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Dr. Thomas discusses what successful people have in common, and what kind of mindset propelled his success.
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Okay, let me say it this way. They looked at the most successful men and women of the world, and they found that they had, like, 78 things in common. And one of the things they all had in common was a routine. They are obsessed with their routine. They don't have a gap of wasted time. They would. You know, I realized the reason why I'm so successful. And the reason why I don't get in trouble like I used to when I was younger is because when I was younger, man, my schedule has so many gaps in it. The devil had, like, okay, he might pray at six, but my man is watching TV, He playing video games by 8. 30. It's not that I'm sweeter than nobody. The devil can't get to me because all my time is taken up and by the time he gets to me, I'm sleep. I'm to sleep out the send. I'm just being real 8. 30. He like Eric. You should have, like, I'm tired. I come back to me tomorrow. Said like, tempt me tomorrow. I'm about to go to sleep. I'm good. E don't have I'm just tired right now. He's like, but no, you want to. I'm like, I don't wanna do that. I'm tired, but let's try tomorrow morning, right? I'm being real. I get up at eight o'clock in the morning. I'm sure he there like, three o'clock. I'm sure he they're like E go back to sleep. Listen to me. I promise you all I got up the other day. I got up the other day like a three o'clock in the morning, and I woke up and I was just walking around like I was like, I'm so tired here. I heard the devil said, Go back to sleep. I was like, Yeah, you're right. I should go back to sleep. What? I'm saying I go lie. I was like, Bro, you wanted something. Hey, he's like, Why you getting up this early? You already number one in the world. What? You already number one in the world? E you already doing what you're supposed to be doing Like you've been grinding. Just go ahead is three and my body said, Yo e, what would you go back to sleep for? I said I'm tired. Nobody said you're not tired. I said Well, why would you say I'm not tired? He said because you woke up without an alarm clock. You walk yourself up. So if you were tired, your body wouldn't let you get up. If you were tired, your body would make you sleep to six. You got up is three. Know what you don't want to do is the grind, but you're up. So do me a favor, Eric. You don't even have to do anything. You don't have to work. You've been getting up in three so early in the morning. Don't even worry about it. That put your shoes on. And when you get on the trap, me, we're just gonna do it for you because you've been doing it every day for three o'clock in the morning. Real. My body said all. You gotta put your shoes on. That's the hardest thing you gotta do. You put your shoes on and I'll do the rest. I can't put your shoes on for you, but put your shoes off and then just go. And I just went and I was walking for the do the 11 inclined boy and I was just walking for an hour and I was just like, you know, what's almost an hour? I don't feel like running my body was like, Only worry about it. We'll get to that when we get to it. I did my our was about to get off. My body was like, You know, we run now. I said what? We run now. Let's go. You ain't tired. I said I am tired. No, you're not. You just walk for an hour. You're not tired. They're your brain is telling you some dumb stuff. If you were tired, you wouldn't be able to walk for an hour. Okay, so let's do this. Just run for two minutes. I'm trying to help somebody right now going through a whole other level. The reason why you go back to sleep is because you've always going back to sleep. It's like a default. You go back to sleep because you are. All you gotta do is stop going to sleep, and then you're gonna stop going to sleep. All you gotta do is stop fussing in custody. You're gonna stop fussing in constant. All you gotta do is stop spending all the money you've got and start saving it