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The Best Episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater Listen now to some of CBS Radio Mystery Theater's most memorable and intriguing episodes curated specifically for the lover of all things mystery. These timeless tales of murder, horror, and crime were first broadcasted in the 1970s as part of a radio drama series that captured audiences of all ages. We hope you can agree that these episodes are the ones that keep you listening, and make you remember sitting on the floor of your living room as a kid waiting for your favorite radio show to come on. Vurbl The Best of Old Time Radio
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This is a CBS Radio Mystery Theater classic, the type of story that reflects some good old-fashioned horror. Listen now to "The Premature Burial" and experience this creepy 1975 story come to life through chilling details revolving around the burial of a woman married to a wicked man. Something isn't right, however. When a doctor helps a loved one of the woman dig up her corpse, you'll never guess what they find.
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the CBS Radio. Mystery Theater presents Theo Way Welcome Im E G. Marshall This'll Week starts the second year of Mystery Theater, and it will be a week to remember a week devoted to the world's master of mystery, horror and the bizarre Edgar Allan Poe. Each night this week, it will be my pleasure and honor to bring you one of Poe's masterpieces are respectful tribute to the creative genius of a truly great author whose stories will live for all time. Help us celebrate the start of our second year of mystery by joining us every night this week in our salute to the world's acknowledged master of the macabre. Of all the fears that have plagued mankind, probably the most terrible was the possibility of being buried alive. Shrink away. You have nothing to fear, modern medical science being what it is. But not so many years ago, the thought of waking up in one's closed coffin We need 6 ft of earth. That was horrible sock indeed on and an ever present danger which led in at least one case toe a remarkably strange experiment. Let me go! Oh, please let me go. I'm dead. I tell you I must release her. Gordon. She's alive. Only my spirit lives. My body has been dead for a day. I thank you. Let me release from the spell of Mesmer is, um I cast over No Victorino. Oh, no, my darling. If I let Golden break his hold on you, you will be dead And I I can't face the horror of that. Worst horror awaits you Weigh our mystery drama. The Premature Burial was adapted from the Edgar Allan Poe Classic, especially for the Mystery Theater by George Lowther and Stars Care Delay. It is sponsored in part, by Buick Motor Division and sign off the Sinus medicines. I'll be back shortly with Act one. You're driving a car. You knew you were gonna by the minute you saw Skyhawk, Buick Skyhawk. You just knew a car. This streamline would be easy on guests and you were right and published EPA mileage test results Skyhawk a 25 MPG on the open road and 16 in the city Skyhawk. It's raking, It's low slung. It looks European, but it's a viewing thing. This is Bob concert line for the National Leukemia Association. Please remember this name Project Research, in addition to our other services are a special effort named Project Research has been established to help deliver a knockout punch against leukemia. Send your tax deductible donation today to Project Research Care. The National Leukemia Association Bucks three OO three Garden City, New York This is Bob Concert in saying thanks to you for a project research, you know we're committed to conquering leukemia. See if you can identify these sounds. Squeaky door lion growling motor scooter spot I stand. If you agreed with these guesses, you've been fooled because each sound was made by a whale. That's right. A great big, blubbery old whale just buzzing and clicking and grunting away. Deep down in the ocean. The National Audubon Society has joined a world effort to save these amazing animals from extinction. We need your help to find out what you can do, right. National Audubon Society, nine 53rd Avenue, New York, New York. 102 To you know, I am an inveterate, an incurable reader of diaries. The Paston letters, John even peeps Boswell, Young pastor killed Bert. I've read them all and many more. Besides the daily journals that is of lesser known folk. In so doing, I've happened upon some curious tales. But none, I assure you, that can match in sheer terror. The one I bring you now. I happened upon it years ago in a small out of the way bookshop in London, England. It's the journal of a young doctor, Dr Gordon Rainy. And it recounts certain events that took place in the year 1810. Now, let me see where I arrived at the Bull and bearing in Salisbury. The doctor writes one of the worst storms. And having stable my horse and seen to its proper care, soon found myself in the rooms. My friend Guy Peterson had engaged for himself in all the years I've known him since undergraduate days at Cambridge. I've never known this closest of my friends to be in such a state of overall knows they got Come, Gordon. Thank God you're here. Last my friend came as soon as I could after getting your message. But what is it? I have never seen you in such a state of nursing. You're actually trembling. They last week See her once the game days on her face. Look at me. Look at me. Look full into my eyes. What couldn't What are you doing? I'm merely calming you down through the use off Mesmer ism. Why do you stare at me if hats? Right, old friend? That's right. Calm down. Quiet yourself. Lose yourself. Go! That's it. That's no feel better. But how did you do it? What is this mess? MSM. Did you say yes? A means of controlling another person by well, to put it simplistically, dominating him with one's own will. The force of one's own willpower. But that's miraculous. And yet you did it. I feel ever so much common now because you made me good. And now, guy calmly Tell me why you sent that urgent message to meet you here in Salisbury. Victory! Victory! Who's dead? I know how you must feel. Course I sympathize deeply. But her death, Isn't it a blessing? Blessing? She's dead. Victory is dead. And at last, free of the hellish life. Sir Giles Buckingham, Let her come now, guy, Is that not something to thank God for right supposed to write? My dear, good friend, I know how much you loved who loved she was my heart, My soul, my very life. A life attended for me When her family forced her to marry Sir Charles. We talked of it again and again. But now that she is dead, perhaps you can try to take up your life again. I must think God see her. That's why I'm here. Why I asked you here. I must Gordon. He's upon her lovely face once more. But But she's buried. Buried a week ago you said in the family vault on the working in the state. I want to go there tonight. Forced entry into the vault. Open her coffin and look at her one small just once more. I need you because I I feel government. There is more to fear than that guy. What you mean a body dead and buried for a week in a damp and virtually airless vault guy. You will not see Victorino's. She was in life. I sell. See her. This is mad. I beg you unless I don't care what she has become. I must see her once more. Must I do it alone? Will you help me? If it is your wish? You wish it so strongly then Yes, I'll help you way. Must be careful not to be discovered. Gordon, this night makes everything is clear as day. I'll be no one about Unless the estate is guarded at night against poachers. Let's hope not. Wouldn't picking up? That could help a little company 7 may can hear is the gate to the state, is it? Look, Find out. No, Come. Yeah. So much for that now the the location of the vault. Do do you know where it is? Yes. That line of copper beeches on the hill Dizzy them? Yes. The vote lies just beyond. Come Wait. That barking dog. The place is guarded by a dog or even Donna. Don't let your nerves get the best of you. Had enough to face trouble when it comes. Not before that. It's on the ground. Closer, Gordon. Steady, man. Steady. Yes, it's on the grounds. All right. And coming this way. Let's step out into the open. Did you hope your dog is coming this way? I want to meet it in full moonlight because my only chance of subduing the beast if it can be done, will be with my eyes. My voice too. Yes, but the eyes. I see it coming over the hill against the moon. I cook most animals for their massive and the big one that he caught our scent stepping out into the moon quickly or all is lost. No, this to me. All right, boy. Right down. Right down. That's a good dog way. We're not here to do you any harm. We were friend with your friends, right? There's a good dog. I don't Unbelievable. Stopped in your eyes, Hilton to the one spot just by looking at him and with your voice. You. So Timmy calmed him. Took all the fight out of years. Now let's get on to the way. Way that Locke will have to use the pry bar. I brought help. He is quiet as you can. Yes. Yeah. Gate open way. I'm going like the lantern going guy guy once more. I urge you not to go through with this. Must you know I must have listened to me like polenta. I'm lighting the Langton, But listen to me. You remember Victorino as she Waas the lovely, innocent, gentle girl who was forced to marry Sir Giles seven years ago. The torments he put her through the daily torture of living with such a beast. These alone would have changed her face. But she is dead as well and buried here a whole week. Guy, I beg you once again remember her as she Waas, not as she must now be. Shine Dilantin about very well. Had there are at least a dozen coffins piled one on another. How can we tell which is Victorian? Hers would be one of the top most Yes, And the velvet covering would be the newest. The brass studs still right up that one up there, I think. Let's get it done and see. Just let me put the lantern over there. So now then I'll take the head of the coffin. You the other end. Can you reach it? Just a pull and pull it to the edge. And when we get it to the edge, we could put her hands under it and let it down gently. I heard it was it Couldn't be happy with what I thought. Ah, voice comes from inside a coffin. Oh, dear Prophet is Marines. Gordon. She's alive. Ally. Loathe him. Yeah, well, hurry. Name my nose and assembling those claims. Live it to me now. They home? I'm working. If I said I can There quickly. The landlord. Yes, Yes. Sign it into the coffee. There. Oh, look! Victory! Allies arrive. Thank you. My dear God, my dear Long Island Help me lift her out. I can't believe and lithe Think I wake up not knowing what you are. Everything black, suffocating air to breathe None don't think about And then you move in your field beside the coffin narrow You be happy You touch the lid with little me an inch of your face You know You know you scream with terror of it Your way going You're alive And that's all that matters is what I called a mad impulse. Your safe, my darling. E sweet way. Listen, we face a problem. What problem? How we're going to take it back to Sir Giles. How? Explain orders. Sir, Giles will have you have us arrested for breaking and entering. He's not going back to see Giles. She's coming with me away from this hellish place. I can't do is his one. I'll die before I let the child get his handled. Promise you may very well keep my dear sir. What? How did you the barking of my dog around me. I in turn, aroused My keepers were out and about scouring the woods. As it happens, I came this way. So the light of your lantern flickering in the votes and prepared to surprise what I thought to be grave robbers. Well, as it happens, I am the one surprise indeed. I'm shocked. I scarcely expected to find victory in alive. Yes, she's alive. And from here on, sir, Giles will live. I pray a far happier life with me than ever she did with you. Besides, I think not going anywhere, my friend. You and your accomplish, it's to jail. As for my wife, since he is returned to life, she will also return to me. You don't move, sir, I warn you. Or if you do, it will give me extreme pleasure to blow your head off with his gun. Extreme pleasure. I confess that at this point in Dr Gordon Rainey's journal, I thought the tail over and done with I was wrong for really It was only the beginning. I'll return shortly with that too. I want that Sinus medicine, headache, tablets no Sinus medicine. Sinus tablets help the headache and the pressure. Oh, you mean sign off. Exactly. Headache. Pain is one thing. 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Now, before you decide to buy anything on time, ask yourself if you could make the payments out of your regular income. How far is your credit extended? Now? Have you any credit or cash reserves to cover an unexpected builders or loss of job G? Thanks. Maybe I better think it over. Thanks for your advice. Not at all. Just another consumer kip from your better business. Well, as I said, I thought that Dr Gordon Rainy story had come to an end. He had gone with his friend Guy Peterson, to the vault where the woman he loved lay dead in her coffin, only to find her alive. And then, as he planned to run away with her, to save her from further torments at the hands of her husband. He was stopped by the appearance of that same husband, gun in hand, promising toe. Have him and Dr Rainey jailed Giles. I entreat you let them go. They've done no harm. On the contrary, If it hadn't been for Guy and Dr Rainey, I'd even now be lying in my Karpin a lot. Or that you were Ammu woman would that you were unexpected return from the grave will lose me a fortune. How could my being alive cost you anything? Lady Hastings is a widow. Lady Hastings has an income of 30,000 year. I proposed marriage to on Tuesday, and she accepted me. You You proposed marriage to another woman three days after your wife died. Why not? I'm alive. Very much alive and to live. One needs money. Why the look, Dr Rainey? You have more sense, it seems then sensitivity, Sir Giles insultingly will only worsen matters for your doctor. If that's possible, you can't be is unaware, as you would like to seem, that your career is ruined. A doctor, a physician arrested for breaking and entering, breaking and entering a mortuary. A sacred repository of the dead. Such island. You mustn't do this to Dr Rainey. He helped me because he's my friend. A good and true friend. He was against it from very start and would never have agreed to assist me had it not been for his deep and abiding sense of loyalty. Oh, do stop, Do or you shall have me in tears. Tears from a stone I stone stone that will crush your dear wife crush. Sure. Under the death you escape will seem a paradise toe. Put down that gun in. Ah, but I have no intention of putting down the gun. Certainly not until the bailiff arrives and takes you into custody to jail. But I shall see to it you rot the two of you. What you mean rot? I mean, quite simply, that once you're put in jail, you will never leave it. You will rub their doctor. You make no sense. Sir Giles, The penalty for breaking and entering penalties. Who speaks of Pentti? I do. There are laws Laws in this neighborhood. Only one law. Hear me? I am the law in the village of Buckingham. I am bucking. Horse is no sir. Giles. He will not imprisoned this man for the rest of his life. Nor will you imprison me. Oh, and may I ask why not? Because I say so. Because I tell you so. No, don't look away. Look at me. Look into my eyes. Have the courage to look into them and tell me Then will you imprison us? Why? Why? Such is my intention. Is your intention, sir Giles or Waas? Well, uh, well, it certainly waas I I need to say Well, the way you put it most eloquently. What Lord? It's working. He's doing it again. Doing watch. And you being a man of sensitivity, my eloquence, the validity of what I say has touched you. Is that not so? It is. So isn't it? Uh, yes. Seen in a different light, so to speak. Yes, it would serve no purpose. No purpose to put you in jail. None 100. And so you let us go. You will let us go. Yes, Yes. Go! Get out of my sight! The two of you never come back as leave guy Serene under the law, there's nothing weakened. Oh, she is his wife. I can't leave her. You must. The bailiff will be here any moment that I can't dominate. Sir Giles will with mine much longer. It's Marine. Go, my darling, to leave you with him. Whatever happens to me will be harder to bear. If you were in prison, go, I entreat you. Oh, second thought is coming out of it. Guy, my friend. I've done all I can for you and I'll not see my career ruin because you got your right. Goodbye, my darling. I me Gordon, do something. Do anything to believe me and told me You must control yourself. I think of her dream of her. She is never my fault. And and always I am stricken with a thought that my very imaginings are is nothing Toe He is really doing to her the beatings of the starving of her, Her very loneliness, the bios, objections to his passions. Merciful headed. I still go out of my mind. Yes, guy. You shall. Unless you pull yourself together. If you don't stop thinking off her If you don't stop letting your fancy invent miseries use very likely not suffering. You will go in saying you will. Some of the door. Who were you expecting? Someone? No, no, The one But I want to see a lancer. Victory, Gordon. Heavens, Come in, my dear sky guy. Look, it's Victorine Victorine. Oh, it is. It is my dearest bear it No! Oh, Oh, man! Your home. A victory. He may kill me, but I'll never go back. Never! He never loved me. Now he hates me because I keep him from marrying Lady Hastings and her fortune and making me pay. Oh, save me from him. Let him take it here. Victory. Some brandy. Uh huh. Lie down on the couch. They're my Relax. Let me take over. Guy going bar the door and bar. It's solidly, Father. He must know. She has fled and toe where she has fled. And he cannot risk her out of his sight because because what damage? What said Let me say it for him. Once again. I am, You know? Yes. Unless I can find rest. Unless I can feel myself safe from him. I shall die. You will. I want to die talking man for once. About that door. Too late. So I threw the ball. Not enough broken down. But unless you want a smash door with nothing gained open, take it back to Buckingham. Yes, he will. She's his wife. There's nothing you can do now. Damn you all at it again. I owe stealing my wife taking what belongs to me. You men take up no over my dead body weight. Stand back or I'll brain you with this candlestick. All right, then. Yeah, You'll be next, my friend. If you don't anywhere move back. You're quite a hand with a candlestick. Dr. Rainey laid my man out. You know what this means for you? Perhaps you should consider what it means for you, sir. Giles. Visa? Yes. You're not in Buckingham now. You're in London seeking a wife who's run from her husband to Oliver knows a woman who has come to her Doctor. What's what you say? Your your wife is dangerously ill. You have only to use your eyes to see that I being her friend. I'm sure she saw me at my residence on Do not finding me There came here. Adroit. Most adroit. Dr Rainey, may I ask then if you prescribed for her illness? Not as yet, Sir Giles. But you will. Yes. Not good enough. Dr. Rainey, as her husband are lawful husband. I intend to take her back with me to bucking him. Victory in my darling. Come with me. No, really. Now you've no Tonio. Take your hands off you guy. You have no recourse in the eyes of the law. She is his wife. He wants her and you cannot keep her from him sensibly said Dr Here, dear, while good wife, faithful and loyal wife take my hand and let me help you from off that couch. Take my hand file. You have bio still think so? I shall never touch you again. I'd rather burn off my hands That you you evil mass Die rather than go back with you Die, Damn you! Come. No, no, no! She's dead. Oh, no! Are you sure, Doctor? She was pronounced dead once before you know there is no pulse. I could detect no vital signs. To all intents and purposes, she is dead. Ah, you modern day doctors always escaping in words and phrases toe all intense and purposes. Which is to say you are not who is sure of anything Sir Giles However, considering what has gone before, we will keep you here under observation for a few days. You'll do nothing of the sort. You men Wait! What are you doing? Possessing myself of my property, Sir, whether it be alive all day. But you can't do this. You can I don't know my carry garden. There is nothing either of us can do. And guy she is dead. I'm virtually short of that. But if she is not, don't trouble yourself. Your own friend. A man you trust, Dr Gordon. Rainy, his pronounced dead. All I intend to do, you see that she's properly buried this time to stay properly buried. Is she dead? You must understand. In those days, more than half essentially ago, one was never sure. I'll return shortly for Act three. 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So it Waas that I refused and again refused when he begged. Help me! I beg you, Gordon, help me. That is what I am trying to do By refusing what you ask, we were caught in the act of entering the bucking involved. The first time we would surely be caught a second. There could be no doubt that Sir Giles is having the place guarded. If there's a God would get past it somehow. Or knocking unconscious. Oh, yes. You You could mesmerize him as you did that dog and answered your guy. My dear, good friend, Listen to me first. Victory mean is how could you say that she suffers. She must suffer from some sort of melody that makes her only appear to be dead. There are such maladies. Everything you say is true. But you admit she could yet be alive buried alive in that to me. The nah, Stop it! Stop it! Second thing I was going to point out is that Mesmer ism doesn't always work. Some people in the kind of peasant type would likely be guarding the ball cannot be brought under the hypnotic influence. Yes, and the third thing is this. I am a doctor. If I get caught again, sir Giles could end my career. And all I have tried to be all the good I can accomplish in this world would be set up north. I'm sorry, guy. I cannot risk it again. Then I must do it alone. You will not do it alone. You cannot stop me. No one. Nothing can stop me from rescuing Victorian from that bone. Are you are mad? You're thinking irrationally acting sense that my concern and certainly no longer yours Guy Guy gave me Gordon. I must prepare for the journey to Salt Spring. We'll leave. I think I'll go with you. You've changed your mind. I have not. But this is a mad business and I'm a fool to help you. But I am also your friend. Bolt is God. Yes, I see the man. Big Brody is. Do you think you could mesmerize him? Bring him under. What did you call the hypnotic influence? I doubt it is the type I told you about All muscles, little brain. It's a dark night. To make things worse, you wouldn't be able to see my eyes clearly. Do you dare try? I have no choice. But keep this in mind, Guy. If I fail, as I most certainly shall run for it. Do you understand? Don't try to fight him. Run! Yes, whatever you say. All right, Now that step out of these bushes and walk towards him, say and do nothing. Leave things to me. Who's there? I don't shoot friends and stand where you be. They look at you. Of course we mean no harm, friend. We are simply two gentlemen who got lost in these woods. And so how come your loss this year is booking a manner and it's around it. All of it with an iron fence of Have you got in? Well, we really don't know. It's a dark night. And our eyes, our eyes couldn't see much like this tour. You must believe me. My site is very poor as it is. Very poor. I look for yourself, look into my eyes and see for yourself. Now what is this? Look into your eyes. It's up to the manor outs with you to where you're on Citrus. A joyous trespassing on his, uh, guy takes care of him. You you stabbed, You couldn't control him. I said to run if I couldn't. But I think you killed quickly into the vault. Wait! What's happened to you? Don't. Don't you realize that you've just murdered a man and it's got mad? You have gone. I am insane, is you? But Maduro saying I must get Victorino out of that boat Now. Come. All right, all right. But have been helped me. What have I got myself into now? Apply. Brought where you had. Oh, yes, yes. Come alive? Uh, a bit There. There's a constant. We'll get the little things between you. Hear me? How you live, my dearest, Have fainted. Or Gordon, that's possible. Isn't it alive but things? A guy. My poor deal. Let's often as I told you, Day way. Can't be sure. You know we can't miss your guy in the name of reason. Help me. Help me Get out of the constant. To what purpose? Take a back with us to London and Acre. Back. Where? To my place. First place, Sir Giles will come to then to your mind. Do you realize what you're asking of me? If you're the friend you claim to be, what you ask is impossible. You've already made me your unwitting accomplice to murder and night guy, you are out of your mind. You, Gordon, are no friend. I I I beg you. Leave her where she is. She's dead. Leave her. A PC is dead, and I am taking you back to London Way. Whoever may read these pages of my journal thinks me a full. I could not agree more, but Guy was my closest friend. And what's more was clearly deranged by the love. He bore victory and his horror of letting her be buried alive. So we took her body to my rooms in London. Three days she lay on the couch in my sitting room guy never leaving her side night or day. But on the third day, I knew something must be done to end this madness of his look. There's no sign, Matt. One of decomposition is because it is the middle of winter. And we kept the windows open and the fire in the fireplace. The sitting room of mine is a virtual ice. How'd Oh, I'm going to listen to what you persist in doing is not only lunacy, it is sacrilege. Dead deserves a decent burial. If you love victory in as you say you do, let us bury her guy. Bury her tonight where you will. What could be taken When I thought of that and prepared for it. A grave awaits her body and some pancreas cemetery. All is arranged. Weaken. Take her now under cover of night. I think I just do it. Good. Good. Now I've kept my carriage waiting below. Do you want to carry her or shall I let me? It will be the last time I hold in my arms. Right. Pick her up, guy. What was that? Nothing. Come on, let's go downstairs. But she gave a sigh when I picked him up. I You heard Gordon. You heard Lord. I did hear Move! Assad is alive. I knew it. I in heaven's name. The card! Victory! Victory! Do you hear me? I have taken your hand in mine. Do you feel it? Can you open your eyes? If you can open them. She has cordon. She's gazing at Victorine. Do you see guy? Well, well, well. I am near death. No. Only work of life remains. No, no, she must not die. Gordon, stop what? You're saying militarism, They feel like influence. Use it. Are you mad? Use it. How a man not to die command her to live. Command her to live command what? To live when there was scarce. A breath of life in her. Her mind, her spirit. What? But I did it. May God in his infinite mercy. Forgive me. I did it. Using the powers of Mesmer is um I held her eyes with mine and commanded her. Forced to live even though over and over she cried out and I did not let her go. Could not let ago because yes, I can visit because the experiment fascinated me. I Dr Gordon Rainy committed for over five long weeks committed the sin, the crime, the sacrilege of holding the spirit within the dead body to this earth. Even though it pleaded entreated bag in a short time. Yes, But tell me first. What are you? Spirit? Soul? Mind What? Dead? What? That some of the door answer. You found your last day a damn grave robber such I've yes, new doctor radio also help me will no longer They call doctor when I'm through with you know, child. Know what this knows a child, but he speaks. I heard her speak here. We see for myself a way. Don't you touch my head out of my way or what? So I said, Don't put up. Oh, you shot him. You killed guy boy stamped me to death as he stabbed my servant self defense that now enough of this. I came from my wife's body. But it appears I should be taken. Your wife back to Buckingham Manner with me. Browser browser at once. I cannot, Sir Giles, she is dead. Has been dead for more than six weeks. I heard her speak kiss. But it was her soul spirit. I don't know what but not her body. Her body is dead. Yes, Dad, I beg you. Don't hold me any long, Guys. Here, let me go to him. I say to you that I am dead. Let me go. She comes with May know she goes where she should have gone long since now had it not bean for me, Victorine, I release you go And in the sanctity of death joined the lover you never had in life. What's happening? But it just integrating before my eyes. Horrible indeed it Waas for using Edgar Allan Poe's own words upon the couch. Then Ole, not the body of Victorine, but a nearly liquid mass of lose some detestable few traces, Mr Pose words Mind when he set out to horrify you. He horrified you. I'll be back shortly. Ladies and gentlemen, today, our man on the street interview comes to you from a big city USA. Uh, excuse me, sir. What? What do you get high on? Important. You know what you turn on with? What? You some kind of a cop? Well, it doesn't make any difference anyhow, because I don't use anything. Then how do you get high? Oh, I got high. A lot of things. Like seeing my kids stop the walk or the first Dan allies in part. Anything else? Yeah. Getting tired. Gives me I if it's a tired, you know, from something I like, like bowling with The guys are taking a long bike ride, but they would you believe polishing my car gives me high, and it's even legal in other words, then it you get a natural high. Yeah, natural. That's it. Which, incidentally, doesn't mean that your high all the time, it would be a reasonable to expect to be high over time. It's like getting high on life, Sure, but you're gonna remember getting high on life. Could be habit forming. This many interview was brought to your nation wide by the New York State Drug Abuse Control Commission. Premature burial is only one of a number of stories by the master Edgar Allan Poe. I've had the pleasure of bringing you we now and generations to come. Will owe so much to his imagination is vibrant. Fancy that it might be nice to think of him now and then Let his name has through your thoughts as it does through mine, and to wish him well wherever he may be. Our cast included Cure Delay, Paul Hecht, Guy Cyril and Marion Selves. The entire production was under the direction of Hyman Brown on Now, a preview of our next tail. What is their conditions? Well, it's not fatal, Thank God. Not even very serious. Badly bruised toe cut over her right eye. But she's going to be all right. The monster failed to make good his threat to kill her. He may indeed thank God for that. A toll east. We know more than we did before, Monsieur Dupre. We know that the murderer is a big man. A huge man off. Unbelievable strength on that. He has black hair. We know a great deal more than that. Damn we do. I do. And so do you. Only is I've said before. You don't know, you know. Oh, Monsieur, Monsieur, I do not have your brilliant brain. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that you can solve this awful mystery that you can save event. The murderer failed this time. But if you try again, Radio Mystery Theater was sponsored in part by sign off the Sinus medicines and Buick Motor Division. This is E. G. Marshall inviting you to return to our mystery theater for another adventure in the McCobb. Until next time. Pleasant dreams, Theo Way. Join us again tomorrow night at 10. 30. Is Edgar Allan Poe. Week continues the first anniversary celebration of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater on Krnv