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Audio of Les Brown: Belief

From Audio: Les Brown: Belief
Last Played: March 29, 2021
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Les Brown, famous inspirational speaker, also known for his work as an author, radio DJ, and television host, offers some insight and motivation for finding success and focuses on the root causes of the things holding you back from achieving it.
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take a brave look at your life. Look at your life right now, where it ISS. So let me ask you some questions as you begin to look out on the future. Look out on this year. Let's take personal inventory. What has brought you here as you begin to look at the things that took place this past year, Did you get out of it? What you wanted? Did you achieve the goals that you set out to achieve What part of your life or what things did you do that you don't want to be a part of your life? Are there any people as you begin to look at your life and look at where you want to go on what you want to do? Are there any people that might be some dead weight that you need to think about unloading? Because what you have found through that relationship that it's more toxic than it is nourishing is more debilitating than it is empowering. And so now you've got to make a decision. See, many of us won't be able to move forward because we're not taking true inventory of our lives. Askew begin to look at your emotional your spiritual and intellectual development. How many books did you read? How many seminars did you attend? How many classes that you take to begin to develop yourself professionally to improve your craft or your skill? How many new things that you learned? Just take some personal in material, just thinking, just thinking, just thinking, beginning to know yourself. What are the things about your past that has influenced you right now? What's your philosophy of life? What do your beliefs things that you feel very strongly about? What are some of the things that you have picked up along the way that you've been doing them for so long? You think that there you that you need to begin to re examine them and perhaps get them out of your life? See a lot of things we're doing. We do unconsciously because we picked it up somewhere in life. A friend of mine out of Chicago named Ria Steel. I was at her house toe, have dinner, and Rhea, who was born in Chicago, has a tremendous southern draw. After I met her mother, I said, Where did really get herself and draw from? She said. my sisters came up from Kentucky and they used to be her baby sitter, and she picked it up while in their presence. And real still has that draw. What is it that you picked up somewhere in life that maybe be might be a liability to you? What fear what beliefs that you're holding onto tenaciously that's no longer allowing your life toe work. It's not enabling you to produce the results that you want to produce in your life, and you're still clinging to them. See, as we go into a new world, there's some old behaviors that just won't fit. What are the events? What are the circumstances? What are the people that have shaped you? Just thinking, just thinking one of the things that you need to let go some things that have cost you pain that's stifling your growth and development. What are those things? As you begin to look at your profession of your career, what is it that you need to do to begin to upgrade your skills or your knowledge to continue for you to be competitive in the marketplace? As you begin to look at yourself and ask some of these questions. What is something that you're good at? Are you living your passion? Are you living your dream? What do you regard as your greatest personal achievement? What is the one thing that other people can do to make you most happy? Let's think about these things. What would you do if you had one year to live and guaranteed success in anything you decided to do? What would that be? What would you do with your life if you had it to live over, getting to know yourself? What is one value, One deep commitment from which you would never bulge? What is one cause that you would like to become involved in to make a difference on the planet? I work in the Cook County Jail in Chicago. It gives my life or great deal of joy and fulfillment. Have you found something like that in your life that you could enjoy doing working with people? I have a friend that's working with physically handicapped people, she said. It's been the most rewarding experience she's ever had. She used to be a constantly depressed individual, always feeling sorry for herself. It has changed her life. She's a grateful person. She's found something that she's lost herself in. What is your biggest setback, failure or defeat of the past year? What is it about you? If somebody really knew they wouldn't get into a relationship with now, don't go tell it. But once you acknowledge what that is, then start working on and changing change that. It's easy to blame the other person, but start taking ownership for where you are. Are you proud of how you have been living your life? Have you explored your natural talents, your gifts by enthusiastically trying a variety of activities? Ladies and gentlemen, a lot of us have so much talent and abilities. We just put him back on the back burner, just left him aside someplace, never did anything with him, never brought him out here, used to doing extremely well in high school or college, or just had a natural gift and never did anything with it. What do you sitting on? What gifts are you sitting on? Have you resign yourself to a life, feeling that nothing can be done to change your future or your circumstances? Have you been afraid to try something different because you're afraid of how people will react to you or what they will think. Those are some of the things that I suggest that you begin toe.
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