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The Best Episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater Listen now to some of CBS Radio Mystery Theater's most memorable and intriguing episodes curated specifically for the lover of all things mystery. These timeless tales of murder, horror, and crime were first broadcasted in the 1970s as part of a radio drama series that captured audiences of all ages. We hope you can agree that these episodes are the ones that keep you listening, and make you remember sitting on the floor of your living room as a kid waiting for your favorite radio show to come on. Vurbl The Best of Old Time Radio
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Listen now to CBS Radio Mystery Theater's "Strange New Tomorrow" episode narrated by E.G. Marshall and first broadcasted in 1979. The story takes place in the distant future, a time when mankind has become victim to nuclear fallout. A scientist and his young wife are ordered by higher authority to secretly build a humanoid robot that would be able to survive the radiation. What does this mean for the future of mankind?
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Mystery Theater, the Mutual Radio Theater and our Next News Tonight at 12 Midnight, the CBS Radio Mystery Theater presents Comey. Welcome and I Need You, Marshall. Have you ever played the game of wondering where and when? If you had the choice, you would have picked you Spend your life. Most of us probably might settle for today and where we are, the more romantic among us might opt for some favorite era. We've you through rose colored glasses, Greek or Roman Empire. The Renaissance, Shakespeare's England. But the adventurers would turn their eyes to the future, the unimagined and the unimaginable. What might some distant tomorrow be like you mean wipe out any inhabitants that air their General Baden? Exactly. Dr. Tremaine, with the robots I build for you? Suppose I refuse. That's the lovely wife you have, Doctor. A little young for you, but then so exquisitely desirable all the more it would be a pity for anything to happen. Toe our mystery drama Strange New Tomorrow was written especially for the Mystery Theater by Ian Martin and stars John Deal and Terry Keane. It is sponsored in part by sun kissed growers incorporated. I'll be back shortly with Act one. We're about to bring you a time that none of us will ever know or our Children or our Children's Children or generations of them to come. This is a time long after the 2nd 100 years war when the world went mad and burned the green and fruitful earth. The Baron senators, when the population was reduced by two thirds, leaving the survivors toe a virtual handful. This is a time of an absolute autocracy. A state in which every individual is born by selective breeding and condemned by the state to function Onley in the area prescribed for him or her. This could be what the future will be like. Wrath. Yes. It's time for your medicine. You don't have to act like a wife when we're alone. It wait. I want you to take it. You need it. I may need it, but it won't help in a minute. What are you looking at? Return of the conquering hero, Leader of our regiments. Defender of the Faith General Mark Pardon Homeward. The heroes from the Hunt Pirates Free boot is all living, Not one grain of moral sense. I love the compassion of warm heart among them. Have they been on A Nothing. Let me close with this. I don't even want the wind from their exhaust to touch me. You were saying, my dear, I was just asking if they've been on another galactic rate more and more frequently. Barden and that evil young man whose elevated himself to Emperor are getting desperate as well. They should. Emperor condors sitting on unease e thrown. You think he might be overthrown a lot from within as long as he has his robot army to protect him. And as long as fresh blood is brought in to keep them from extinction, the people was still cling to hope. Although there isn't any hope for what? Oh, it's a long story, my child. A long history. And I don't feel like telling you tonight. Of course you mustn't. You look tired. And Ralph, you look so ill. I'm suffering from a chronic complaint. Old age. Dr. Raft remain professor of cybernetics emeritus. But you are not retired. Not quite yet. There are things I have to finish. You hear that? What? Graph the silence. The ship has landed. Now they'll feed the poor souls. Whoever they are to the lions, Your Majesty. Greetings, General Barton. Your returned. I see bringing with me another glorious victory to lay it, Your Majesty. Oh, spare me all that nonsense. Oh, you're successful in your task. You can see for yourself if you'll allow me to tune in the viewing screen. Very well. You were gone. An unconscionable time. These missions get more and more difficult. Why? Let me show you the fruits of this one. First, it's coming into focus. Now there's the latest catch. Uh, and where are they from? Groove us A planet in the ninth Galaxy. You had to go so far a field. As I said, it becomes more difficult all the time. Galaxy after galaxy is patrolled by police craft. Seeking this out, only the black light and blow Pa's kept our identity secret, Islam. Even then, I must slip through time warp after time work to avoid discovery and recognition. What will they expect? We must break them to keep our race alive, to maintain enough population to keep the whole fabric of existence viable. You know my answer to that Majesty. No, General, No. I don't want to listen to that. now perhaps the bodies milling about down in the square there will be the answer at last has tell me more about the planet Rufus. It's a large planet about the size of Jupiter. In our solar system. Its distance in relation to size is approximately the same as our planet from our sun. The climate and the animal life is also analogous. They look healthy enough and similar enough intelligence, Their average I Q. Is a good deal higher than our law on their scientific capabilities. Considerably more advanced. We were lucky to make our raid and escaped unnoticed. We were almost intercepted. Their communications must be magnificent. We were in a very remote part of what is a very large planet. And yet they were almost honest as we took off where you recognized. I hope. Now, unless they have instruments to pierce the black light cooking. But I think we got away accident. Excellent. And I won't scold you for the handful that you've brought me. They seem to be first rate specimens. Next time I am for a condom. Yes, General Baden. There will be no next time walk, no more rate. They're too dangerous. But You know, we must have a constant supply of people of healthy bodies so we can weed out the poison that eats at most of us and destroy them. We will never weed it out, but it can be bred out once we find the right straight after a condo. Listen to me. Do you think the radiation is carried inside us bread in our genes? I don't believe it is. I think every generation re infects itself from the earth of this planet. The seas that wash it, the space around it. No, no, no, no. That can be General Vardan. Its countless generations since the whole A car. And it will be countless eternities before this planet is safe again for anything but robots. So mentioned those abominations to me. Why do you hate them? So they are the perfect slave. Without them, you would have no army, No palace guards and internal police toe hold the common people in check. Check from what? From ripping you and me. And the rest of the minutes is apart. No, there is only one hope. We must abandon Earth and resettle elsewhere. Don't you think that hasn't been thought of he and in aeons ago. But we're welcome Nowhere. The pariahs of the universe. We do not ask. We will take with what? I can't find enough healthy bodies to run basic services, let alone conscripting army. We do not need an army except my act of those obscene robots again. There aren't enough that they can be built. If you will allow me to reopen the planet. Oh, What are you afraid of? That somehow they'll take over. I don't know. Yes, I don't worry. They're nothing but a series of relays. Transistors, printed circuits. They are programmed by men. I still don't trust him. Give me Leave Your Majesty to go to Dr Tremaine and have him start on blueprints for a new and improved model robot built on Lee for war. Oh, no, not yet. Not yet. Give me time to stink. Let me find among these slaves. You brought back one woman who who may give me an untainted child? Yes, Quickly. I must have seen. Close the door. Who are you? I am General Mark Bartman. Close it. Forgive me, general, were you? I am gonna You are a very beautiful woman and I where did you come from, huh? General Lord, what do we owe the honor of your visit to me? So you've met my wife. Your wife? Oh, yes, of course. For gotten the wedding took place while you were on your cruise. My mission, Dr Tremaine High is mission. Did you have success? I flatter myself. I did. I have urgent business with your doctor. Shall we go to my study? For what I wish to talk with you about your laboratory would be more appropriate. I No, my way. What is the last place I wanted him to be? With a little luck, we may be all right Way, Dr Tremaine. Very well on all. Turn off all this apparatus. No, I prefer to take no chance of what I have to say. Might be overheard. Well, at least let me lower the volume. What are you brewing here, Doctor? What are these machines? Computers, oscillators, Elektronik, microscopes, calculators. All the impedimenta of anyone who studies cybernetics. The scientist studies only to learn how little he really knows. But you know how to build robots. Yes, but we're not building any more. I want you to be ready. I want you to stop building me. A prototype designed only for war. Does the Emperor know of this? It is better. The Emperor doesn't know what everything. I'd have to have his permission first. Before I embarked on this, I wouldn't want to risk offending him. You will be far worse off offending me. Doctor. General, I am an old man. I haven't long to live. So threats of little use against me. I wouldn't be quite so sure. My dear Dr Tremaine, I'm going to take over another planet in some other galaxy. A clean planet untouched by deadly radiation like ours. Takeover? You mean wipe out any inhabitants that are there? Exactly? With robots I build for you. That's it. You are going to build me the army to find it. And if I refuse, that is a lovely wife. You have Dr Domain? No. A little young for you. It would be a pity for anything to happen to her. You wouldn't dare. Do not try me. One whisper to the emperor of my plans. Any attempt from you toe into them. Any refusal to do my will to the best of your ability. And I will have your wife destroyed and buried in a for gotten grave. Well, Dr Tremaine, we partners the general's eyes or chips of grants. And Dr Tremaine knows this man only too well to doubt that he means every word. He says Mark Barden. Maybe human. But he is as Solis has any Reuben. What choice can your manly I shall return shortly with that too way Perched on the edge of a table in Dr Remains Laboratory As he awaits the old man's answer, General Mark Barden lets his Hawkeyes Rome idly about the room. Is he ordered clutter of a busy scientist who is half chemists have electron ICS wizard. His eye has just fallen on a large black box, almost like a coven. When the old man speaks your right to nobody, I have no choice. I was sure you would see it my way, Doctor. Such a ravishingly beautiful woman. Where did you find her? You? She was one of the group you brought back from Cygnus three on your last mission. I overlooked her a long journey home. I'm afraid you did. And I asked the Emperor for her hand the moment I found her. The Emperor gave her to you. I'm unmarried. Widow were I had the right to ask to demand. I'm surprised he exceeded the way he feels about your robots. Don't be too surprised. No matter what he says on Lee Aiken, build them and program them. Now that all the others are gone, he needs his palace guard to shield him from you. So he needs me. Nobody else is clever enough to build or service them. That will be taken care of very soon. In the meantime, don't push me too far. My dear doctor, I have no intention of subjecting you to any pressure. Now that we are agreed, I ask only the reassurance that being able to drop in from time to time to get progress reports. When I have some working drawings ready, I will send for you. But carefully. Still, I have sold His Majesty on the necessity of my plan. I haven't assistant in the lab. A young man named Mac. No one knows him. Of course I'll send him. Mac. What? Mac? That's what you need to know. I leave standing orders for him to be admitted. No, I must leave you. Oh, by the way. Yes, General. You say you never stopped studying? Just what have you been working on while I've been gone? I don't think it would interest you very much. On the contrary, you're quite sure you haven't been developing some sort of special robot for His Majesty? That just might upset the balance of power. What would make you think that This curious bucks big enough to hold someone my size that looks like a coffin we live. It's truly what's inside this curious bucks. That box is lined with lead inside it, or a group of highly radioactive rocks which I use in certain biological experiments that have been conducting to try to neutralize their effects on the body. Then I shall give it a wide berth. I wouldn't want to try. Their effect on mine is I can't believe you. Well, uh, I'll give you the key, and you may open it, but only after I'm out of this room and out of his house. Well, come in. I'm sorry to disturb you, Ralph, but it's time for your medicine, General. That's quite all right, Mr Tremain. I was just about to leave. Yes, The Emperor made you an extraordinary present is ravishingly lovely. Keeper. That way, Doctor at all costs. Don't worry, I could see myself out. Really going. What a dreadful, frightening man he's all of that and more. I just had my medicine. I don't need any more. It was an excuse to come in. I knew you needed me. Oh, I don't know, except I always do. It's like a a wave, a shudder, the post of some electrical arm. What did that awful man mean about the emperor giving me to you? I don't want you to worry your pretty, but I do worry. What do you think? It's like not knowing anything about yourself, for your family, where you came from or who your friends might have been just waking up suddenly at the age of 25. And I'm just being you. You just have no memories. But why? That's a sort of amnesia. Did I fall? Hit my head? No, you Look, I'll tell you what I just told the general. You know, this shipload of unfortunate people. He just brought back that he captured his slaves. What he has condemned them to his tantamount to slavery and worse. But Why? Why did he steal people away from their home to go? Sooner or later, everyone on this planet dies of a former sickness caused by nuclear radiation. The Emperor believes it is transmitted through the jeans on by selective breeding toe healthy stock. It could eventually be neutralized. Can it know? Even if it were possible, this whole globe is one mass of radio activity that would re infect everyone again. Has it infected me? No. And it never will. I promise you that. But the others all those poor women I saw on the viewing screen, they'll be sold to any male who has not yet given any signs of having the sickness but a terrible, cruel man to try to drag the rest of the universe down because of our misfortune on it's also futile. The Emperor won't believe, but the cancer is already growing within him. If he had laid eyes on you, he undoubtedly would have chosen you was one of his concerts. How did I escape? Oh, is that what you told the general? That you took me instead? That's what I told him. But I I have been no rial wife to you. my dear, sweet girl. The marriage was only so I could hide you away and keep you safe. I think of you as a daughter. I had only one way and she died a long time ago. Oh, Of the sickness. Yes. And you know something? You were created in her image. You look exactly like her. Oh, I do love you. And I feel so close to you. And I want you to know how strong, my love. That's all I want to hear. Give me all of it you want. But as a daughter, the child I never had because you were afraid. Because if I couldn't give life I refused to bring anything into this world. You will be meeting someone soon. He'll be working with me and it will be impossible to conceal his present from you. Is someone very special And I want you to to understand the body. Is it a coffin? No, It was more like a cradle, I'm afraid. Suddenly there's nothing to be afraid of. You see, it's a young man and he's beautiful. I hope not. Handsome is a better word. Perhaps. But he is he dead? This young man can't die in the ordinary sense. He is, in a way immortal. I don't understand you. This young man isn't a human being, okay? He's a humanoid. Humanoids is a similac room. Something that's formed in the likeness of a human being. Oh, you mean like a mannequin over a dummy? Very far from that. I mean, he is identical in almost every respect with a human, And he will perform Acts simulate almost every human control function. Only in Mac's case, the motive forces are mechanical and electronic, Mac. That's what I call him. It was sort of an acronym for what he is. Um MEChA no electric activated computer. You build him, made him it. Created him? Yes. Oh, how horrible. I was hoping that you wouldn't react like that. It's the last way I wanted you to feel. But he's nothing but a machine a lot more than that. How can he be? It be? It's just a super robot. A thing. I don't think you'll feel that way about it when you meet him. I don't want to meet him. What are you afraid of, Lorna? I don't know it. When I first saw him, I thought how beautiful he is. And my heart went out to it too, to be dead so young. And then you said you said that he wasn't that he was immortal. And the strangest feeling just washed all over me and grew inside a warm and tingling and I couldn't understand it, but I wanted it to last forever. Now you tell me he's only a machine. It's I don't know, it's unclean. Somehow I want I want a cringe. Then you got to meet him to get rid of that feeling. All right, But only for you. Let me just set the instruments first. Just attach these electrodes. Step up the power watch, wake up back in time to get to work. Oh, Doctor, I get that I fall asleep again. Not exactly. Cheer up. You want anymore. Except when you decide to or Mac, I want you to meet my wife. Oh! Oh, it did. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs Tremayne. How do you do? Just great. I mean, you're really something to wake up to. How does it surprise you? I'm not surprised. I'm frightened of May. Why? I don't know. I just told what it. I'm afraid to be near you. I don't want to be near you. Did I do something wrong, Doctor? No, I'm the one. I just hope there'll be time enough left to set it right. What does Dr Tremaine mean by that last statement? And why should Mrs remain have this strange fear of this all too human humanoid? Or is Mac mechanical electric computers something other than he? Or it seems you're in for some surprising revelations in this bizarre history of the far off future. When I return shortly with AC three, I think three weeks passed in the course of them, for whatever reasons of his own doctor, Tremain has tried to bring Luna and his protege Mac together as much as possible. But, you know, still reacts to Mac with that strange, inexplicable fear. And the humanoid, although he obviously holds her in admiring all seems happy to have as few encounters with her as possible. But a rush of events are moving to a startling climax. Climax that builds rapidly is Mac visits General Vardon at the palace bearing a message from Dr Tremaine. What does he mean? He wont design the robots. I order. I think he explained that on the message. General, you mean this nonsense about not being able to build machines of war? What if I remember what he said was? He can I can't. In all conscience, I think, was the phrase I don't like your attitude. I have no attitude, sir. I was only trying to set the record straight. I find you in supporting it. What's your name? Mac Mack. Who? Just Mac. That. So are you trying to make a fool of me on? No, sir. General bark, Turn up your viewing screen so I know you're there. Yes, Your Majesty. That's better. I want to see you in my office immediately. What's wrong, Emperor? Wrong? Everything of pool. I've just received a message from President Iraq of the Republican rumors. Your ship was identified on that last rate, and now he's on his way to our Producto. Grows out of the sky. Does he say when? Know? Then would look. I still can intercept him. I'll be right in. Your Majesty. You Did you hear that? As I did, general. Then take this message back to Dr Tremaine. You tell him to get his blueprints ready for my factory to go into production. I need an army of robots and they only have to do one thing right. And you tell him also that he'd better conform or his wife will be the one to pay the price with. I'm sorry if I startled you. Don't. Don't come near me. Why do you just like me? So look, I've got to see Dr Tremaine first, but I wouldnt acting. I don't want him disturbed. What? It's important. I have a message from the general. It can wait. But you don't understand. You're the one in danger the general threatened. You don't have to worry about the general threats. My husband got a promise for protection from the Emperor before he told him about General Barden is planning to build the robots in secret. My husband and I have nothing to fear from him. He should be under arrest by now. Does that satisfy you? Oh, yes, I No. What else do you want? I'd like us to be friends. Where would I? But I don't think that's possible. But why don't you leave me alone? Just leave me alone. Mrs. Remain Boehner. It's all right. son Mac, I should say, Don't bother her now. Come in the laboratory. I need to talk to you. Explain some things. Ah, General, there will be no necessity to fight. What do you mean? I contacted President Sorak. Unmade. Shall we say an arrangement? Am I to be informed of it? Where I've offered to return to him All his people who were abducted and that satisfied him? Oh, I've also offered him you as the criminal responsible for the brutal pirate raid to do with as he liked. And you trust him? Without me, there's no one to fight him. And after he took off with Mia's prisoner, he still devastate this planet till there was not a living, breathing human being on it. Oh, he intends to do that. Of course they're all dying anyway. Hey, what about you? You'll die with him. Certainly not. He has promised me safe conduct to his country on the right to take my personal fortune with me. So you sold me out gladly. Just as you were planning to do to me as soon as you were ready with your new army of robots. Sezam Gods! I said she's you really are full, Your Majesty. Just because these metal bodies are painted with the royal purple on their breasts emblazoned with your coat of arms You think that makes them yours in my captain's? Oh, let me go! I am the emperor! Where the Emperor? Not anymore. You think you can take my throne from May? I don't want your phone or you. From now on, the whole universe will be mine. You won't get away with it when President Sorak lands and preys me. Here, follow you with this street of ship, He won't get know where to find me. There'll be no one to tell him where I went. The king is dead. Long live the general! The reason you felt no fear of Barden Mac, Because I didn't program you for fear. You mean Dr Domain that every reaction I have you built into me? Yes. I picked a human model for you and tried to shape you as close to that models I could with certain exceptions. Who is the monitor myself? Use it. We're very proud. But why would you want to go to all that trouble to duplicate yourself? Maybe because I had no other model I I knew so well. And maybe because I'm dying and every man reaches for immortality, that that's a part of it. But not all of it. Not the real reason. And I made such a bunch of it. I'm sorry if I don't measure up, sir, I'm no one to blame. I've I gotta ask you to help me, Doctor. I can't stand it any longer. We'll help you in any way that I can unmake me. So destroy me. Dismantle me. Because Because I love her and she can't stand the sight of me sheet. It moves me. And I don't want to go on being knowing that. Why, Doctor, Why did you hate me? So? She doesn't hate you, Mac. Quite the opposite. It's better if I don't believe that. Okay. It never was any hope for me because she's really and I'm only a copy. She's a human being, and I'm not much better in the robot. You are a humanoid. Something very special and unique. The first man of your kind in the history of time still gives me no rightto know why not. She is the same as you. When I said you were the first man of your kind. I didn't mean the first creation. The first was a woman. Oh, no. Buhner's is like me. Una is like herself. Or if you wish, like my wife. My real life. My first on on Lee one I put into una all the things I recalled about my wife sweetness, laughter, some two years kinds and the beauty inside that only makes the outer look more exquisitely lovely. And then I brought it to life. But I made one terrible mistake. What mistake? When she came to life, she was so full of the joy of it. The sheer delight in being I was awestruck. I didn't have the heart to tell her that, but But she was just a machine IHS. But you have to tell us sooner or later. I know, but I'm a coward. One part of me that I didn't build into you, Mac, I keep waiting for the right time. But what's that? Front door, sir, Are men who would ring like that Except it's General Barton. We mustn't let alone open the door. How nice of you to rethink. Come, my love, You're leaving with May Let her gold warden stop! Right way. Well, my mom Don't shoot him. Please talk back. It's all right. He can't hurt me. I hit you point blank with disintegrating Ray. Let go on a stay back. If you move one step closer, I promise you out. Turned the ray on her. Give bay the gun. If I can't have no one cell. No, I won't bother with the rest of you. Zurich is on the way here to blow you, Walter bits. I let him take care of you while I make my escape. You won't get away from me. Say what you want. No. What? What have you done? I can't move You get away with him. But he killed Guna. Don't be silly. Couldn't hurt her anymore. They could you? Your knockers are You know when he fired I was so afraid of. I blacked out for a moment. All right. You know there's no need to be afraid anymore. He's gone and I'm alive. He fired at me. Point blank. I felt the shock, but I'm alive. He also fired it, Mac. And it had no effect on him. But Mackie's Ah, humanoid. Then That means it. I'm a human eye to Yes, child. Forgive me. I haven't had the heart to tell you the truth. Heart. Oh, wrath! You couldn't have told me anything more wonderful because now, now there's nothing between us. I can give my heart to Mac the way I did when I first saw him. Why did you stop me and let him get away? I don't think he will listen. No records. According General Baden has opened fire. That means of Zoric will know he's been betrayed. If he defeats the general, then the Obamas holder Dust. I don't care as long as we to get in. You don't have to care. He can't harm either of you because of this planet finally taking. Come on, help me get into bed. What's happening? It's Zarek, sir. He destroyed general bottom and now he's wiping the rest of not you. And you know we don't care. Wait together. Course you care thing. Fortress. I built this side of the mountain, Understand? Except for a lucky hit. But the radiation after will not affect either of you. You'll still live. All else is dead, including me. Know my days were numbered anyway. I wanted Children always. You were the best I could offer against Beijing. You must fight to exist. Isn't that futile, Doctor? The two of us alone. One thing you couldn't give us the ability to reproduce off course I could stored in your memory banks, is all I have learned. What I learned is from the accumulated wisdom of man since he first started to reason deep in the mountains or stores of parts and transistors that all you need to build in the image of yourselves. You were Children, in turn, will build their images to become Children. I want to. But last the earth will be inherited again. Every new world that ever began spraying from despair. Those who refused to stop hoping Make this you're you're You were a row. I sure now his life here was over. What? I've stopped bombing the destructions over time to start building again. Ah, Is there a moral in this story? Ask yourself. The amoeba reproduces by separation a flower by cross colonization, sponges and spores in their own spontaneous fashion, Theo Animal Kingdom is not the only one and holds no royal prerogative. Who is to say that tomorrow. 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Treat yourself to television's hottest dramatic show, The Young and the Restless. Now a full hour every afternoon on CBS television, check your local listings for the right time. I'm too thin and time way with ultimate unique extra cushions. Heavenly comfort on top, Ultra firm support inside Perfect sleeper Pillow Soft firm If it feels good, it was the English poet laureate Alfred Tennison, who said, For I dipped into the future Faras human, I could see saw the vision of the world and all the wonder it could be. Perhaps we have dipped even deeper than Lord Denison to glimpse a reflection of the universe. Could it be that man himself is not the total answer. Our cast included John View, Terri Kean, Gordon Heath and Ian Martin. The entire production was under the direction of Hyman Brown, Mrs E. G. Marshall, inviting you to return to our mystery theater for another adventure in the McCobb. This is the voice of the Rocky Mountain West.