of your desk, we found a 38 caliber Haskins Penner's revolving What? 38 caliber revolver that has been established as the weapon that killed Mr Ben Bo. But I don't own a gun. Get was found, as I said in your desk drawer. Oh, sure. Because it was planted there. Mr. Fairchild, if you confess. If I confess now, not a cop. But it's only my job. I'm human. Just you are. You have a hard time proving I can understand what you did. What did I do? You're fair. She's, uh, being a great looking woman. Then I can understand it. This Ben Bo, Believe me. Fairchild. He's a small time hustler. He should have been in jail. He was working offense to Michael for a good thing. You saw his face, and you knew he had you in good blackmail you for the rest of your life. Now that's true. Is that I didn't But you knew he had yet. Okay, I like your fair time because there but for the grace of Well, it looks after guys like me. Well, you have to pay for Ben Bo. But I didn't have anything. You did. You had the motive. We have the gun. How do you account for the gun? I didn't kill him. Someone else did that. Someone else planted that gun to make sure that I would be convicted. I would not advise you or your lawyer to try that defense. Truth? No. My men were drowned. Goodbye. I'm often now. I mean, a case. Our job is to gather the evidence, make the arrest From here on, it's in the hands of the prosecutor. But I am in no son. Yeah, okay. Good luck. Any kind of different. You know, many people have a joint today looking for somebody freelancing for a little information. I don't ask me what That you know nothing generally as such. A cheery smile. I don't think that lost cop come on tonight. That a way to talk to an officer of the law? No. E guess I still got the blues. I'm sorry. I don't know. Admit him all that much time, you know? Oh, yeah, that's right. You used to run around with Luther. Ben. Bo? Yeah, It wasn't very much, but it was all I had. I'm sorry. Maybe I'm getting older. We're all getting older. Honey, my honey hair time gray. Funny. What's funny? I say this guy was on trial, is gonna get convicted. Oh, yeah. Yeah. There's no doubt about it. Oh, were the one who brought him in. Hunching thing. Practically solved itself. A modest cop. The age of miracles were what figures? The guy's tied up with a bank. They know what Lucas told me just before he was killed. He said, Honey, um, under the biggest thing in my life, Yeah. Millions in its meat. Well, he could stick old manifesto mark over a couple of 100 maybe even 1000. But that's all that traffic was going. A bear. That's what I told him that You know what he said? Since the market was small change. We've gone to something else. What out? I don't know. I had to do with the government, the government. What else? I don't know What else? Every time I try to get more out of him. He just believed that you say Well, no. When the time comes, that's always said Yeah, and you can't tell me anything else. Look, if I know anything else that you know more than you think, only you're not aware of it now. But he mentioned some names. What kind of name? This thing. He's setting it on. Did he say where it wa Oh, yeah, it was because he was staking out 9 11 charity circles 9 11. But you see, that's where this guy child had rented an apartment to take the sense to market game. And while he was on the lookout there, he kind of latched on to the other thing. One other thing I don't know. She's short tight now. I made the contact, and he knows he's got a pay off. Are you sure he wasn't talking about fish? You know Fairchild? Small potatoes. This guy, he was big. And the government? Yes. He said he I made the appointment and talk to the guy on a point that you say we had an appointment. He said he had an appointment. What? Would he have written it down somewhere? I don't know. Maybe in his book, Yeah. Kept a book for appointment. That book. Where is it? The apartment with the rest of the things. I just don't feel like getting rid of him yet. Career. Get a look at that book. Ah, when did he tell you? Have disappointment. A public debate before to that. Make it to the 31st Tuesday, that 31st appointment with Corlett 9. 11 Charity Circle at 8 p.m. Those corn. It's I don't know who is he Doesn't know and she doesn't know. But way met Mr Corliss during the unfolding of our second act. He was a gentleman who wanted to make sure the murder weapon would be discovered. Continued Lee and Mr Fairchild Desk. Well, you know we'll meet him again in the three way trial of Rothe for the murder of Luther Ben Bo proceeds apace and towards what seems to be an inevitable. However, the detective was arrested. Mr. Ben Bull has suddenly inadvertently discovered that the investigation might have been a bit to history. Allow that. Hello? That you remember me, Mrs Munson? Oh, you the police Lieutenant. I thought someone was trying to pick me up that somebody fresh know someone stupid. He's one of the whole game. Like me. Come on. Can I give you less? What have you got? Married. Although this is official business. I was afraid of that. Well, yeah. Might as well drive towards your place. Someone asked me. You seem to know everybody in the building. And I understand. Mr. Corless. Corless. Many things in offices, Department of the 15 Floors, TV. He has a mistress, Mistress. Well, he's been introduced its secretary, but she was there too. Besides, she has the longest prettiest fingernails I ever saw. So I don't think typing is a major talent. It was. You have to know what business Mr Corliss is in, but I know I have been trying to figure it out then. Mr Coaches on expediters and expedited. Now what does that mean? I mean the expedite things. What kind of things? Home, I think. A of rangers for favorite. What kind of favor? You need a favor? The way I understand it, Mr Corners. Find out who will be willing to do it for you. For a price. Of course. I see. Why do you ask me all these questions? Well, I'm not sure just yet. It has got to do with police business? Of course. No. Let me know if I could be a further health in. Really absolutely nothing else. My dear police detectives want to see you. I wouldn't know why I asked him, and he said it was a police matter. Were I should have received. Won't. Right. Have him come in. Won't you come in there? Mr. Corliss, this is Lieutenant Kramer of the City Police Department. How do you do? Please be seated. I guess what you said I could do for you. Well, some time ago. Almost a month now, Mr Luther. Ben Bo was shot today. Did you know Mr Ben Bone? Why do you up? Did you have an appointment to see Mr Ben Bow at eight oclock on the night of the 31st? So my calendar, please, Love, Did I have such an appointment? No. No appointment with a Mr Ben Bo who should not be surprising since I don't know or didn't know is it turns out, Mr Ben Boom. But then you deny having this appointment. Do am I being accused? Well, according to Mr Ben Barnes appointment book, he had a date to see it Are you sure? Prize it It the notation reads Corliss 9 11 Cherokee circles at 8 p.m. That's my name and address. But I didn't know the gentleman that he was never here. Mr. Corliss, I am trying to retrace Mr Ben Bows. Trey, I understand that now. Is it possible that he might have been here under a different name? Did you have any other appointment scheduled for 8 p.m. I don't remember. You have no idea why your name should have been in Mr Ben Bows notebook? None at all. Yeah. I'm sorry. I just said Oh, it's quite all right. I'm sorry. It was unable to be Goodbye, sir. And miss No, that's all right. I can let myself out. Is it going? No. Do you make of that? They'll I'm sure you know what to make of it, Jonathan? A key statement spoken by our detective. I'm trying to retrace Mr Bamboos trail tea for two reasons. You tell me what they are. Absolutely not. Why should anyone want to retrace Mr Ben Both trail. Mr. Fairchild is being tried for his murder and is well on his way toward convicted of Second the detective didn't say We are trying to retrace trail. He said, I am trying. What does that suggest? Run again, my dear. You'll have to tell me. Lieutenant Kramer is operating in a lone wolf and very likely on official. Why occasionally get a policeman who was dissatisfied with the way the department had of the case, and he has to be done about it. Hello? Yes, just a minute. It's for you. Do you think you got a curious whatever lying that we're here now? Ah, when I stand by, I don't have something value later. Very interesting. Julia says, you know, has been watching the house where last evening he saw a man whom he recognizes a police detective well over to the curb and start to talk with a woman who works in the building Mrs Months Mountain. At any rate, Julia saw her get into the detective's car and drive off. No, you have something to think about. The detective talks to a woman in this building, and the next day comes here to talk to me about the Ben Bo murder, which should be a father's. Went concerned that data. I got it. She told him, Ben, but was here. How would she know? She might have seen. And we're in trouble. Everything can handle. Tourists can always handle it. The last result. Why not a count of murder people? The way you swap lineup. Both of them. The cop and the No. In fact, before I could grow and develop for yourself that the cough is really the boss. Doesn't know what he's up to that game. Certainly tempting. Except we can't be sure. You know how much money is involved here? I was the one who determined the amount almost every way. Nothing must go wrong. Now. You buy, Buy her home. You'd over to get rid of a later. But what about the cop? So, uh, he doesn't know what it's all about anyway. He's just a cop. They bother. Is weakened by him. All lords, they say. Oh, Mrs Munson, Sorry to disturb you. Are there was a man. Yes, I noticed him hanging around 9 11 all the time this morning that I left to go to work at 9. 11 I caught a glimpse of him hanging around my apartment house a parked car when I left for the bus stop quality. And he parked across the street is I waited for the best. Then when I got on the bus, followed the bus. Well, I got a little bit. I waited for a red light on the bus ride. The Sentinel's closet. You know, Saturday is there, and I ran out the bus around the corner. That's a one way street in our acting right here. Why am I being followed? What could be your imagination? Oh, no. I saw the man distinctly describing it. Ron, A Poconos. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Shut. Cramer. I look at some pictures. Yeah, right now. Yeah, I was afraid of that. This man is Junior Nightingale. And don't let the name fool you. He's a killer. Why use me behind bars as we could never prove it. Well, now I know that Ben bows on a routine divorce evidence case when suddenly he stumbled into something big, tried to get a piece for himself, and he was killed. For Mr Fairchild is doing is only a theory. But how can we turn it into a back? Ah, what a pleasant surprise. I understand Lindeberg well during the day. Anyhow, I'm so happy you pay this a social call when you come to the point. How much does it work for? What? Me to keep my mouth shut. Should I pay you anything to get their mouth? It was a very good friend of Mr Ben. Bozo said to me. He was here the night before he died and you denied it. I saw him come up, so he told me everything. What? Bad on you. Really? Suppose you tell that to me? You know what we have to do, Robert, Don't say another word. That's what you hear the polish into seeing something that police probably have a wired of a word in this room is being Oh, so you see, Mrs Montreux, I'm afraid your little stressed here. Here's the time. We better Makharadze up. Shut up! I know what it's gonna burn. I don't want knocked off bimbo. You can stand and they set up a curious Don't get your friends you got course have this same, huh? Oh, he's waiting for you. I couldn't come up here. I'm not the pair of you are. How am I? Don't He's been set up by the police. Got to have a hidden microphone and record wrong ourself Don't shut up. That's right. Furious that we got men all around the building. How? Listen. The rule fit into all talk privately in jail is exactly $4 million in love here. No, this will be enough for Why don't you just tell that to the judge? But there would be international ramification. Tell that to the Jack. Be jeopardized the security of our country. I think our country is more secure. You behind bars? Ah, as you can surmise, Mr Corliss, with an international sixer corrupted government officials both here and abroad would have been free to this day. Had not a rather seedy private investigator blundered into. That's how it goes so often. It's the little things for want of a nail. The kingdom was lost for one of them. No. Well, there will be no wanted me. I shall return shortly. It is a magic moment. You're at your Buick dealers about the drive home, your brand new Buick saver scene and Crim Classic line. It looks quite unlike any full sized Buick. You can remember. You get in ahead of new car. Smell surrounds. You know of a way. It looks like a real a little no wasted motion in this car. Brushed metallic gauges. Look back at your bedroom. Six is doing great Europe. Your hand on the six people could be really comfortable in here. You're sitting in your driveway, your wife, kids, the dog, everything with the perky descend with the car and get it all to go nowhere in particular life. And you knew this favor are great. Wait. I suppose the real thing we're talking about is seven different. You know, you start to go somewhere and you get distracted on wind up somewhere else. Like Columbus. He started out to find a passage to India and thereby discovered America Serendipity, a hand to mouth investigators that inside work for from and suddenly E cast included Robert Dryden, Bill Griffith, Earl Hammond, Breiner Rayburn on Drone Free Way with entire production was under the direction of Diamond Ground On now, a preview of our next tail. I am here tonight. Everybody's up to warn you that you have yet hope of escaping my thing. You were always a good friend. Thank you. You will be all by that is the hope you mentioned. I think I'd rather not have. You have? No. But in the past, I quit. Expect the first tomorrow when the barrel does what? But couldn't I take them all at once and have it over its second on the next night at the same time? When the last 12 to vibrate on your man group Radio Mystery Theater was sponsored in part by on horses, Bush incorporated brewers of Budweiser, Mrs E. G. Marshall, inviting you to return to our mystery theater for another adventure in the McCobb until next way.