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The Best Episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater Listen now to some of CBS Radio Mystery Theater's most memorable and intriguing episodes curated specifically for the lover of all things mystery. These timeless tales of murder, horror, and crime were first broadcasted in the 1970s as part of a radio drama series that captured audiences of all ages. We hope you can agree that these episodes are the ones that keep you listening, and make you remember sitting on the floor of your living room as a kid waiting for your favorite radio show to come on. Vurbl The Best of Old Time Radio
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A classic alien invasion story, this audio episode of CBS Radio Mystery Theater will wake up your imagination. The story revolves around a meteorite that crashes into a large farm field, or so people think it's a meteorite. Upon further examination, this large rock is not actually a rock at all, and is instead a spacecraft with extraterrestrial passengers. Listen now as the story of "The Meteorite" unfolds.
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CBS Radio Mystery Theater presents Theo Way Welcome Im E G. Marshall with another adventure in the McCobb. I'm a collector of stories about experiences which are out of the ordinary and which most of us I would prefer to avoid. Still, I find a perverse kind of pleasure in sharing the unexpected and the bizarre. It purges my own concerns about the unknown, and there is so much that is on our planet and in the Europe. Er's a za man named L. Wilson, a farmer who lives near both in Connecticut, found out after encountering a phenomenon done If I know what to do with it, carry, you'll have to get rid of it. Thank your lucky stars. It didn't destroy the Barnes Quinn's that astronomer gonna be here, Dana. That his name? Yeah, Charles Dana. First thing in the morning, it was pretty excited and ask him to take it away. It makes me nervous. It might be radio, whatever they radioactive, less dangerous way. Mystery drama Meteorite was written especially for the Mystery Theater by Roy Windsor on stars John Deal. It is sponsored in part by sign off the Sinus medicines and General Electric Citizen band radios. I'll be back shortly with that one e Suppose that at one time or another you stood outside and looked up in wonder at the night sky and the endless panorama of the stars. We've landed men on the moon, and we sent space rockets to circle Mars. But as we learn more about the universe, we learned how little we really know. It is independent, Emerson wrote. There is no chance, no anarchy in the universe. Away is system and gradation. Every God is there, sitting in his sphere. Wilson didn't know it when he and his wife returned for evening service at their church. But he is about to find out a way to put the car away. Out. I'll do it later mentioned. Check your invite over to is more now Look at them. My good. That's what a fine that I brought in. The rest of them tomatoes tonight, less above the bar, way up in the sky, kind of cone of light, everything. Anything like that clothe house will be blown up. Come on, don't Over the way, Miss Barrett. So far past you remember, right? Are you all right? I have never been so scared in my eyes. It could have destroyed everything up. Look out! There was a cloud rising from it. Oh, I've got to tell. Garrett was like, Look, no, no, you won't. I don't want you going do that thing and guarantees, you know won't blow up Just a burnout chunk of rock carry But it exploded once it hits the ground Was sure because it was red heart. Now it's cooling off day and, you know, you come into the house, But, Garrett, a lot of all my phone and I won't have either of you prowling around that thing tonight. Okay? I guess you can wait a little morning. I'm a little leery of it myself. We owe everything. All right. Gary Orr is a Washington seen upside down. Oh, no, no, No damage, no cracks. Mosteller never preserved about shelves. I gave the washing machine a reassuring Pat said Goodnight. How can you be so called Garrett? We pay high enough taxes on this little help from our calm yourself. It's over with what? You think it's an outrage and the mayor is going to hear about Yes. Most of it is to be progress progress. My foot. They make a perfectly beautiful mountains site forward. Another ribbon of concrete leading. Nowhere pay for out of our money. And what? Why did they have to shake my fillings loose on Sunday night? I find that a little too settlers. And they gonna get an earful when strolls into his office tomorrow morning, black to widen a road where people are sitting down to Sunday happen. Okay, okay. But I refuse to have a big one over something over which I have no control school. Get jargon Cardiac arrest? No, sir. Enough for Jared Smith. If you want to quarrel on a You just telephone, honey, There was no damage done. So put the experience behind you. Saved by the bell. If it's for me, tell them I'm blowing in my silly Hello. Good. A blast? Yeah. It put more than any damage of the farm. A trend in the far past year. You know, Tompkins cuts across the state road. There was That's a long ways. Whether working out hard where you know, the crew this blasting on the mountainside. What crew I'm talking about. The explosion was over, but they don't blast on Sunday. night. Gavin, You don't know what happened. I guess I don't shooting Starlin 10 minutes ago in my far you. Can you lean a persuade carrying? Let us You mean to the meteorite landed on your farm? Tell me your science. Yeah, right away. Our media mistake. Honey, don't win. The mayor. Blame a phenomenon. That explosion that took the house that was not from blasting a meteorite landed miles farm and plowed up half his part. Pastor Harry, huh? Terrace, I tell you, my legs turned water. I yelled it out. Run, but I couldn't. And he said they're marvellous is that it didn't hit the bond on the house. It hit. And then what? Well, the air gets warm all around. Steam came up from the thing. Is it a falling star? Well, that's what most of us call it. But the proper name for it is meteorite becomes, you know, from our speed. So the lots of funny things, At least some people think so, including me. Really? I'm serious flying sauces. They are fact now, but we won't argue about that. You believe that? Absolutely. When I'm bad, I don't. There's enough just around the fun to make me watch my step. I don't. Funny little creatures that look like toadstools. Beacon in for the bedroom window. Just just what is one of these meteorites? Burned out rock. It broke loose in outer space and out of the orbit of its own planet. And then it just kind of flu lose. Once in a while, the gravity of Earth pulls down fragments. They land here, in there, most of burnout in the sky. It looked like, you know, streets of life on fire from friction. Exactly. So the chances won't reaching recovery Small. Well, we've got one. And it's no rock. It's a big, long thing. Looked in the sky like a missile like a torpedo. Incredible. I think that I I don't know too much about media rise, but I know does. Professor Charles Dana at the State University. I studied under him. Now you going to do a lot I want to do is get rid of the thing Now again, is your man. Why don't I try to reach him? You want the meteorite for these strong in the lab is welcome to it. Just telling you all the way, right? First curie first. I've got to see it exploding heart Canada explored. It was just a rock Did not tell you. So why don't you and more come along with? No, thank you. You too. Place based This Carrie and I will needle point. Now you're going to be famous. Your Maybe they'll name the thing after Garrett is there. Is there any danger from radio activity or No, no, not the little I know. Anyhow, we won't go too close to it. So just don't worry, we won't be long. Set up the car. They were place in Britain. Gives me the creeps. Carrie, I feel the same. Something eerie about a thing coming down from ours. I wonder really there, Theo. Credible wonder where it came from. The size of it of us must be 12 ft long. Out of some some trips, The outside looks like slave. That's what it is. Who knows where it came from? Your guests? Good. His mind and I keep science. Yeah, I was charming. I can't explain why more of it wasn't burned up on its passage through our atmosphere. It was red hot. You should have seen the globe. Felt the heat cold. Now I need to see in the morning when the sun's up. Keep the news yourself. Yeah. I don't want people driving out, traipsing all over farm, right? Trying to get in touch with profession. Dina. Fine at the university. Wants a thing. You need to live a truck, right? I'm not gonna pay toe thinking a way, way, way. No way. Open the window a little more. It's warm in here. We'll get rid of this blanket war. Oh, Why do you wake me up out of a sound? Sleep? Open the window that is open. Open it, Lord stuffy here. Come back to bed. More holdout. They're the force. Looks like a light covering of snow. I can see the meteorite real clear. Garrett's crazy and he makes you that way. Oh, no kidding, Kerry. It is kind of impressive. People don't have a meteorite land near them. Every week in the month. Garrett said only about 1000 have been recorded. Come to bed. Maybe we ought to keep the thing. Invite people to come see it. That Professor Dana will be here first thing tomorrow. Now, come on, get some sleep. Okay. Carrie. Oh, my stars. What is it? Career? What? What's the matter? Look out there. See the meteorite show What? You see what I see, e. I don't. It looks higher. Changed? No, but floors like a slab of ice. You know why I changed? Take a careful look here. What e. I don't know. Meteorite Did what opened up Wilson's air steady people. So we have to believe what they see. There is, however, no evidence that a meteorite is anything more than a burned up piece of rock is what they have seen. Impossible to believe. Impossible is a slippery word. Hard to pin down more about this phenomenon. When I return with that to e began, you may remember by saying that I share with you the bizarre, the unexpected five. A meteorite is a rare occurrence. I doubt if any of you have seen one except in a museum. But for Al Wilson and his wife, carry it is more than a piece of burned out rock. Last night, a meteorite buns to our ozone and, like a huge missile found its earthly mark in house far past. That in itself is unique. So is the fact it his eyes. Did not imagine it that the meteorite opened up. It is seven. The next morning. That'll be Garrett. Professor. You just finished breakfast out. We'll bring him in the world for a couple. Call more jury. He's in the kitchen. That come along, Garrett. Have a cup of coffee. Thanks. I suppose you been up since five. As usual, I have carry laws and bent until almost six. Well, how did you like my news? I didn't believe it. I saw for myself the road. It does look like it's open up like a like a giant clan. Shea. Ever hear anything like that before? Oh, no one here. Here's some hot coffee. No sugar on the table. What could it mean? Well, not much, I'd say Cool. Fast cracked open. You're gonna be able to see this through with me, But I wouldn't miss it. Down Model. Telephone the school at age and say I will be teaching today. At what times? That Luke has seven. Well, Professor Dina, you see a car pulling into the driveway? I'll let him in. Carry You start some breakfast for him. Lots of smoke can. It's great for fresh eggs. Took classes with Professor Dana. Good morning and stir will soon. I'm professor Day now. Yes. Come right in. Just just put your cold over here on the new post. Come out in the kitchen my wife carries during you up a real farmers breakfast. Wonderful. Garret Smith is with my neighbor, my best friend. Student of mine here many years ago. You probably won't remember e dying to get. It's good to see you. Good morning. This is well, morning. Coffee while the egg surprise. I'll do that. Garrett is I recall you were going to become a research biologist, but love, sweet Psalm and extra professor. I got married and I've lived up before. And after, uh, tell Professor Dina what happened. Well, sir, nothing. It don't put up a the meteorite. Isett Garrett says Maybe it cooked real fast and cracked open. He could be right. Stew. A meteorite is used by the tremendous heat it generates. So hand I I find it hard to believe that it cracked open. The whole thing is hard to believe. You haul it away today, Professor. Yes. The lift truck will be here later today. We'll have the meteorite on its way to stores before six o'clock. You are smoked ham from everybody likes it. I'll be glad when the things off our property gives me a funny feeling. I understand rather awesome, isn't it? Oh, goes yet All three of your fidgeting. No. Still be coffee when you get that. Go along. All of you carrying, Professor? Yes, I have my cameras in the trunk of my car to service or I'll just for you. Now don't you go be being brave. I like stepping into that thing. It could shut. There would be No, I don't mean that, Mrs Wilson. There's nothing to fear. But what if there was something in there that just had to get out? It's not a meteorite, professor. It's something much more important. It's a space capsule. I don't get it. Neither do I. But look, look inside. You see the struts on the pain of glass Base camp Super From where? Let's take a look inside at that. Give me the camera with film night guarantees. For sure this is a nightmare you support. Some lunatic was experimenting with some kind of missile, but this thing was shot from somewhere wobbled around. Then just came down here. There's something shining a flashlight into the interior. Get it? I see it. Now, take a book. But it's It's something gonna man about the size of a six year old boy. It's a man from dangerous present. He's dead. Still unconscious. Well, if he's alive and heard, we got to get him out. Garrett, go tell Carrie. Professor me. Get him out. Okay, okay. We don't two years about this. Look, save enough. What opened up was an escape hatch covered with slag. A war myself. Hold up the hatchway, Right? Sure. Cramped In here, lithe 1000 head is real light. I've got it here. I e you. Did you catch that, Professor Van? It's some kind of signal. Coming. Sounds like English. It's beyond me. Let's get into the house. Try to bring you around. Look, he's opening his eyes. You I understood that. All right, take it. Easy way. Want to help you right now? If you need some room food and a bed, you get well, then you do what you please. He could be Mr Wilson. What do you want me to do? Shove him back into his capsule? The little man's heart. Yes. Let's carry into the house. Doing the right way, Professor. Yes. This should be reported to Washington Ellipse. Wait a while. I don't want an army of scientists swarming all over the place with this. This is his name. He could bring us knowledge of an unknown world. L The planet comes from space trips, hundreds of things. A view of the universe from millions of miles away. Well, but I'm not gonna have him hammered at the little man is sick and, uh, after his Well, I don't know that's up to him anyway. You heard what he said. Yeah. Destroy something about a command ship. Professor, what do you make of this? E can only guess Truck was in a man. Captured his mission idea. Sophisticated exploration, grab Something went wrong with his ship. He got caught in the earth's atmosphere. That capsule went out of control. As it came down. It began to blaze. It's incredible that it didn't disintegrate. What about the command ship? That's easy. Garrett. Crutch expects to be rescued. You got him right here in the house because he's half dead carries trying to show some life back into enough he kept saying Destroy you safety saying I think Crux would be removed. Where to? Back to the capsule. MMA. I'll truck the capsule and hit back to store. Sorry, I won't do it. The capsule is yours. Crux stays here until he goes home. I'm gonna see how he is. What about the police scanner? Were It's a small force professor. Enough much protection against whatever you're thinking. Sympathize with Mr Wilson's feelings. He's a decent man, but he doesn't realize this discovery Crock could open up a new world toe. Why don't I speak to somebody in space control? As I said, the man down to see the capture and meet Crux gannet risking a friendship, no chances. You can put one picking up capital for a year. So no, that's easily done. Good, Then that will do you, sir? You're my house at any kind. O no, be an honor. I think you're suggesting the sound. Get it? But you doesn't tell him about it. Go after the person for space control. Arise not before he can't crowd a Connecticut farmer like l. This is his land and his home. And nobody better forget it. You look better. Carrie. He's a nice little man like the hot William, didn't you, Mr Crook? Yes, it was very good. You still out to destroy me? I do not know. Humans on enemies of my people. They are. We don't even know who your people are. When we fly here and land you fire guns at us way found us. And we have come here out of curiosity. But you drive us away now we you won't tell me where it's from now I asked him. No, I will not. How come you speak English? Work. We know all languages. Our minds advanced a weapons. Then use that great mind of yours. You'll understand. We don't mean you harm. I thought you would kill me. Now you know different. I leave you in peace. I do not understand why Who has been kind? You were hurt only decent. You said you would leave us in peace. Yes. The command ship will take me and the cut arrest or you may request with capital goes to the State University. Now you try to remove the cat feel there will be destruction Truck men capsule The biggest I don't want to do I gave my word. What I say. Do not risk destruction. I will return to the site and await commands. Ship. You'll do nothing of the sort. It's cold out there cold, and he still not expect me? Better speak to the professor out. Yeah, You stay here while I do. My professor there, Mr Wilson has a little man from space is giving me a problem. Crux warned me that if we remove the capsule, all hell's gonna break loose The truck and the men will be destroyed. We don't really know what we're dealing with, Mr Wilson. Well, that's why I go along with truck. I know that means calling off a truck, but there there's been a delay there anyway. Oh, Where's Garrett? Did he go? Yes. Yes. I'm spending the night with him. Oh, well, if you'll excuse me, Professor, I have to get out to the barn milking time. One minute. This will appears. I Well, I'm afraid I've acted. You're a very decent man, Garrett. For No, no. Let me take the blame. For what? Someone from our National Space Center will be here sometime tomorrow. I don't like that, Professor. I know you tend. I said I wouldn't allow crack to become a part of no freaking out that he won't be. I actually reporters, cameramen like that. I tell you the truth. And I've told crutch that were his friends. A lot of enemies, Mr Wilson, Enormity of this discomfort. You've done something. We're stuck with it. Okay, let the man come. But understand this. I don't care. The man is the president. He tries any rough stuff with truck, but I'll kick him out. I'm not going for Garrett for you to professor. Yes, I can't. Video Car Caulfield. I think he trusts us. I'll tell him about this guy you bring in. But I can't be responsible for what might do. Of course not. You. You just say that. I believe the little man knows what he's talking about. If he says you go up in smoke and that's what's gonna happen. Wilson's have treated the man from space as they would any injured person. But kindness Garret Smith, then Professor Dana, however, wants to treat cluck as an incredible discovery which he and the capsule are. What does is allow it matters on. We'll find that out when I return shortly. With that three way mines turn to the universe. We fantasize and give up reports of flying objects. Make news. But no one takes these science fiction occurrences too seriously. So itwas with the Wilsons to accidentally they had a visitor from outer space. A small man like creature named Brooke. Thank you for telling me, Mr Bad. Crack the guys. You want to ask you some questions, man? We're in the afternoon. Truck supposed to arrive later. Why did your friends not has the truck allies today? Guess they took you seriously. Told them what you said. That the truck would be destroyed. That will happen, You know that. Yes. I have given you the warning. It is arranged. Your men will try to remove the cap. Sure Haven't really well the truck. But not if they don't touch it. They will believe what you're saying. I had seen in touch with Space Command. Ship is on its way. How do you know that? I returned to the capital Fuel and my message. You do? I've been with him all the time out. I assure you I have talked with my people. I guess I'd better tell them to stand off? Yes. Now that you rest, crook. What you see of me here will rest. Thank you. Closed the bedroom door out? Sure. Do you think he meant by that? Out. Who's got time before supper? Drive over together, get back and happen out level. Don't be your good friend, OK? But I don't like his interference. I'm telling so and warn him. And you went behind that. Well, not really more. The professor told because he felt guilty there. I can't believe you do such a thing to ask. There's no harm. You were planning to have some man walking from space Control and give it. And I have genuine respect, Mr Wilson. Humanitarian feelings about the little creature from space. But he does not. What a monumental discovery space capsule could advance our flight technology by light years. I mean, garlic way have to have this knowledge. We owe it to our country. And Anil says we're we're supposed to do nothing about it. He also says that if you interfere, correct people would kill you. It was lucky. All of you are dead now that you would be if Kerry had nursed creature back to life. It would be a shame if we don't learn all we can from this is incredible. It then. Well, what do we do, professor? Her warm. The man from Space Command. Possibly. We can control his eagerness. But I believe if he makes one passage clock how long the little creature defense was so small. You get stuff with suit, you days defenseless. How do you know? I see. But what you won't see a cook is a highly advanced form of life. Way beyond us because you can't see how he could defend himself. Your thing, these outlets. Oh, don't called on what you think. You don't know, Marty. Good secretary crap. Like to took him a tray, Honey, I don't think of them as a little man from outer space. Like a guest got sick and I'm taking care of. And he isn't even human. Wearily responded. The kindness most living things do now. You're sure you want nasty to Garrett and the Professor? Of course. I did tell Garrett. Learn to mind his own business. Mostly I warned him. They take it seriously. I thought I was talking through my hat. Lord, Pounce. Insensitive. Garrett head has got some feelings. Very well. I'm gonna get to bed Big day tomorrow. I sure hope that man from Space Control as he's only one man Truck said he talked to him and then leave. That's gonna be some fight flying saucers done right by our past year. I wonder if they take me for a short spin Goto bed. One of those things comes down. You're not going near it. Let it pick up the capsule and take truck home. Where is that? He won't say. Oh, lay it out there. Where? The stars again. What's beyond that? Even know that right on time. It's just opt if I That's so big. Helicopter pilot season. You're throwing down Comer. Oh, I'm guards. Stand is based until, uh, Professor Dana. Mr Wills, how do you go to meet you? You know, about the freshman warning year? I've, uh I've learned what he said. Mr. Wilson, you have him in your house. That's right. And he's willing to talk to you. Very sensible. He has no choice. He's a prisoner. Oh, no, no, no. He's not begging your pardon, sir, but he's my guest, and he's been just fine. huh? That's how you may see a Mr Wilson, but he's my prisoner, and I have orders to transparent to the war cottage there. But I was afraid of. If you try any rough stuff on Crocker, there'll be real trouble. Are you threatening me, Mr Wills? My could be my property on crutches. My just. Now, look, you can't set yourself apart. The government, this capsule and this creature belonged to us. They do allow throw all you off my land. But that's not what I was getting at when I said rough stuff would bring trouble. You're playing with something from outer space, Sanders. I'm here to take possession of a space capsule and something that resembles a man. I mean to carry out my excitement. Well, all the luck in the world here. Cross said he talked to you. Maybe he compound some sense into your six gold. Now, see here. You know you see here, you watch your step with may You walk very carefully with my little friend crush you, uh, from your space control? Yes. Who are you? I am cold cook. I am from a distant planet. Its name. It has no important it is to me. That may be How did you reach your in my cat? What was your mission? I am an ex lover. Who? Your people. They are like me. You have conquered space trouble. We have expiry Allah everywhere. Why did you come to Earth? I did not. In two, I went off course. Your capsule caught fire Landed here. That is right. Come with me. You are making a grave mistake. I am obeying orders. You understand that? I understand orders, but I do not obey your This is a gun. If you resist, I'm instructed to immobilize day out of this. Now get a truck and walk out. I want Mr. There will from I don't believe in magic space. Man, that is your weapons. That metal? Yes. And if you don't obey, I'll use it. Huge garden. It's just a lump of metal. Can you? You No. Leave well enough alone. I don't know. What did you like? Powerful Ray? More powerful than your strong This current. I can call it up with me whenever I choose. Then I can point a finger. And Troy Carpenter said I'm convinced. And you say like Wilson, you gave refuge to an enemy of our country. I will have you charged with prison. I do not think so. Mr. And Mrs was treated me like a visitor. I will not forget neither with my commander. Do not threaten the will weigh have come to us many times on the admissions. We could come with Toto. I believe not. I move. I'll walk you back. Your helicopter, Mr Sanders. Your miraculous truck. No, just more advanced in scientific technology. Humans. One day we'll discover what we already know. But how about the deadly ray of yours? Your You have land, you have venomous snakes. My people are small because we loathe in fighters. It is highly developed. I am a soldier and a fighter. It is time now to go look outside. They got a truck back into the past. Let that big lift and they're going to take it away. Oh, no! You know what will now happen? Look, toe sky. Come on. I will go. And me. It looks like a big mushroom ogre way over there on the road shooting that way I can tell you that along with the lister and the truck, the space capsule was turned to ashes. Garret Smith escaped, and so did the men brought in by professor dinner. But now Wilson wondered later if he and his wife had consorted with the devil. She replied, as you might expect. But no, they had consulted with God meeting, I suppose, that they had acted in the interests. A good out return, shortly way. Explore in our nightmares. When an experience becomes too acute, we awaken which are alike, and forget the frightening dream that maybe for it we must face facts. One of them is that there are other worlds, other life, with the passing of time centuries. Perhaps there certainly will be interplanetary communication, and you know they come to visit You. Cast included John Beale, Marion's lt's Joe Silver Easy Just ER and Russell Horton. Entire production was under the direction of Hyman Brown Radio. Mystery Theater was sponsored, in part by doing motor division. This is E. G. Marshall, inviting you to return to our Mr Theater for another adventure in the macabre until next time the way