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In this sci-fi drama, a master computer is controlling a futuristic society's procreation processes and marriages. A young couple figures out a way to outsmart the system and end up falling in love despite the restrictions. Their rebellion against the machine does not come without consequences however. Listen now to CBS Radio Mystery Theater's "The God Machine".
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no mystery theater presents. Come in. Welcome. I'm e g Marshall. It was Mr Voltaire who said that if God did not exist, we should have to invent him. And through the ages, This is what mankind has been doing since the dim and distant beginnings of the human race. The gods had come and gone. And each civilization, every society, donates another deity to the ever expanding pantheon. Or are they all merely extensions of the same one? You have been summoned here for a computer readout. Yes, I know. The computer has decided that you are now divorced. Divorced. But I love my wife. That is irrelevant. And she loves me. That is a material. It is not in the best interests of the social order for you to remain married. But why? The computer is not required to explain. Wait, Mr Drama. God Machine was written especially for the Mystery Theater by Sam Dan and stars Lloyd Batista and Patricia Elliot. I'll be back shortly with that one way. Throughout history, there has always been the quest Quest For what? Well, quest for the secret. What secret? Once again, which particular secret do you wish to know? the secret of certainty. The secret of success, the secret of wealth, our immortality. Thousands of years ago, magicians would sacrifice a cow and claim to read the secret in a study of the controls. We call that superstition today when we wish to ascertain the secret way, send out people with clipboards who ask foolish questions. We call that research. That's the way it goes. Our story takes place at a time in the future. Please be seated. Thank you. You seem nervous. Well, uh, yes. I guess I am. Why? Well, why not? Not a time like this. What is there about a time like this? To create what appears to be a state of emotional imbalance? Oh, I'm balanced, perfectly balanced. Absolutely symmetrical just yet. Well, nobody exactly looks forward to computer readout time, do they? Why not? What's It's just you never can tell what the computer is decided. It's sort of like learning your fate. That's an archaic word. Oh, I'm sorry. An unfortunate word. I certainly didn't know where which is stated in seriousness would indicate a definite need for readjustment. Well, sometimes a word just pops out. The word fate belongs to the obsolete societies of the barbaric past. I agree completely this discredited, absolutely fallacious belief in so called fate. What was it? Well, whatever it Wasit was definitely wrong. It presumed the inevitability of a course of events predetermined by some agent or agency beyond human control. You see how insidious such a belief can be? Of course, we would thus be relieved of all responsibility for are actually yes, yes, we and we alone through a complete analysis of our own makeup control ourselves and our society in our best interest. That's the gospel truth. Gospel. That sounds like another archaic word. What does it mean? Well, I'm I'm not sure. You are obviously reading a great many of the archaic books. Well, it's legal, isn't it? Provided it does not make one's mind unseen, eh? Trick? In which case readjustment is indicated. Well, I don't take any of it seriously. That will be determined at your annual symmetry. Check up at this time as your district programmer. I have summoned you here to inform you of the results of your latest computer readout, Thomas. Why, 1305 for six. You have just been married. Married? I am married? Yes. It is estimated that in 30 years we shall require an increase in mathematicians. Genetic headquarters has therefore conducted an analysis of D N A and chromosome factors, among others. It has been determined that a marriage between you, Thomas Why 130-546 and M A k 998-7 to 7 shall produced offspring who will become master mathematicians. I I am married. Yes, the legal documentation is already stored. But I don't know the girl. Why do you raise such an irrelevant point? It's just the whole thing is such a surprise. Why Certainly you knew that one day your marriage would be programmed. It's just that I thought you thought What is there to think about? Your home has already been selected and furnished in accordance with the registered and adjusted tastes and preferences of both of you. You will report their at one. Where to North River North River. But that's so far away from what or from my job. You have a new job. For the next 10 years, you and your married companion show devote all your efforts and energy to producing your young look I'm very happy with what I'm doing now. The computer has determined that you should be even happier in your new mission. That is. Unless, of course, you are out of adjustment. No, no, I'm perfectly adjusted. Then let me be the first to congratulate you. Oh! Oh, it's you, Paul. You're not even ready. You have to be at the port within the hour. Call. What if What if I refuse to go? What if you refuse to Thomas? What if I refuse? We shouldn't be having this kind of conversation. If I can't talk about a thing like this to my brother toe, whom can I talk to? Nobody. You know what they did to me, don't you? And don't use that word which work They there is no they No, no. There's an US A. We, and each of our actions is governed and guided by the wisdom and the experience of all of us. They want me to get married. Is that they again? They ordered me to get my own for your own and for society's good. How do I know I love this girl? Love your problem is those archaic books that just keep talking and thinking like those ancient authors, and I can't see how in the world you can hope to avoid readjustment. You know what happens to you were there, don't you suppose I won't be able to love her? Love, Just listen to me. You've been married for five years. Do you love Dorothy? I like Door. Think it's not the same thing. That's just the point. What is Love? Love? Why Love is, well, it can't really be defined. It's an intense and overwhelming feeling. You could also be describing a fever, which is exactly what love is. A fever of unknown origin, a fever of unknown duration, a devastating fever that strikes at random without warning reason or rhyme. It's based on emotion, on passion. That's all right. But it isn't all right. It's not enough of a foundation for a lasting relationship between a man and a woman. It's too chancy for the genetic improvement of the human race. I want the right to choose my own mate, but you have chosen er, your chromosomes and genes have chosen her. Your nerve endings and impulses have chosen her. Your entire psychic anatomy has chosen her just as she has chosen. You know, you don't know what I mean. But I do. You would prefer to make this most vital decision on the basis of what? A momentary mood, a passing fancy, a transient emotion. However it works out. It's my own business, isn't it? No. It's our business societies business. You are part of the world. You will send Children into the world. In any event, Thomas, there's nothing you can do about it. Really, is there? No. Hello. I'm Emma. I I'm Thomas. Yes, I see you got here to the house first. Yes, but I didn't have far to go. I live. That is. I used to live in the valley. Your A k 998 I used to know some 998 over in Southfield. We Oh, that is I'm Dash 7 to 7. I have no relatives in this part of the country. Do you? Do you like the house? Yes. It's the whole right. Did you want to look around? I don't know. Later I guess so. Here we are. Yes. Here we are. You aren't at all what I pictured. What did your picture? Oh, some very serious looking person. Why? Well, what we're supposed to do? They're supposed to work. How? I hate to say that word, but how can I put it? We're supposed to breed mathematicians. Yeah. Yeah. You don't look very much like a mathematician to me, either. I don't know the first thing about mathematics. And how do they expect us to to have Children who do? Well, as I understand it, we don't have to know anything. But our genes do. I see. You know, it is the genes they sort of mix and match. And one thing in another. I suppose it all comes out the way it's supposed to. Probably I must say they did fix the place up very nicely. Yes. Well, here we are. Yes. Here we are. Uh, are there any entertainment in town that you know? I haven't seen any schedules, but we couldn't go anyhow. Why not? Because we we have a personal schedule. Oh, yes. It was delivered to me as soon as I got here. I read it and I have to sign it. You will have to sign it too. What does it say? Oh, you better read it. All right. The newly married couple, Thomas and Emma will spend all evenings at home until they've created evidence that the purpose of their marriage has been fulfilled. The officer who delivered this said that the need for petitions is becoming acute. Yeah, that's what they predict. Do you mind if we have some music? But you don't have to ask. It's your house too. I always liked to listen to music. So why I brought my tape When I look at this machine we have here Oh, see what it says? A wedding gift from the computer district. Who says the computer doesn't have a heart? I'll just kept it in. And now they pushed this button. Very nice. Beautiful. It's very well played. You really don't. I don't like E. I don't know. I I just get that feeling. If you go around saying you don't like it, you could get into trouble. I don't like it. You don't like I hate it. What do you say? I can't stand. What kind of music do you like? I really want to know You Let me stop this crash. I have a lot more on this tape. Here. Listen to this. You You like this. You go for this. Yeah, Me too. You're joking. Oh, I love it. Listen to what else? I've got one here. A wall? Your hands struck the elder. What else have you got? I got Stravinsky and George Gershwin and stuff. Then you must be You must be not. Get Yes, I am. So, um I know. Sure. Rudyard Kipling. Scott. Stale Mark Twain. Hula hoop, bubble gum and our cake. I never dreamed it could happen. I never dreamed it could happen to me. I can't believe it way we're not dreaming our way. No, it isn't a dream. That's really we're hearing way Fallen in love the way What? It's supposed to happen that way. At first I loathe. Computer is right. Computer divine. This love computer discovered it on the computer. Brought us together. Yes. And now I believe it. I believe everything they say about the computer so the computer can create an ABS. Absolutely off course it can. And seeming me is brought together two people of a similar temperament. So why shouldn't this marriage be a most happy success? Why? Well, for one very good reason, wear only just past the first act. Besides, how can you have a Garden of Eden without a serpent? I'll be back with that two shortly. I'm Susan and Mr Charles Darwin once said, And I quote, I believe that man in the distant future will be a far more perfect creature than he is now. He said that at least 100 years ago, but not more therefore to him, we would be the creatures of the future. I wouldn't say we're more perfect on the people in his time. And the folks in our story who are living say 1000 years from now do not appear to be any more perfect than we are. Besides, what is perfection? Are you happy, Emma? Oh, yes, I didn't know it was possible ever to be happy. It was something you were supposed to hope for. Its a strive for. You're not even supposed to use the word I forgot. Happy is something neurotic, dangerous. I can walk the personality. You know the word they want us to use adjusted, adjusted. When the one great scorer comes to write against your name a marks. Not that you won or lost, but how you played the game Don't tell me. You know, I don't I think I ever heard that one before. Grab in Rice. You really know your archaic. He was a sports writer. That's right, then used to have people who wrote about sports. But you're going back 1000 years at least. What I wouldn't give to see a professional football game or baseball, that's all. Been out. I don't understand why I dio I don't agree with it, but I can understand it. After all, there's an imbalance in a society where an athlete will be paid more than a research scientist. Well, you've gotta hand it to the computer. It picked out two cooks like us and brought us together. Do you think they just wanted to get us out of the way? No. They brought us together to produce mathematicians. Well, no one can say we're not trying a book of versus beneath about a loaf of bread. A jug of wine and the vow. Do you know who wrote that? I give up. It was written by Omar, the tent maker. How would you like to live in a tent hall? I would need is for someone to see it I'd be packed in for readjustment. When did I last tell you that I love you? About half a now hour ago, I think. Are you beginning to take me for granted when the Children come along? Yes. Are we going to do what everyone else does? We're going to let them take the kids away from us. Well, well, well, they're not actually taking the Children away. No, they're just putting them into the nursery. That's not taking them away. But they can take better cabin than we could. But that's not the point. There are kids. Don't still be. Our kids will visit. That's not the same. Wouldn't you really like toe watch your kid while he grows up to be the one to feed him and clothe him and teach him things? I mean, it isn't that the natural way to do it? There's just no way we could ever hope to do that. Maybe we could figure something out. Whatever. We've got to look at us. Having an argument on how to raise a child is even born yet. Would you like the music? Exactly what I had in mind? I think there was a time when people could listen to music like this in public. I know why. What have they got against this music? I mean, okay, books. Maybe they could object to the ideas, but use it the way it was explained to me, music represents the spirit of an era. And in the music of the past is all the restlessness and the convicts and the neuroses. Well, I think everybody today is crazy, except you and me. Tom, what are you doing here? I have to report to the district programmer. Why? I was told there was another computer readout. Well, I don't see how it can be anything serious, and neither do I will tell me how I think the word is perfection. Well, uh, absolute perfection. Well, aren't you the one who said I want the right to choose my own make? I have said a lot of stupid things in my life. I hate to say I told you so. No, say it. I deserve it. Only the computer can match people perfectly. Now I know what true happiness I beg your partner. What to adjustment is Well, you're finally growing up. I can just tell from now on. Everything's going to be Oh, please be seated. Thank you. As your district programmer, I have summoned you here at this time to inform you that you have just been divorced. Divorced? The legal documentation has already been stored the horse. But I don't understand. Under the circumstances, you are entitled to an explanation. There has been an error and error. The computer makes an air How the computer never makes an error. A great seven technician made an error in transcription where he had no right to make an air. He is being readjusted, readjusted just because he made a little mistake. That's a terrible thing to do to a person. That therapeutic and necessary thing book Talking about my divorce. There is nothing to talk about. It has already been accomplished. You can't do this to me and to Emma. But we must. There has been a computer error. It doesn't matter. You see, It all worked. Em and I wiped. Were supremely happy. Happy? I mean, we're in love. Lot were were in perfect symmetry. You can't be Oh, please believe I can only believe what the computer tells me. And when the two of you are placed into it. You simply do not balance. But we're in. We get along very well. It won't work. It's working now. It won't last. How do you know? The computer knows how the attraction between you is not based on qualities of durable nature. Besides, you will not produce mathematicians. Well, aren't you going to thank the Thank you? For what? As a well adjusted citizen, you should thank me for rectifying what could have been the crucial mistake of your life. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks. Uh, I What are you doing here? You know about it? Yes. What are we going to do? There's nothing we can do. Oh, yes, there is. We can appeal to the chief programmer. Nobody ever wins those appeals. I can always be a first time. Besides, Tom, if you lose it, that they put you through readjustment. Are you scared? So, my you know what it does to you? It changes you completely. Everything that means so much to it just gets burned out. Don't say that. It amounts to the same thing. It gets blotted out, cut out. Did that down to be better and you become just like everyone else around here even worse. But if we're divorced and if you marry this guy, whoever he is with a number almost like mine. You know that type of person he has to be? Yes, I'm afraid I do. Then living with him, you'll become just like everyone else anyhow. No, I won't. How could you help yourself? I'll still have my privacy. And I can listen to my tape on greed. My books. Will that be enough for you? It'll have to be. No, no, it won't. It always waas It was for me to. That was until I met you and lived with you. Once I've known what it is to live with you, I can't go back to the old way. And neither can you. Well, both of us, we'll just have to I'm going to appeal, Thomas, but it won't do any good if you don't appeal with me. But I'm scared, Thomas. I'm so frightened. And Ma, we have to do it. How do you dio? Who are you? Well, I might ask you that question. However, I am water V 278-664 I assume I'm in the presence of my newly married companion, M a. K 998-7 to 7 o She happens to be my merry companions. They would appear to be an error I have here the certificate. Oh yes, I waas told about the minor mishap. Ian read out a minor mishap. That's what you consider it. What? You're suddenly informed that your marriage is cancelled and that's a minor mishap. I believe you are becoming dangerously emotional. I believe I have a right to. No one ever has the right to become dangerously emotional and especially over such a minor affairs. This minor. What else is it? It's only marriage. You'll stay to dinner, I hope. State of dinner. Will it there? Any reason why the three of us shouldn't be good friend? Yes, really? I can't imagine why I happened to be in love with Emma. And it's a rather a k a constant, isn't it? And she happens to be in love with me. Really? Are you in love with Emma? Love? I'm not in love with anybody. Nor do I ever intend to be. You would become a married companion of a woman you didn't love, Maggie Chap. If I should ever become so so, um symmetrical as to fall in love. I would take great pains to see to it that I never married her. I disagree with that. Good. You are a thorough going. Dyed in the wool are big. I heard that we're fellows like you, but I never ran into any before. What do you say to a little music, huh? Generally clears the promise. You'd better go. No, m, I can't. Thomas, Why make it so hard for us? There's nothing we can do. Well, appeal, I'm afraid. Here. We, uh fantastic. You know, Emma, I could listen to this day and night. Don't you just love it? Thomas Thomas, Don't go. Don't leave me Way will appeal right now. Now that has appeal. Music kid has been said can soothe a savage breast taking the opposite tack. It can also inflame the civilized heart. And so now we learn about another facet of this futuristic society. There is an appeal procedure. But is it like the situation that is all too familiar in our time the one that's known as Fighting City Hall. This should be clarified shortly. Certain things never seem to change. And one of them is the triangle, not the geometric triangle of Euclid but the human triangle. Two men and one woman or two women and one man. Geometric triangles can always be neatly solved. That is because mathematics follows precise and rigid rules. Human triangles, on the other hand, defy analysis, resist definition and evade solution. What are you singing? Emma? I said Thomas and I must appeal. I can't believe you. Why can't you believe? You mean you'll risk readjustment? Yes. Why? Because I love Thomas. You love Thomas. Now there's an unbalanced statement if I ever heard one. But don't worry, I'm not an informer. Well, actually, you do seem like a really nice person, Walter. Aside from your grotesque taste in music, it's a pity you have to be the one in the middle. Why do I have to be the one in the middle of why? Well, for that matter, why does anyone have to be in the middle? Believing the whole business isn't worth risking readjusting. You keep saying that its true we're in love. But you couldn't understand that. I sincerely hope I never understand what love is or feels like. I want nothing to do with it. I said it before. There's no reason why we all can't be friends. I like Emma. Sure, but I like quite a few other girls to just a minute. Are you implying what I think? Are you saying that you and I should share Emma share? That should be the greatest of all our cake. We're just answer the question. The answer should be self evident. I refused to share Emma with anybody. How can you be so selfish? Do you realize what an antisocial attitude you have supposed Everyone felt that way about their married companion. We have violence in every street in every home. And just a moment. I should have something to say about this. I was waiting for you to interject something reasonable and sensible. Emma, I only want one man. I really think the two of you deserve each other. You may only want one man in a but society requires you to have more. When society is wrong, genetically society is right. It's the only way to bring the proper Children into the world. Emma and I want our own Children. Children are never your own going around and around. I'm only saying, Be sensible. I happen to know an archaic phrase or two myself. And you recall the one that applies here. Don't make waves. You wish to request an appeal? Yes. Have you thought about it? Yes, carefully. We are determined. It is my duty. Is your district programmer to warn you of the implications of this act Were already aware of you have filled out the necessary forms. Yes. We wish to present them here. Officially, the law provides for a 20 day cooling off period. That isn't necessary. We know our mind. Nevertheless it must be followed. Your request for appeal is now tentatively acknowledged tentatively at the end of this period. If you are still determined to go through with this this procedure you will report to the chief programmer. Otherwise your request will be no and void will be there. Please pull. Don't try to talk me out of it. Listen to me. I listen and you'll say one thing and I'll say another and we'll go round and round. Do you want to die? That's what readjustment is. You know that everything You are everything you want to be everything you hold so important is taken out of you. You're just a shell. Now I know what you meant when I asked you If you love Dorothy and you said I like her. Do you like her? The way Walter likes Emma? I suppose so. Well, then, who do you love? Love? Yes, love. You have to love someone. Even if it's in secret. Who is she? Is that important? I don't care about her name. I don't even want to know her. But she exists, doesn't she, Paul? Well, yes, yes. Oh, listen to that. And who was carrying on about love just a little while ago? Who was saying love was a fever? It is. It's a disease. How can you say that? I didn't want you catch it. Why not? Because Because you couldn't handle it. What gives you the right to say that? We look at you? Can you handle it? You're actually going to appeal on account of it? Why can't you just accept love the way it is? Why must you force it to destroy? You can't help, but I can't think of her with another man. Thomas. This is what destroyed the ancient world's passion. Blind, overwhelming passion, uncontrolled emotion. Don't lecture me. People could be driven to kill the confess. Don't you want to kill Walter? You see if a dancer Is that what you want us to go back to? But what we're doing it is a natural who says so? No one feels anything. No one really lives. I also know one or two archaic sayings. Thomas, for instance. Moderation in all things. Yes, moderation, of course. But it has to be the moderation that I adopt for myself. It can't be the moderation that's forced on me. You're really going to appeal, aren't you? Yes. You actually going to fight the computer? Yes. After all, what is the computer anyhow? God, of course. You mean you didn't know that way? Only have 15 more days. Do you want to change your mind? We're going to lose. I know. Do you know why? Because you can't fight the computer. And do you know why? Because the computer is God. God, I never thought about it until my brother said it a little while ago. He left. I'm sure he thinks it's a joke, but it's true the computer is gone. But What was God to the ancients? Something or someone infallible on impotent but the computer. But it's something that we may all peoples make their own dogs. Even if that's true, how does it help us? What we make, we can also destroy. How can we destroy the computer easily blow it up on then the world can start all over again. Plot the computer. Why not? But you know what they'll do to us. Who? The government. But everybody. Maybe. How can you say maybe it's a foul? I've learned something. I learned that most people live by fooling the computer by finding ways to get around that by paying lip service to it. Well, how did that help? Anything we'll be doing a service to humanity will be saying, Look, you don't have to pretend anymore. You can live honestly freely. You could be true to your feelings, your emotions, that people won't allow the government to readjust us. We're going to start a revolution. Do you believe that, don't you? I don't know. And believe me, I'm right. I know I'm right. God, Why? This is the main computer bank and God isn't protected by guards. But by all by fear. Be careful, Thomas. Don't worry. This is a very stable explosive. It can't go off until we're ready. Now it's through that door. What if it's locked? Why should it be locked? We're going to do it actually going to do it. I can hardly believe it's open. Look, all those banks, banks, rows and rows Computer, that's got that's got deciding on the movement of everybody in the entire world. That's God controlling every thought, every act. Well, we're gonna get rid of that idea, and we're going to think and act for ourselves. What? I was wondering if you're starting to doubt, you can get out of it. No, no, no, no. I'm only wondering if people who really want to think on that for them do. They wanted all the tide of four. Then. I am a captain of my soul. I am a master of my fate, Thomas. Just just poetry. Isn't poetry something to live by? Sorry. I'm sorry. I ever Are you sure? Way, Way. They did attempt to destroy the main computer bank, since they are obviously too unbalanced to un symmetrical to speak in their own defense. Who does appear for them. With your permission. I am brother to Thomas and brother in law to Emma. And what have you to say? The fault is not with these two immature people that it lies with the archaic books and tapes. Their minds have been confused by the neuroses of ancient writers, philosophers and poets. Thus they were driven to this. Yes, it is a most serious crime. But readjustment is a most serious punishment. Readjustment is not a punishment. It is a therapy. It is a most drastic therapy. May I suggest an extended period of re education and retraining under more benign circumstances. Let us replace their subversive and destructive ideas by study and analysis rather than by the searing trauma of electric shock. I have made my statement. Thank you for your efforts to secure justice. This office has taken all possible factors into consideration. A study of both the accused reveals that there is no hope in milder attempts to balance. The asymmetry is so pronounced that it may only be corrected by total readjustment way. Have a visitor, Emma a visitor. Ho, it's Thomas Thomas. Sit down, Thomas. Let me turn this thing off must say you're looking God. Thank you, Walter. Hello. How are you, Thomas? Well, what can we do for you? All right. I was just out walking. I'm married now. Yes. We heard Were supposed to produce marine biologists. Well, it's the coming field. I understand. Why don't you bring her over sometime? She's very busy. I hardly get to see her myself. Well, that's the way it goes. I understand. Um, idea. I have an appointment. Are you leaving? It won't be for long. And besides, Thomas will keep you company. Why did you have to rock the boat? Well, I'll see you later. What did he mean by that? Rock the boat? I don't know, Thomas. Do I know you? I think we know each other, but I'm not sure there are things I simply I can't remember anymore. Yes, I feel that way too. Sometimes my head hurts. Mine does too. And I get the feeling that I'm being punished. But I can't seem to remember why. Neither can I. If only if only I could remember. Why? Why? I'm being punished. If only on yet. In a way, he's lucky in many societies. His crime would have received a far more drastic punishment moral of our story. I hesitate to offer one, except perhaps, that if you want to save the world, you better make sure that the world thinks it's in danger. To begin with, I shall return shortly. We began our little session with a discussion of the basic similarities between ancient and modern man. Ancient man had an entire pantheon of gods and they had to be consulted before each and every venture. Today we demand the same services of a machine feed in the facts factor in the data. The ancients waiting for the verdict of the oracle of Delphi who was the Priestess of Apollo wait for the verdict of the computer. I wonder which, in the long run has proved more reliable. Are cast included Lloyd Batista, Patricia Elliot, Very Keen and Bob Caliban. Entire production was under the direction of Hyman Brown. Ah, a preview of our next tail. Why would she have amnesia? Well, because an athlete in training, she's in perfect health. Well, then she was kidnapped right off the streets, Delaware Avenue and they could have overpowered her, forced her into a car. She wouldn't go quietly, she seems a big, stronger. Don't say it like that. You make her sound ungainly, Beautifully build. You can't rule out the possibility of kidnapping, Sergeant. You'd have received word by now about a ransom. Well, maybe it's the kind of kidnapping where girls are sold. And do you know slavery? Oh, please, Marley. Sergeant. Where? Desperate? A. Yes, I understand. I just wish you knew a little more about her are finding Please. Oh, little girl, We love her. This is E. G. Marshall inviting you to return to our mystery theater for another adventure in the McCobb.