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The Best Episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater Listen now to some of CBS Radio Mystery Theater's most memorable and intriguing episodes curated specifically for the lover of all things mystery. These timeless tales of murder, horror, and crime were first broadcasted in the 1970s as part of a radio drama series that captured audiences of all ages. We hope you can agree that these episodes are the ones that keep you listening, and make you remember sitting on the floor of your living room as a kid waiting for your favorite radio show to come on. Vurbl The Best of Old Time Radio
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The year is 1998 when a geologist stumbles upon evidence of a former civilization whose end must have been so catastrophic that no trace of them had ever been discovered until now. The evidence is that of a modern residence buried underneath the rocks for twelve billion years. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it? Well, listen carefully and you'll learn that the structure is home to something that may define both the past and the future.
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Yes. Radio Mystery Theater presents. Come in. Welcome. I'm e g Marshall. How great is our capacity for belief? Most people would probably claim they'll believe anything naked, see, feel, taste. Or here, in short, anything they could experience with their senses. But I will venture to say there are things in this world so fantastic, so incredible that you or I could stare at them with our own two eyes and swear under oath that we were not seeing what was their shock. You have got to support me on this. I can. You got to never take my word alone out like a raving lunatic. I'm sorry, Mr Burke, but I can't do it. You were down there with me. You saw? Just like I did know. I did what I didn't see needed a year. We didn't say a thing. There's nothing down there. The our mystery drama. The Night volume was written especially for the Mystery Theater by Percy Granger and stars Michael Wager. It is sponsored in part by contact the 12 hour cold capsule and true value hardware stories. I'll be there shortly with that one. Energy is something we hear a great deal about these days kind of energy provided by oil and coal. We hear debates how much of these precious substances are left. Some say supplies are virtually unlimited, others say will run out in 2 to 300 years, and the more dire profits claim a mere 25 years. Whatever the figures, one thing is certain. As the situation becomes more urgent. Some of those looking for new reserves are not going to let anything stand in their way. The year is 1998 were at a drilling site on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Okay, starter up hockey yesterday. One of the chances of that will getting down another 50 ft by noon. I don't know, boss. That's pretty solid step we're going through now. I don't understand this. It's not about my 42 years in this business is a company geologist told me to drill halfway up a mountain instead of on the low ground. He seems pretty confident. He's a young, smart early against me. Quite right. You mean in the hair? Yeah. Body went to college. Get on the back of that rig shocking, and take it as fast you can But remember, under no second stances do I want any more delays. Morning. Morning, Joe. Coffee's on, uh, everything on the way. Okay. Today, having you be so cheerful, we've only got less than a week left and no sign of oil. That's in a week. Five days, to be exact. I got a call from headquarters last night. Have decided against renewing the lease on this land. Crazy. I don't know how much oil everyone of that mountain. Well, John, forgive me, but you seem to be the only one still under the illusion that there's anything at all down there. We drill 10 dry holes. Over the past two years, $10 on all of them have been based on your so called calculation. That's right, because headquarters always pulled a pipe before we got down Far enough. Do you have any idea how much drilling costs go up when you get down past the second mind? Milo, I'm going to make you a little wager. How many feet do you think the boys can take it down today? I asked, shocking for 50 but I knew that I will bet you $100 that by noon We've struck oil. 100 bucks. How far gone away? Now? As of last night at quitting time, it was 19,000 967 ft. Okay, I'll make that bet even more specific. I say that by the time we reached 19,980 ft, we'll be into the biggest fool avoids. You ever saw what's really 13 more feet? That's right. Is it about Milo? Well, I think we've hit something. What? We've hit an air pocket. You sure? I think that's what this rock bits not meeting in to resist. None at all. Are you holding in position? Yes. Are good. Get ready, Captain Keith. The rig going? But wait til I give the signal. I want to get company headquarters. Oh, Milo, I think you just saved yourself 100 bucks. I wanted Borders to put this over The intercom. This guy's air goes. Everybody in that whole building is gonna hear it. What? What was that? Sounded like the brig rigged. It stopped. What's the matter? What's what's happened? What's going wrong? I don't know. Why did you stop a rig? Something weird is happening, Boss. What? What are you talking about? Well, there was. I mean, I don't know how to describe the Roeder was kicking up, rocked up. You know that yellow is granted. We've been drilling through, and then all of a sudden, well, it changed color change color. Yeah. And for back, you stop the rig. Well, wait a minute model Chalky. You said the dust changed color to watch. Well, I think it was kind of ready. Well, it sounds like we may be the start of clay. So where is this red dust? Let me see it. Well, now, that's what I'm trying to tell you. It isn't here anymore. It was in my hands. I was holding it in my hands, looking at it, and it just disappeared. You mean didn't blew it away? No. My hands were cut. There wasn't anywhere. It just evaporate. It just evaporated. Disappeared? Yes. Now I've got to nuts to be a with a scientist I've got a cure with. Have a look at some of this dust. Be still some of the stuff in the cool here I can just turn way are I don't know if I touch it. Mr What if it's not safe looks harmless enough to me, and you don't know that's nearly four miles down in there is it? Could be almost anything. That's why I had him stop three. I think my first guess was right. It seems to be playing some sort of what it had to be a seam of clay that deep in years kind of rock formation we've been cutting through. So look there, see what I mean? Hey, what happened to it? It just vanishes. That's what I was telling you. Bring me some kind of small container where you are. Plastic back. Anything, so long as it's airtight. Okay. Why your time? I think it must be the fresh air that's causing this stuff. Whatever it is to disintegrate. I want to get a sample of a down of boulder to the university there and have it analyzed. This is the only air attack bag I find, Miss. What is it? Headed from my lunch pail. Wife put my sandwich in it this morning. I guess we'll have to do. Milo, You give me a ride. Well, what about the will I I think we'd better leave the regards until we find out what this stuff is It's past one o'clock. We've lost the whole morning. How much longer is this friend of yours gonna take? My law, Professor Anderson is a very thorough person. You'll be finished when he finished. This is ridiculous. You so that you play with your own eyes. So stuff comes up from the center of the earth and acts weird. Why not? I was down there. Died act weird. It doesn't raise your curiosity, Anderson. What did you find out? Were you able to analyze powder? Uh, Mr Hawkins, is that right? Yes, sir. You can call me Milo. Well, how do you enjoy working with this practical joker here, Professor? What? You see, Mr Hawkins? Mr. Park here was one of my more intelligent students. So I assume he must be attempting humor when he comes around bothering the busy old man with a handful of powdered tile tile. That's right, John. What? You asked me to drop everything foreign analyzes nothing but common tile, such as one might use to roof a house. What's so special about it? What's special about it, professor, is that it comes from the bottom of a well shaft. Nearly four miles down inside a mountain. So you work pulling my leg? Why did you ask me to keep the sample in an airtight container? It made my examination much more difficult. Because when that dust is exposed to fresh air, disintegrates disintegrates. John, if that's true, you realize how old this material could be. Your friend must be investigated. It worse. Well, there's just one problem, Professor. How would you get down there? You know, the site must be excavated, and this poder could will be far older than all our previous estimates. It could be all that remained of a civilization we never even knew existed. Which reminds me John must keep the sample and run beating tests on it. Of course. Now look, our company has a deadline. If we don't find oil, we've gotta be off that land by the end of the week. Would you Can't continue to drill for oil some. Don't you realize that by continuing the grill you might destroy an invaluable clue are passed? I don't care about the past, professor. I care about the future. And I don't see that the excavation of one mawr prehistoric Indian dwelling or whatever is gonna make any difference. But getting to that oil if it's there, will problems still is how to reach the site. Just a minute. You're drilling up there. Pine Creek Country? Yeah. Three miles up the mountains. There were. And I think there might be a way. Used to be a big silver mining buying creek, remember? Yeah, that's right. It was abandoned at the turn of the century, 95 years ago, But the last shaft the miners dug struck cave system. Of course, you took us down a field set. You see, You should have some max around here someplace. Yes. Here. We, uh one. I'm looking for a cut away view of the mountains. Yeah, you can see how extensive cave system is. Now, where exactly is the location of your grinning site? Right here. Uh, there, you see, Learned straight down 20,000 ft that should it, uh, on it would be sure here, the very deepest bowers, the mountain. But here you see the cave starting at the base of the mine shaft, which is already at the base of the mountain, and you give yourself for a head start of nearly 15,000 ft on. Look, here's a branch of the K, which comes practically to the point. Aren't drillers reached? We could call the amount of hours now just a manager, John. Seem to be forgetting Who pays your salary. My look, it's not one o'clock. Give me until starting time Tomorrow. Nine o'clock. What? We moved a half a day. I think perhaps you better allow Mr Park to attempt to descend. My analysis showed traces of a rather strange substance adhesive believe. Why was it strange? Because it was entirely synthetic. No primitives were familiar with could possibly known about it. I reminded of an old story about a cabin boy on a Clipper ship. It seems he was always losing things. One day the captain asked him to clean his favorite clock, but when he asked to have it back, the boy couldn't produce it. Captain flew into a rage. I suppose it's lost, he said. Oh, no, certified cabin boy. I know exactly where it's a lot of my hands as I was cleaning it, and it's at the bottom of the ocean. The characters in our story know where something is, too. And like the captain's cluck, Theo only problem how to get to it way should dig deeper into all of this when I return with that too. There are many things which distinguish man from the so called lower orders of the animal kingdom. And geologist John Perk is giving us a good demonstration of one of them right now for man is the only animal who will deliberately set off to confront the unknown. John has bought a few precious hours from a grudging Milo Hawkins. And with Sharkey as his assistant is descending into the mountain carefully isn't too. Why is there room for both of us? Just barely. Time is almost midnight in overtime. Bag with drill and the explosives. Here we go. While I'm drilling a hole for the dynamite, you get out the oxygen back that inflate one of those balloons to seal up the tunnel behind us. We don't want any fresh air getting into what ever is behind that Rock Terminals all sealed off charges. Ready. Now, let's just back up around this corner here, OK? Just take a second look. Otherwise, we sure we want do this. I mean, are we sure we want to know what's back there. I'm a scientist, Chucky. Yes. So why push the plunger? Okay, way dusted. Looks like a chamber of some sort. Come on, let's get back in there. Set up a like give me the like. You crank up the generator. Okay, Okay. Turn around. I don't get it. Mr. Perks, we must take the wrong turn. This isn't a prehistoric dwelling at somebody's house. We didn't take any wrong turn. Shockey. Look, Seeing the ceiling that the nose of our rock from the drilling rig here. But look at this. A stove, a sink, even a dishwasher. Look. Okay, You're a danger. Rugs and table chairs look like they say right out of a department store. I don't like this. I wish we brought guns or something. What if this some kind of criminal high that four miles underground? Well, we don't know. Maybe it's a secret government project, a bomb shelter or something. But how was it built? I don't know, but there's got to be a reason why it's here. Let's have a look around. Maybe there's another way in which the survey charts don't show. Did you find anything, Mr Nothing. How about you? When nothing tastic tire houses encased in solid bedrock. But I saw bedrooms, a bathroom, even a TV set. Everything. Just like people lived here. There are no signs of life anywhere. Hey, look at this. Last in the window, not even cracked and curtains. I wonder if the plumbing works well. Is one way to find out, Isn't it stuff that came out of the tech? It's black. What is he? Let me take that. There's nothing wrong with this, Chucky. It is perfectly good crude oil. Oh, Yep, I don't believe what I'm seeing. A ranch house in the middle of the earth with oil coming out of the faucet. It's like magic. I think there may be a more rational explanation, at least for the oil. Did you see any stairs leading to the basement? I saw stares down the hallway on it. Let's follow. These pipes should be over on the far wall. That's what I know I have. Something seems to be covered with your life. Hey, look, It's our whole forward reaches deep in or you see I was right all along. There is oil in this month. We were right on target. No, nothing stands between us and a gold behind. Is this how this solves everything? At last, we have proof that the oil exists company and go ahead and take a new lease on the land. And we'll have the time to try to find an answer to the mystery of this house way the generator. Here. We've got to get back and stop Milo starting a rig up. What time is it? 2:57 a.m. We should just about make it. Let's light another balloon to feel a passage behind us before removing the first one way. All set to go. Oh, wait a minute. What's this? What? It's all right. I didn't see it before. Did did you check it out? No, I thought you did. But I have a look. Mr. Breaking this place gives me the creeps. I got this funny feeling. Why don't we just leave well enough alone? Help me move the light over. That kind of thing could survive down here without air. Miss Burke, I'm frightened that don't open the door out of the way. Uh, what is it? Library. A library, my library room. Soon books and afraid of them. Are you in. I'm going to have a look. Maybe they'll provide some kind of clue. The owner is obviously a man of refinement and culture. The complete Works of Shakespeare. Milton Plato's Dialogues, Aristotle, Dante Blue took a more recent office for its jelled. Having way isn't offering us much in the way of clues. Ah, find something. It's reclining chair, my father in law. That one just like it is Dan o exactly like I mean different color. But it's the same model, something. Whoever owns these books is obviously interested in history. Here's an entire case devoted to it. Serologist Tacitus Levy Arranging chronological order Holland Shits Chronicles Givens French Revolution of this hope Someone named Devi Davis wrote a history of the world. I thought I I never heard of him. Shockey. Well, don't look. May I never heard a half those other guys. You mentioned every other author on the shelters familiar with him. Mr. Peck, you remember that feeling I had before? Well, it's coming back. I think we ought to go Wait a minute. History of the World by David Wladimir Davis In nine vials but only eight volumes here was a space the night volume is missing in the eighth volume. Cars sake. You don't see the 95 to this set lying around anywhere. Do you know why Did you see it anywhere lying around the house? I don't know. I just try to remember. Well, there was some books on a table in the living room to find it here, but the time it's after three gets the time. We've got to find the ninth volumes of this set. Why I am holding the eighth by you in my hand. I can feel its weight. I know it's real. It's not an illusion. The eighth volume of a nine volume set of books on the history of the world, our world as we know it and have lived it. And his eight volume goes from the 18 15 the Battle of Waterloo to the year 2000. But this is 1998. What is this guy Fortune teller don't see. There's still another entire bite into the set getting way. What's that noise with house is beginning to shake, stopping what was it? Sure, but if we really are sitting on top of an oil field, it's highly unstable situation. The vibrations from the dynamite must have disturbed things. Who you got to get out of here first. We have got to find that book. Why? Why? What's so important about several fortune tellers? Book? That's not it, Sharkey. That's not it at all. Don't you realize what we've discovered? This is what's that smell? What? That smell. It's guys. There's gas escaping from somewhere. That explosion must open the leak in a gas pocket. Quick. Put this book in our bag. Would have to come back later with masks to search of the 95. There's a line. Someone there after mine. Entrants. Got it. Looks like coming, Professor, What are you doing here? Must know what you found down there Have been up the entire night running dating tests on that tile sample. At first I couldn't believe it. But now I know there can be no doubt that powder you brought me is over 12 billion years old. But we know the world's only 4.5 billion years old. But I mean, that's what I heard, Mr Hawkins. Say what it is. That's what we want. We thought, Mr Sharkey, but evidently we've been wrong. Now Tell me what your fun at the bottom of our well. Hold it house. Even what perfectly preserved the ruins of Pompeii Aid does every modern appliance we're familiar with, from electric can openers to reclining chairs. It's just like the houses in the suburbs where I live. The difference is he's from a civilization so far in the past, until now, not even a trace of its been noon. But what about all those books, Mr Burke, Shakespeare and all How they get there. She experience that most incredible thing of all, Professor, that 12 billion year old civilization was ours. Same names, same events, 10 people fighting the same wars, making the same inventions, creating the same masterpieces, probably making the same mistakes. Oh, so that's why you wanted the ninth by human, That history. That's right, Shockey. Because whatever fatal mistake they made, whatever happened to cause their extinction gonna have to us unless we can discover what it was and avoided. Nine. There isn't time to explain our professor. We've got to get back to camp and stop Milo before he turns on that rig. Way in our beginning is our end, said T. S. Eliot all living things duplicate themselves in reproduction with a phenomenal precision. So is it not at least possible that nature repeats itself on a larger scale? Toe? Exactly. On the largest scale of all, I shall return shortly with our final act way catch. But glimpses of our past. The Legend of Atlantis lives on mysteries of Stonehenge. And the giant statues of Easter Island continue to baffle us. The most advanced and sophisticated civilisations are represented by mere shards of pottery stumbled on by accident. For all our research, there is still behind us. A vast unknown, but now a discovery. Fantastic, terrifying evidence of a former civilization. Identical toe. A civilization whose end was so cataclysmic no trace had ever been discovered until now. Thank goodness we got here before you started that rig. You. I've got a bone to pick with. No time for that, Sharkey. Yes, sir. Get out there and get the ring. Start await. You got to listen to us. I've got a better idea. John, Why don't you listen to me for a change? I got a little phone call last night from headquarters. You remember them, don't you? They wanted to know how things were going. Understand the way they're getting a little anxious, considering the fact that we've got only four days before our lease here is up. You can imagine my chagrin when I had to tell him the rig wasn't even running, that my geologist who's supposed to be telling me where the drill had told me to stop so he could go down and nose around some prehistoric Indian hot. That's not what stopped. I don't care what's down there. My job is to drove her oil. You know who's arriving today? Sit down. That's right, the company executive vice president. He wants to know what the heck is going on here. He's trying up personally to take over the operation. If you would let me get a word in edgewise, I can tell you what's going on. All I want to know is why we have a struck oil. Well, that's one thing you don't have to worry about. There is oil down there. We saw it. Your side stuck my finger in it. I tasted it. They are right where I said it would be. The drill is no more than 20 ft above the strike at this very moment. Well, then, let's get it going and have that oil coming up for Mr Dobbs so he won't have our heads in a sling. Charki Yes or no? Wait a minute. You can't start the rig. Not until we've had a chance to go back down there. Go back down. What for? Milo. What? We've discovered it wasn't well. It wasn't what we expected. There's a house now. There. All right, but it modern. I mean, we're not modern. Exactly. It's 12 billion years old. But Shirky, what's he talking? I know, I know it sounds incredible, but Professor Anderson ran dating tests on that powder we took him on. It is 12 billion years old. So you found the modern 12 billion year old. But the important thing is, that's why we've got to go back down. Oh, I see. What? The nine volume. It's a history of the world from the year 2000 on, John, I'm doing my best to stay with you. But you are making it easy for Mike. Now, listen. There is a house down there from a civilization that existed 12 billion years ago. That was ours. It was us. Don't you see what that means? We're being given the chance to look into the future, I say. Sure. He? Yes, sir. You've been awful quiet. Yeah. Yes. So you were down there with Mr Perk when she Yes. You went all the way with him. You saw everything he saw? Yes. And you saw this house he's talking about? No, No, I did. You didn't see a 12 billion year old house? It looks just like ours That has a set of books. It's going to tell us what's going to happen. No, sir, I did. I didn't see any of that. That's what I thought. No. Fuck you. What are you saying? My low look in this bag. We brought up the volume of that Nazi look. It goes from 18. 15 to the year 2000. Now, Now, will you believe me? There's nothing in here but a pile of dust. Great. Hurry. I must not sealed container, probably. Look, Milo, you've got to believe me. 12 more hours is all I need, but we've got to go back down there. Hello, Hawkins. Here he has. Okay, I'll be right over. The company plane has just landed with Mr Dobbs. I'm gonna meet him, and I want that rigging full operation. By the time we returned. My listen to me. Remember when we were at Anderson's lab? He said his analysis of the powder showed traces of a substance that primitive man couldn't have known about. Oh, yes, yes. I meant to tell you. Professor Anderson called yesterday right after you and Shark. He'd gone down into the mine. He'd run another test and discovered what it was. But doesn't that convince you? I'm telling the truth. It was mayonnaise, John. Mayonnaise. That's right. Remember, we used a sandwich bag from Sharkey's lunch pail Mayonnaise. Mr. Please let me get by. White July. I've got to get the rig started. Are you crazy? Do you realize what we'll be destroying, Mr. Person? I don't want to talk about What are you afraid of? Going back down there will run hoses down to pump out the gas Anyway, you don't have to go if you don't want to. I can find somebody else. I know it's risky, but it's too important not to take the Genesis Planet place. Let me go until you tell me why you like to Milo. Don't you see what this discovery could mean? A chance to look into the future. The chance to avoid making the same mistake twice. How How are we going to avoid? Don't you want to know your own fate? No. I don't want to know. An entire civilization may perish because of Europe. Howard is Why won't you support me? Didn't you see that? Of course I saw. Did you take a good look at it? What do you getting at shock you? What's the matter At some modern house? So it's not all through. Modern is not some weird, futuristic contraption filled with gadgets. We've never seen its modern, its contemporary. Don't you see what that means? This is as far as we're coming. This is the end of the line. Whatever's going to happen is gonna happen soon, and it's probably too late to stop it. But we can try if we know what it is. I don't want to know what it is. I don't want to know. So you won't support when Sid Dobbs arrived? You won't back me up. Sorry, Bert. You think I'm a raving lunatic? Shockey, Why isn't that rig going yet of and Hello, John. Hello, said Mr Dobbs. I'm sorry I gave orders for the rig to be running. That's all right, my little Forget it. The Regan's and going on isn't know. We've decided to suspend operations altogether. Suspend operations Lease is up in four days. I think it's that long to pack up and be out of here. As far as I'm concerned, the sooner we never see this place again, the better said when you say Suspend operations, you mean you intend to pull a pipe? Families who can afford to leave it behind. You can't do that. What? Why not? Removing the pipe would expose the whole to the fresh air. Well, there's something down there that would be destroyed by fresh air said. We struck some old clay rock yesterday. That's why the rig isn't going. John insisted on exploring in a nearby, Kay said, You have to listen to me. Shockey's right there is oil down there were within 20 ft of it. Are you asking me to start the re going again? No, no, no. I'm asking you to take a new lease on the land and hold off making a strike until I found until I've completed my explorations. John, I remind you that we've been listening to you for two years. There's no more time. It's all run out. You are also sitting on top of something infinitely more important than oil, and it's going to be destroyed. I think you need some sleep. That's your problem. It's just a minute. Moloch. I'm curious about these continued allusions, John. I might give you one more chance. I will accept your considered judgment as a rational scientist that the oil is there on hold off drilling. If you'll tell me what's down there that's so important judgment of the rational scientist. Oh, never mind. Said never mind. So I didn't pull a pipe. Okay, I'll have the men pack up the pull of pipe and dismantle the rig in the morning. Why didn't you just tell Mr Dobbs what it was you'd see? He wouldn't have believed me, Professor Anderson. Not not without Sharkey's corroboration. So we're going to start pulling the pipe in the morning and a golden opportunity will be lost forever. No, not exactly. Oh, what chance remains. Surely you don't intend to stop them at gunpoint. Oh, no. I'm gonna try going down again. She said there was gas sneaking that the ground was beginning to shift. We can wear masks against the gas and us for the shifting. Well, we'll just have to take that risk. You said we That's why I came to you, Professor. I need someone to go with me. It's a two man job. I I I don't know who else to turn toe. I know. I mean, uh, no. What your trying to say on a mission of such importance, I wouldn't hesitate. Not for one minute. And then you'll come with me. Here is a good way. Barely enough time as it is. I can't sell beside to see the last of this place. Something about it always did. Give me the willies that you better lock the gate for the last time. Okay, Ms. Talking Wait a minute. What's that? Why stuff on your boots? Black stuff. Why that that's your oil where you come from. But that's what I was trying to tell you all along. Door. Let's down there. Mr. Burke and I saw it. We waited toe Shirky, get Mr Dobbs from the office. Why I gotta start up that Rick. There is oil. Shockey Oil. Do you know what that means? Futures Golden Ah, house. Never into tier. Exactly like our own. From what duplicate civilization that inhabited the earth 12 billion years ago. How much of a good teachers? Women. Sharkey said he thought he teams and books in the living room. This way. Look. The table. Yeah, This is it. The history of the world by DV Devious for you. Learn. You realize what this will mean. Professor, When we open this book, I wonder what it is, John that were to learn about ourselves from no way. There is a legend in classical mythology about in case she offered to sell nine prophetic books to talk When the proud, the last of Rome's legendary kings, he refused 40 Shelter price is too high. So she burned three of the books and offered him the remaining six for the same price. Again, Tar Quinn refused and again civil burned three of the precious volumes. Finally, he bought the last three for the price of the original nine. But because of his stingy shortsightedness, mankind lost forever His chance to know what the future holds, I shall return shortly way really want to know what fate has in store for us? That would probably depend on whether or not we had the ability to act on that knowledge and to alter the impending course of events. But would it be a simple matter of avoiding a single fatal mistake? Or would we discover a future as complex as human nature itself? And, as unchangeable are cast included Michael Wager, Court Benson and Robert Dryden. Entire production was under the direction of Hyman Brown. This is E. G. Marshall, inviting you to return to our mystery theater for another adventure in the McCobb until next time Theo way.