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Audio of Radio Broadcast During Cuban Missile Crisis

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Radio broadcast during the Cuban missile crisis, including coverage from Moscow. This takes place on Day 7 after "The most frightening week in history".
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Radio broadcast during the Cuban missile crisis, including coverage from Moscow. This takes place on Day 7 after "The most frightening week in history".
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your June to Radio Mostel. In addition to instructions transmitted to stop construction work on installations in Cuba, Month has ordered the dismantling no weapons in Cuba as well as they're creating and returned to the service union. I was Radio Moscow at nine o'clock this morning, Mister Cruz job creating up his missiles and shipping them home. Rarely has any wake in history, and it in such an unexpected climax. We will have a look at that week. This is Racial or NBC News. Washington at this is NBC news percent Today and NBC News Special Crisis in Cup Ah, seventh day. Now there is NBC News White House correspondent ratio. This is a week These seven days that shook the world, the United States almost went to nuclear war. Perhaps no one will ever know I'll close. It came, except for Nikita Khrushchev's, who apparently had no illusions. The feeling in official Washington, after one of the most frightening weeks in history is that it's too early for relation but not too early to wonder what happened and why it happened. Moscow was, of course, in the last 48 hours has seemed contradictory and see exactly as if the Kremlin, We're having a great private debate. The eyes are not dotted, and the teas are not cost. But everything seems easier. The mood here is still caution, spelled with a Capital C whose stuff is offered to remove his missiles in Cuba. If he does, we will call off the quarantine and there will be no invasion. The president today calls Chris Jobs decision, statesman like, How does the United States made a deal with Moscow? The answer is no. What, then, is in this for Chris job? There will be no arm show down. There will be no nuclear war. The Cuban problem will still be there for us. But the Castro now stands before the world is the expendable man. Now do the news at the moment, first to White House correspondent Sander Vanocur at the White House. This is Sander Vanocur, NBC News reporting from the White House, where in just about a minute or two reporters will be going into new secretary PR salad his office to get the text of President Kennedy's latest letter to Premier Christy. Job is the letter that's expected to outline the details on the this modeling and the transfer offensive weapons in Cuba and now for the situation at the Defense Department. Here is Peter Hackett at the Pentagon. In brief. Ray, we're still taking aerial photos. We've seen no sign as far that the Russians have stopped building those missile sites and our military activity, including the Block aid, is still on in full force until there's evidence that work has stopped and that the dismantling has the gun, that's the way it will continue. Now here's LA able NBC State Department correspondent, Secretary of State Rusk is prepared to go to New York to take personal charge of the negotiations with Russia's because it solves, and Tucson administration is taking nothing for granted at this moment. Reaching agreement on the fine print may be tricky, but there is hope now for political solutions through diplomacy, thanks to the president show of determination back by force. Now the Pollen Frederick NBC News at the United Nations Secretary General Start has just accepted Cuban premium Castro's invitation to go to Advanta to discuss the crisis that leaves on Tuesday. He will take a staff with him, leaving some of the members behind when he returns to New York. Meanwhile, he's continuing his round of conferences here. He sees Soviet delegate Zorin in half an hour for reaction in musk. Oh, here is NBC is done. Connery people are on radio and television concessions to the United States today. It will be welcomed by the great people of Cuba ready to engage in the United States. It means that of the determination of the American with with mean disaster space for the Soviet Union, as it may be able to retrieve something by now appearing to the world as a man of peace, it at all, and a tremendous cost of sending in that part of the Communist world dominated by Donald News months ago, Secretary General Front and writing to Castro that he was happy to go to Havana to discuss the crisis, said that he could appreciate the feeling that the unreserved respect for the sovereignty of Cuba as an essential prerequisite 20 solution of the problem. He also said he hoped there could be a solution that would reassure other countries which have felt themselves threatened. I recent developments and killed, but where all this leaves Fidel Castro here is John check in Key West Sylvia Premier Chris Just announcement that Russia was dismantled its missile bases in Cuba is the biggest blow to Castro's prestige since he took power almost four years ago. The Cuban premier loses whatever respect he still had in Latin America, and he loses prestige among his own people who had been told that the Russians would not let him down. But Castro still has a face saving out his top lieutenants like president. As followed, articles have been saying publicly that Cuba is always ready to discuss differences with the United States, providing the two countries need as equal sovereign state. This is John Lambert Tech, NBC News, Key West. How the American Show of Strength Look to Allied Capitals in just a minute. But first, this message, This is John. Spread out around me are symbols of the pickup points with which NBC will cover the nation on election night. From these points and an election central in New York, we will gather in broadcast returns using a new technique that will result in the greatest speed ever achieved in election reporting. Here is David Brinkley, with information on the non human side of NBC's coverage. These represent some of the component parts of the RCA 501 computer. We will use its great speed to find trends, and these running totals will be sending this information back out to you as soon as you make it available to us. Check any predictions? Well, they, But I think we'd better wait until Tuesday. November sex. When the returns come in, join us on the network. More people watch for news and easy coverage starts at seven Eastern time on this NBC station well, just before today's Southern climates. What we're allied capitals saying about the United States demonstration of willingness to defend its vital interests. We hear from London, Tokyo, Rio in Paris, first, NBC European correspondent Joseph C. Heart. The killer crisis, of course, inevitably produce another test of the strength of, um, neutral ism here in Britain. The result of this test is of all previous test was to expose nuclear them as being weaker than most people have assumed. The nucleus were surprised and disappointed. The American Embassy was surprised and delighted. Neutral ism was able to mount one fairly rough demonstration rye. It might be more accurate word in front of the American Embassy here in London on the first night and scattered lesser affairs in other cities. But the top figures of the British government took a firm line of support for president candidate from the very first moment, and they never wavered. Most newspapers did waver on that first morning after, and then swung around steadly by Friday responsible, and the majority opinion in the country was seemed to be firmly behind Washington. If one purpose of the exercise will respect the alliance, it fails spectacularly here in Britain DOESn't see harsh NBC News London The restaurant owners are living in a state of tension for the last 17 years. The current crisis is just part of life in the divided city. Of all the friends and allies the Americans have around the world, none are firmer than the ordinary Berliners. If there's any criticism of President Kennedy and the American government is that they should have stood up to the Russians long ago. Again and again, one here is the remark. There's only one thing the Russians understand, and that is for it. As the days go by with nothing happening, the feeling there may be another block eight of Berlin is diminishing, but Berliners are taking no chances. Determine the state put barely anyway stores and non perishable goods to make sure they all have enough if the city is cut off again. But there's no panic and certainly notice there, they said. He's nightlife is booming, as hundreds of reporters who have flooded in find themselves with nothing to do but enjoy themselves. John NBC NEWS Berlin The Japanese government has taken a sympathetic attitude toward the American action on Cuba. Prime Ministery Kata has written the President Kennedy, saying that he considers the Soviet harming of Cuba with missiles a threat to security and upset the international balance, which so far he says his maintain peace mystery. Kata says he strongly supports the United States position in the United Nations, and he has instructed his delegates to work with the Americans. One American diplomat here says the Japanese attitude is quite immature reactions. Even the Japanese press, which likes to tie into the Americans at every provocation this time, has not been too critical. It's also significant. It seems to me that the left is here in Japan, have been able to stir up only minor anti American demonstrations. Overall among the Japanese, there's an understanding of why we had to do it, coupled with a great fear of the possible consequences. This country is extremely sensitive because of its own familiarity with nuclear warfare. John Rich, NBC News Tokyo Most positions are having difficulty figuring out their government's attitude toward Castro in the Soviet arms. On the one hand, Brazil supports the U. S naval blockade of Cuba, On the other hand, Brazil so she will never agree to any interference with Castro's government. Most presenting newspaper editorials criticized Brazil's attempt to be for the United States and for Cuba. At the same time, the pro Cuban revisions a very loud minority, insisted Brazil condemn the U. S naval block. Aid this Brazil has not done. The anti Castro president, mostly middle and upper class businessmen, insist that Brazil help to get rid of Castro as well as his Soviet arms. This result will not do. The official position seems to be a pox and the past on both your houses. This is Wilson Hall, NBC News Rotation Area. Apart from the Communist who's reaction is predictable and a certain story I'd group that believes that peace is best served by no action at all. Trances reaction to the Cuban prices has been generally sympathetic to the American position. Officially, the French government led by president the goal while noting that it was really in, um, but not consulted on. President Kennedy's decision has given the United States unusually sympathetic, uh, support it's understands and shares American concern about possible Communist penetration into Latin America. Most French publications have applauded the American initiative, observing that for once it's the Russians have been caught off balance. As for the ordinary Frenchman, many were shocked and concerned by the American move, worrying about the risk and consequences now that it appears to be working out effectively. Vote for peace in the West. Frenchmen are giving it more wholehearted support. This is Bernard Chazelle, NBC News Paris. We should like to append one footnote here. We do not have the benefit of Telstar. Today. Are overseas Correspondence gave their reactions before today. Seven. Turn of events NBC correspondence are still standing by at their various news beach. We hope not to explore the meeting of today's events with them first to the White House. Sander Vanocur. What is the mood there. Really? Exuberance, Caution? What would you call it? Well, I don't know what you'd call it now, right? We went into the new secretary. Pierce challenges briefing in the interim between the beginning of the program and right now, expecting to get some specific details on how the United States and the Soviet Union will proceed toward the common end of removing offensive weapons from Cuba. And what we got was a text of a message from President Kennedy, the chairman Chris Job, which I think there are three main points. One, The president says he hopes the necessary measures can be taken at once to the UN, as your message says, That's Chris Jobs message. So the US, in turn, will be able to remove the quarantine measures now in effect. And secondly, Christian referred to an American plane violating Soviet airspace in, uh, eastern Siberia. The president says he's learned this plane, which was, uh, direct from an Air Force base in Alaska to the north Part and return did stray by navigational error off course, the pilot made an emergency call an open radio for navigational assistance, and we've got it back to his home base by the most direct route, says the president. I regret this incident, and we'll see to it that every precaution is to taken to prevent reoccurrence. Now the third point, the president seems to open up the opportunity of Cruz. Jock wants to avail himself of it returned to other problems outstanding between the country, the president says. Perhaps now, as we step back from danger, we can together make real progress in the vital field of disarming. I think we should give priority the questions relating to the proliferation of nuclear weapons on Earth that in outer space and the great effort for a nuclear test ban. But we should also work hard to see if y the measures of disarmament can be agreed and put into operation at an early day. The United States government will be prepared to discuss these questions urgently and in a constructive spirit at Geneva or elsewhere. And that's the end of the, uh, no to crystal. Very good, Sandy, we've got to move on and all that swimming across the river to the Pentagon. What about Christian sudden agreement to this model? The basis has there been any let up in the United States military action, right? I would say the picture here is that there hasn't been the slightest let up. Our naval Block eight is continuing to patrol the high seas around Cuba, although we are told that the flow of Russian ships toward Havana has become markedly different today. A Pentagon spokesman told us here that most of the Russian chips that were underway now it disappeared from sight. They must have changed course. Our aerial surveillance continues. And at the Pentagon, we've just had the release of the picture of the U. S. Air Force pilot who's reconnaissance plane was lost over Cuba yesterday. He's major root off Anderson, 35 years old of Greenville, South Carolina. No word on how his playing was lost or what kind it was. His father, however, is quoted on one of the wire services. Having said that Major Anderson wants to training as a U two pilot. What about the situation at the moment? Are the Russians continuing to build sites? What do we know about that? Well, they were right up until just a few hours ago. We've had no reports since the Christian offer to dismantle the basis here at the Pentagon. Another set of intelligence pictures was released today. Ballistic missile site at San Cristobal to launch positions are ready for firing with several buildings, uh, still under construction. Many vehicles show up in these pictures, and we're told that there's evidence here of intensive activity. Another picture taken outside, well, a grand A site. Five days ago, you'll notice a beautiful service road leading to the lunch area, where you'll see a canvas covered missile Erector surrounded by other camera flies. Nothing. There's enough equipment here. Now we're told to send a ballistic missiles on flight store. The U. S is up to 1100 nautical miles. The intelligence people say this particular photo shows not only an intense effort to cover up the activity, but that the missiles are ready now at a moment's notice for firing. Another picture, also at Grundy, shows a low level angle shot of a large site. Those missile ready buildings and the center rear of the picture are where the missiles and their warheads our house and assemble so you can see right. The activity generally continues. That's impressive. Thank you very much to New York now, and United Nations correspondent Paul in Frederick. Hello. Right. I'm sorry, I didn't hear your question, but, uh uh, perhaps I can anticipate it and, uh, suggest that the key role now in this crisis will be played by the little Bernie Statesman who has an office here on the 38th floor. It was not the Secretary General and accepting the invitation of Casco to go to Havana. One have to assume that he has the approval of the United States. And certainly, uh, Castro wouldn't have extended the invitation if it hadn't been approved in advance for the Soviet Union. And that's the statements, installments, discount this morning. And definitely to say that it would be all right for him to go to have a and negotiations will get underway. Possibly, uh, late to after mister arrives. He will, uh, validly workout me supervising verification that the bases are being dismantled and the weapons being withdrawn, as Kristoff has promised they would be and also has a much broader program, was trying to negotiate the various issues that have got this whole situation to such a state of crisis. Thank you for calling from the United Nations now to united States diplomacy with me, n b c. State Department correspondent LA Able LA How close is this agreement to being certain? Well, uh, the feeling at the State Department seems to be that the Russians are quite serious. Uh, there was apparently a great debate within the Kremlin before this latest proposal. This morning. Uh, the feeling is the Russians are not prepared to go ahead with serious negotiations. There is some encouragement at the decision in moscote to send cousin. It's off to New York Are people feel he's somewhat more adaptable, more flexible, Perhaps in this desire in his place he would be taking. Why would Chris just suddenly do this after being so apparently confident all week, Why suddenly changed position? Well, um, it's very hard to read anybody's mind. It's hard for me. It's hard for the secretary of state. I think the feeling here is at the Soviet Union in the last few days became very keenly aware of the the determination of President Kennedy to see this thing through and, if necessary, to risk a nuclear war. Uh, I don't think that mister history of once a nuclear war, I think Cuban waters are probably the place in which he would be least prepared to fight one. Uh and so that in effect, what did he get out of this? He was fair to war. Uh, I think all of us ought to be grateful for that. What about Mister Castro and his demand that we now get out of Guantanamo? Is that part of the arrangement? Uh, it's a little hard to say, Ray, Uh, the feeling in our government, is it. Mister Castro has rather been down rated throughout all these negotiations. Uh, and then it's a little hard to say, uh, how much voice he has left? Uh, it may be, however, and it should not be ruled out as a possibility. Once he feels in effect, pushed out of the picture, he may, uh, make a certain amount of noise because he is the the big loser in this whole proposition. We don't know. What do you see is the big lesson of the week for United States diplomacy. I would say that, uh, the important lesson of the past week has been the the president of the United States who tried conciliation, tried to meet the Russians halfway and any number of crises over quite a long time. Uh, finally realized, uh, and took the action that was needed to back up our vital interests with the intention to use force, if need be, NBC correspondence and how they see the longer age aspects of what happened in this phonetic week. In a moment we were looking to another confrontation, this one between the communist power in the country friendly to us. This message mhm Sunday on NBC. This is James. May I tell you about the story of a river river whose voices tumble and raw over down Gorgeous, closed quietly through the flat terms of desert, then still generally into the Mediterranean Famous and fables River Nile. This is the greatest single stream on it. It runs 1/6 of the circumference of the Earth and the other stream who sauce was a mystery to man for 2000 years, Faroese seasons and kings searched in vain for the most important single source of the Nile. You'll discover it when you watch this fascinating and fabulous story. The River Nile, the River Nile was written by Lou hasn't who won an Emmy for Vincent Van Gough. Our sales support. Don't miss the River Nile. Narrated by James Mason Sunday at 10 9. Central time in color on NBC Well, we here in the United States focused, I suppose, 99% of our attention on the confrontation between Washington and Moscow over Cuba the rest of the world this week was watching something that was more than a confrontation and undeclared war between communist China and India. From New Delhi, NBC India Correspondent Well, hanging reports on that situation. India is relying on the U. S. Seventh Fleet premier. Of course, Johnson General Winter to stop the Chinese Communists arm is now advancing into this country the seventh Fleet as far away and the far most of straight. But it helps keep the Chinese from going all out to subject at India. Bring me a Chris Jobs role is more doubtful, but Indian leaders, especially Defence Minister Christian amen, in clinging to the hope that the Soviet chieftain may be able to restrain or inhibit, is delacose Chinese our lives. To avoid embarrassing the Russians of the Indians put it, Prime Minister Narrow will not ask the U. N to censor speaking, normally accept American arms aid India's immediate hope is the MLA in winter dude and set in shortly. Have a snowfall and I see wins, it's hoped, will stabilize the front until next spring. By that time, India supposedly will be able to equip it 600,000 man army with modern weapons purchase from Britain and the United States on some sort of deferred payment or credit basis. India does not have the hard cash with which to import Western arms. A Narrows version of non alignment rules out taking straight military aid from the West, narrow talks bravely of recovering our lost territory. But the best opinion here is that the MLA on border lands occupied by the Chinese in the last 10 years or overrun since last Saturday are gone for good, narrow as appealed for a supreme national effort to repel the invaders. But he still has not asked the Chinese Communist Embassy in new delay to go home. Reaction of Indian public to the Chinese attacks was actually stronger than anything that the narrow government did. Tens of thousands of Indians volunteer their services for the army. Not many of these could be accepted partially because so many were physically unfit, but more important because India does not have the military equipment with which do arm numbers of new volunteers. Elsewhere, citizens' committees were formed to inform the public about the course of events. Blood was collected from volunteered owners. Funds were collected to buy blankets and candy and other amenities for the troops at the front. The reaction also extended to the holding of many public meetings. Opposition parties, of course, voiced strong criticism of the government at the same time as they appealed for national unity. In the face of the Chinese threats. Nothing in the history of India and the last 15 years appears to have unified and excited the people. To the extent that the Chinese communist attacks has the as in trade, the illiterate majority is still only vaguely aware of what is going on. But he may have underrated the feeling of outrage among Indian army officers and the educated minority here who know realize how easily the Chinese can grab Indian territory. Wells hanging, NBC News No deli What now for India and China? Over one thing, India appears to be replacing her new dualism with stronger ties to the West, The Chinese expansion may broaden China's with with Russia. Unless there are negotiations or winter holds down, the fighting situation could still develop into a bigger war. We'll be back with the final word on the Cuban situation in a minute. First, this message. Chad Huntley and David Brinkley, NBC News Election Central, 1962 may well be the most important off year election in recent history when the polls have closed. Your job, of course, will have been accomplished and always just begun. On Tuesday, November 6, we'll start bringing. It was a clear, quick and accurate coverage you come to expect of NBC News, the way NBC against the figures so fast is by being there by having more than 1000 people stationed across the country where the votes are cats. So Election Day Look around your polling place. You may see an NBC election reporter and then election night for the clearest, quickest and most accurate coverage of the returns. Look to the network. More people watch or news. NBC coverage starts at seven Eastern time on this NBC station, mhm and so as one of the most extraordinary weeks in American history, all during the week are by our the world seemed to be escalating toward nuclear war. Now, suddenly it seems to be escalating towards feet. This son, this is perplexing. How can things change so quickly? Does Mister Kristoff mean what he says? And what does he expect from us in return? If the president pulls it off, how would it affect the election a week from Tuesday? What are the lessons of this week? Some of the lessons may be long in coming. Certainly it is too early to claim victory, but it may not be too early to note. Once again, a nation has to be ready to go to war to maintain the peace. A number of times in the past 15 years, the United States has shown itself ready to risk. For there was grease in Turkey in 1946 billion block aid. Two years later, Korea in 1950 Lebanon in 1958. In each case, confronted with American power, the Soviet Union pulled back. Perhaps the most important result of the week is this. The danger of a miscalculation on the part of Moscow is reduced. The United States has shown it will fight to defend its vital interests ratio or NBC News Washington George, Massachusetts, today on NBC Radio
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