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Audio of Royal Cheating Rumors, Our Favorite Celesbians, and Khloe Betrayed AGAIN?!

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Top Snippets - Audio of Royal Cheating Rumors, Our Favorite Celesbians, and Khloe Betrayed AGAIN?!
Here she goes Kloe says smokin hot AGAIN
Khloe's affair drama again Khloe's affair drama again... this says it all.
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Join Us Weekly's Brody Brown and a crew of the mag's more opinionated staff are breaking down the biggest news stories of the week.
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Hi, guys. Welcome back Toe US Weekly's hot Hollywood podcast. I'm here with Gwen Lamberg, Travis Cronin, a Sarah here on on, and I am Brody Brown. We are here to give you another stop juicy split couple ing use. I know that this week beautiful websites incredible manually pick up the new issue today, but let's dive into a first. Let's start. Let's start with our celebrity intentions Skipped it last week. This is where we dio a self care practice up, but not for ourselves, for celebrities, by telling them the thing we want them to continue doing to start doing to finish doing. Travis. Kick it off. I have a celebrity attention from this cardi. B. O hosted a lovely ask picture today from her character Diamond on the J Lo movie Hustlers set, she said, Watch out for a diamond and if you look at her ass from 2014 and 2019 it is 25 35% larger. I'm pretty open that it's fat transfer, which is, ah, healthy way to dio Brazilian Butt lift. But she had to cancel these shows because of her mommy makeover, so I think she should chill on the bodywork. My intention on this is coming from Travis Cronin, who is positively obsessed and addicted to plastic surgery. Already be. Well, I've never had plastic surgery. Yeah, I love noninvasive procedure. Absolutely. I try everything. That's a noninvasive procedure. But it's true. If I'm telling you to chill on the bodywork like you really need to show, I don't tell anybody to show. Yeah, that's true love that you recognized her, hurt her work. I did recognize her work and can appreciate her body. But also tell her you can pump the brakes. Let's view looking great. If you say you're Asriel by the thighs, don't match. Hold her own song back. Answer The thighs don't match. Oh, Sarah. Here on my celebrity intention is for the producers of the Hills, New beginning because the hills new Beginnings, I believe, premieres in a week or two. And we have not seen any new footage besides our Drina saying, I don't know where to begin with Justin, Bobby and Stephanie Pratt like screaming at the camera nonsense, and Misha Parton says, Oh, wow, yeah, something like that. The rest of these pro most of all the old footage which I love, but I've seen before, and it just makes me a little concerned that there's they have nothing but, like make this. The Hills was known for turning nothing into something for reality TV, and it's a different ball game now. But, like, I'm just really disappointed that I haven't gotten a promo that is like any any juice. I think those airfare concerns we need to see at least little teasing of drama. I mean, unfortunately, well, unfortunately, we're in a period now. In reality TV, you can't fight each other like punch each other without getting fired from the show, particularly on MTV show. You can't 2006 anymore. You can't do that Sexually assault. Anyone know that? Thank goodness again saying that on camera anymore, But you definitely can't, like, punch someone or slap them. But But you can call him a name. Yeah, of course. Lots of your could be crying and maybe suggestion. Yeah, but that's disappointing. My subway attention is for Beyonce, who is very guarded in private. The twins have a birthday this week, and I want her to do on instagram life and talk about the challenges of being a mom to twins. Keep dreaming is true, but I want. And I would feel the world would explode like our phones would catch on fire and the fire that I've actually ever really seem clear. Pictures of Rumi and Sir have you There's high. Oh yeah, she shared them. But have you ever clear pictures? That and there's lots of sides, right? But we've just not really heard a lot from Beyonce's that's unguarded, unfiltered and just, you know, off the cuff documents. I mean, what would you call lemonade? Brody. That was very carefully. Beautifully purty leagues pretty it in curated. I would like to believe it was from the heart and several other people's, but it was an incredible work. But I want something that's just like her, you know, maybe swearing or dropping a my car eating something while she's talking to us. Something that stars are just like us. Quinn, who is your intention for? Well, my celebrity intention is set for Mr Chiana Reeve. So you know, all of a sudden back in the zeitgeist, I mean, every single day I see at least 6 to 8 posts about how Jonah Reeves is back and better than ever, hot smoking hot, hotter than ever before on Do you know he's like 54 56 or something like that in Suede Story to 41 of like the biggest films of the summer? I just might. My intention is for this not to go to Kanye's head for him to keep it riel. Just, you know, calmly and quietly and enjoy this and not go crazy. You know, it's understand I was looking at an event coming up the other day, and I was like, Wow, what questions would we want a reporter to ask you? One of Gwen, If you could ask you a question, what would it be? Do you still like to serve? Oh, point breaks one of my favorite films. He's been wearing the same outfit for two or three decades. Blazer uniform. There's nothing wrong with a fashion uniform. Travis. You have one. It was just a bit more bodacious. Hair has been pretty much his prior them pretty much the same wig for the last really away. But he's, but he's warned, like the same offer for three decades later, to a second intention that may be a different color blazer. Yes. Not going to a bomber jacket. Fuchsia jumps. Do a few streets, short shorts and maybe a blazer with you guys. If you would like to see the 15 hottest lost that Quiano has worn over the years, go to us magazine dot com slash stylish. I would like to see that. Thank you. We'll be checking it out. Let's dive into some news. The first one is regal, and it's juicy. Um, as people may have seen, there were tons of rumors in the UK tabs that came over stateside as well. That, um, William, one day king. But currently, Prince William had had an affair and cheated on Kate, formerly known as Kate Middleton. Now Princess Catherine, she's not princess, are. Thank you, Cambridge. Okay, Catherine, that was just for my fan fiction. Duchess Catherine and the she too much like her sister in law, Meg. Meghan Markle was a commoner at one time. Enough and therefore she can't be a princess. She's a judge. Okay, Okay. But you will one day be Queen Queen. That is goddamn right, right. She will be. And she knows it instead of Meghan Markle. Oh, so obviously There was this rumor that he had an affair. And, um, with Rose Hanbury, who's a Marchioness, which What the hell is that? Like? We're all mean the Countess's march. There's so many times under account. So Luann de Lesseps is more important than this woman for Well, she was remarried. So she's on account. Yeah, but she just tried toe change her Facebook back to count is limited. Go very your title. But it is a title nonetheless. Okay, I would like to be Princess Gwen's Sington of Kensington. However, you know, we can't, uh we can if we dream that our source told us that Kate finds the rumors hurtful, obviously, and hates the thought that one day her Children, that's, um, Charlotte, Bluey and George will be able to read about them online. Um and that these rumors, this speculation turned out to be a good thing. Our insider said that it forced her and William to sit back and examine the relationship, which they realized I should have been doing more often. The speculation. Our source That didn't go down well with Kate. Well, I can't imagine it would, but they're determined to pull through it. are doing a great job of getting their marriage back on track again. Travis. Here tha It's so messy. Messy, and I want to comment on the rumors, but it's so sad just because of what happened. Teoh, William and Harry with their mom. Yeah, it seems very much more like a Prince Charles sort of thing. That anything that would have any with with William? Absolutely. And it seems way more Prince Charles. And I think that's what's so hurtful about it. Yeah, A someone who has watched lifetimes William and Kate many a time and cried and, you know, really just looked up to Will and Kate as important people in my life. More so than your parents. I mean, great, too, but they don't have a Hallmark movie. Royal. No, no Royals of Naples, Florida? Um, no, I was devastated by this. I don't know what to believe. I'm hoping it's not true. So I'm gonna go with it. Um, and I hope they get back on track. And I hope that, you know, life goes on. They have 1/4 baby. But I'm, you know, pretty pretty devastated by the accusations. Well, our cover this week explores Cates world and how she responded to it. So check it out. But let's move on to another princess. A pop princess, Britney Spears. How you doing? Because she well, she she's living her best life. She there's a instagram post every day on I g story. There are the clever, creative, playful captions and just got a new extensions and hair She did. No one should ideo go shopping, maybe go shopping. But, you know, she just got back from a whirlwind trip to Miami. Um, she looked OK in that bikini. She did, but she was very mad. So she went down there with her boyfriend, Sam, her very hot boyfriend. So my short soldiers said they wanted to have fun in the sun. She loves being on the beach. So she was really excited to go on vacation with Sam and just get away for after a stressful few months. Our source said that she had the time of her life goofing off, relaxing on the going swimming. She was nervous about the jet ski. She was photographed on the jet skis, and that's where Britney got can turn because she was like, I have a conspiracy theory that the paparazzi alter photos because she feels that the pictures that she was, you know, captured in yeah, they added some weight to her because she was doing these videos on these pictures, where she's showing that she's skinny at the needle that was hurt and your worm for all of us to use. But also relatable because she, you know, wants to look good and photos like anyone but it. Sure, yeah, the whole that she thinks, she said. It was the ankle, which everyone knows anything about angling like it definitely could be flattering, right? And when you're moving, she's getting on and off a jet ski like that's not necessarily the greatest pose really of us. It also breaks down like the fourth or third, well, one of the walls where you're talking about the paparazzi and what they're doing against you, right? Because sometimes celebs will say, Oh, the Paps were chasing me or caught me in a while. I'm eating a sandwich, but she's accusing them of altering the photos of making her look bigger than she. I think Britney is doing everything she can to take back this narrative of that anyone has control over her or is out to get her or is not like that. She doesn't have a say like people working here, not running her own instagram people. We're accusing her of all these things that she, you know, was trying to fight back. So I think this is just a example of one of those things that I don't know. Photos were altered. I thought she looked great, but I think it's just another example of her trying to take back the narrative. So who even knows? But she's just trying to, like, prove that, like, don't mess with me right in. Our source said that Jamie, her dad, decided to give Brittney full access to our social media accounts that she's always had that in there. That is very clear, and I feel like it's so obvious she runs her own Instagram's. I was so confused by people along well, even if she had a PR team and she sent them some of those videos, I don't think they would posted that I think was a PR team. I heard there were other people that were involved with it, but she you know, she is this place in her life. She wants a conservatorship over, and she wants to continue showcasing her best life and her authentic thoughts on Instagram. They will be very interesting to see how you were going to stay here. Authentic guys. She's choosing good shape. She's great. She's always working out. I don't know what she's eating, you know? She's she's she's just th i c c shuttle. She's got a body. She's a dancer. I got a dancer's body body. Exactly. Look so good where her leg was up in the air like a lifelong dancer. Her as has always been incredibly bamboo on. And she's got some chest, too. We all saw in, um was that slave video? Yes. You know, she was, uh, way we will see in the legal courts how the conservative ship shakes out. Will she be freed? Our source said that if that was recognizes, the court wants her freed that Jamie will go along with it. But we shall see how shared free Britney. Yeah, guys, maybe every week thats one like at all possible. Last week you guys were stumped embarrassingly so by Wiz Khalifa. It was so hard. I really have no your celebrity in any guy ever. This week, we're going to do another 25 things you don't know about me. List. This one has taken from December 2014 issue Kourtney's had enough Last Chance. It's about Kourtney and Scott Will. She gave him, like, several times when he was in the Trump SoHo with all those hookers and the pictures came out. Oh, wait, you know, no Alleged. And I talked to those hookers so way we're going to do in 25 things. I don't know about the list. You were going to guess who it is and starting with one. I know how to jump rope like a pro to I I don't like it when people take photos of me with a camera phone from across the room. I had much No, I'd much rather they ask PS, turn off your flash in volume before you try to be sneak. This is an annoying person. Anna Kendrick, Hillary and you guys are your own good. Have a three. I love wearing my godfather's wedding ring on a chain like like as a necklace who has a famous godfather for I can't get on a plane without my own big bottle of water. Five. I prefer to lie on the floor whenever I am creating a writing. It's my happy place. Six. Love to Vacuum and Do Laundry. Severin. So Sheena Galera No. 71 of my favorite things that my husband ever did for me was leave beautifully heartfelt letter on my bathroom mirror on Christmas morning. Eight. I'd rather text than talk on the phone. Nine. I used to hate getting fresh flowers because I didn't like to watch them die. I'm over that Now. 10. I'm obsessed with creating sayings for T shirts. I guess it's just another form of expression for me. 11. I pay attention in numbers. I see. 11 11 1 11 to 22 Bethany Frankel, 3 33 No good guests for 44 5 55 almost daily. 12. I have to hold my nose when I go underwater. I never quite got that one down. 13. I love reading, psychology and self help books. 14. I'm obsessed with my husband's, but 15 Kelly Ripa. No good gas out 15. You said that for every one of these, we've had Singer's reality stars that you're all blonde women is the only thing. 15 After reading the dude and the Zen master, I have a major crush on Jeff Bridges. 16. I don't like bright lights. I keep most of the lights off in my house and use candles. Marisa Tomei? No. One of Paltrow, though 17. I've been in three tornadoes. 18. I'm good. Completely fascinated by the weather. Miranda Lambert. No good. Gwen Stefani. No. Another good guest. 19 Carrie Underwood. No. Could go to any of us. Ever get this right? Fireworks are gonna go. Yeah, we owe confetti cannon TV. I'd play softball daily. Kelly Clarkson No. 20. I carry B 12 shots of me when I traveled. I don a 21. I'm obsessed with my slow cooker. 22 year would know actually kind of clothes. It's a country singer is a country singer. 22 I know 22. I like I like no Do I like the number 13 and black cats? I see them as lucky. Now instead of a curse. 23. I skipped two grades and started high school at age 12. Wow, Loser 20. 0, that was impressive. 24. I had to change my engagement ring setting because I kept bending the metal while banging my hand on my microphone. 25. I'm a recovering perfectionist. Wow. Okay, wait. Okay, wait. Maren Morris? No. Um um um, the chick from lady Antebellum. TV thinking Hillary. Jessica Simpson. Betty? Yeah, Leon. Right way because we're so close. You did a really good job this week way, but in the last week of getting really close, but she didn't She didn't give. Just nephew could guess. It was a kind of Yeah, that was a good one. Wow. That was a good one. Try, guys. Okay, let's see your and some other singers. The beauty is don't you ready? The feud is over the few that I mean, you, uh you guys, the world's is right again. The view that people. But I'm here for the Syria. What happened? Tell us all about. But then, um, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift hated each other forever because Katy Perry allegedly stole one of Taylor's this backup dancer, All of them Every single one and a few years ago. Actually, I think last year Katie tried to end the feud by sending Taylor an olive branch, both literally and figuratively, when she was stroking her reputation tour. Um, and she said, This means so much to me. But they still were never like scene together. And Taylor posted the owner and sometimes stories that so you know, it's really you also know that it was like they couldn't have this, like, you know, texting thing. It was like a moment that they shared with the world, which I appreciate, but they were, like, 16 together, or like any interaction after that. So, like it was still kind of like All right, maybe whatever. Um And But now the feud is officially over because these two pop stars baked cookies together, and that's all it takes. Apparently, well, did they had a very apologize? Did they bake them? Take their okay. The conspiracy theories on Twitter on the Swifty Twitter is that they were in her kitchen. Taylor's kitchen daily recognizes the kitchen together. I recognize that kitchen, but we don't know for sure if they were together, but because they had the frosting of, like, peace on day. I don't think you would I could write that on the thing and get it over there like I think Taylor based those cookies, wrote it and took a picture like it was like one of these bitch. So she sent to the cookies, like, Sprinkle them with poison, and I think he made them together. Oh, interesting. Do you think the name of a do it they're doing together is called peace? At last, we're gonna release it around Christmas. It'll be like, hopefully not anything like that. We Oh, well, it's You know what? I agree with you. It's a little unfortunate. The future, I don't know, like a like a real one. We don't have a lot of feuds in 2019. We really don't. There's not so much beef. Well, because when you have everything going vegan now you have it impossible beef, a possible burger. Also, people are worried about, like fighting with each other, because then it seems bullying. And then so people, I think are a little bit more sensitive about public viewed. So this was all on her, like she's a good girl now. So she is a good girl, let her in rainbow. But they're still active beef between her and the Kim Kanye. But there should be beef between these two because Katy Perry's you're saying it actually so much better than Taylor Swift. What, wrong? No, t e. I mean, sorry. Never really know. Never really about you know, it sounds. It's not right. You know. I like 3. 65 more than one with No, no, no, no, no, no, The one with her instead, or this one. No, no one cares about that, you know, years. But never say that's true. No, it's never really over. It's literally a jam way. That me song is just not good. Bossa nova versions of classic rock. Okay, well, that makes that thing with the sad and of this. But the results of the other move where Taylor had put never really over on her Apple music playlist in May. So people were Fish even knows it's good. No, she Well, you're saying that her song is wrong, so don't don't even try it. But let's move on to some housewife. People were freaking out because they thought Kathy Hilton was gonna join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because it was a photo on Instagram that Bruce Bozzi had taken. It was a picture of his best friend of Of Andy Cohen and Kathy at a restaurant. And Bruce wrote in the caption sign on the dotted line, A True diamond in Beverly Hills. So everyone thought this meant that Kathy Shelton was gonna replace Lisa Vander. He knew what he was doing. Of course he did. Travis, would you be here for it with Kathy Shelton on the relationship? But on years ago, I think it would be actually a lot, a lot of fun and then maybe like Paris could come on Conrad and it would just see it would be a lot of fun. I think would be a difference. Imagine, And especially since Kyle Richards, other sister, Kim, had been on the show to disaster. You know, I just think this could be a whole other angle that, like it brings it. I actually full disclosure guys listeners. Sorry I had fallen off the Beverly Hills wagon, but if Kathy Hilton came on, it would bring me back. I used to watch back in the day every seven I am, and it was just I think it would, like pull a lot of people back in. I think would be cool. Here's my question. Why did you get turned off of the house of everything? I just bored with that because so many people going into me was was boring. But this season, the ratings have gone up. This season's better, which really Yeah, not too much puppy drama for, you know, I kind of like it, and I think they're doing a little bit. They're not breaking the fourth wall cause they never doing Housewives, but they're doing it a little bit being like she's not showing up like she would ever like. It's because and then the role that US Weekly has played in all of this and covering it so closely. And I mean, all of our reporting was pretty spot on about what happened. Course it was, um and I don't know, I'm into it. I would have been more intuitive manually, so it's gonna be at the reunion so we could talk about this. Um, I just thought it was funny that Kyle on March happens. I've when they talked about this, like, pretended she was, like, so down for Kathy to come on, which she has to say, because they're on a good place right now. but Kim and Kathie would team up on Kyle. It was incredible. There would be family things exploding if they would all be. They would all hate each other. What needs to happen? Because right now we need real ties. You need to, like, have depth about these people. That's why New York is so good because they actually, like, have known each other for years, even if they're not family. And on the radio I like because there needs to be stakes. Whether that's family or genuine friends have known each other for decade, There just needs to be something like and down the line jerseys. So good in the beginning of a rambling and and people Loved when Kyle and Kim were fighting were getting along number when they called Brandi a slut pig you saw has teamed up together when they were fighting in the limo. Alleges a way. Yes, the stakes are higher. And, as you noted, Kathy Elgin has Paris Hilton. She has Nicky Hilton. She has bad boy Conrad Hilton. She has a Rick who we don't really know anything about. But if if we saw any tension between Kathy and Kyle Kyle, it's like the queen right now because L v p is gone. So you need when there's somebody top they need a little know they need is to read or someone to be like So that American woman show that got canceled. How do you feel about that cash family? Yeah, bring me Bravo, Kathy and Kim and Brandy and changes in temperature that show in a way that's desperately needed. They have also been doing a lot of like shows of, like lap and luxury this season, which I think people really gravitated towards the Beverly Hills have been bringing it in terms of like, Well, it's a hotel heiress when I got ready, like fix up her style because she dresses like shit. Told her that I really don't like Teddy on social media, but I like her a lot, too. I find her very nice. What did you bring to the show? She's not afraid, like on Milica that he's one of the only accountability starts drama honestly, that put her nose and things that don't have the right. But you got to do that. If Lisa run is gonna take a backseat, not do anything, someone has just asked the question No one wants to hear. Well, speaking of ladies, Travis, and they're now going to take you through. We're about to take you through a world wind list to celebrate pride. This week, US Weekly broke the news that Ashley Benson in Cardella Wien are now living together. A source will dust that Ashley has moved into Cara's house in L. A so cute. We love them. We've heard from our sources that they're in a very happy, healthy relationship. So to celebrate Pride Month, I mean, they also did the cutest thing where she rented out the Museum of Natural History in London for their date or a television rented out the entire museum for that night and they got a bad set up in the middle of a hell raiser. That one. Oh, my God, I love her, too. I think she's like, so chic and tough. She's had, like, such public interviews where she's like, I'm not playing like that, Yeah, and I love that she's unapologetically herself. Yeah, I imagine that really attracted Ashley Benson, who had never been in a relationship that we had known of with a woman before. So don't call them lesbians. I mean, maybe 1987. We could call a woman and a woman relationship lesbians. But now we're careful about labels, right? Although So let's be Richard, Matt and call me. It is not a lesbian way, Noah. Yes. So now Travis and I are going to tell you 10 other couples that we are really loving over the lady on lady couples over the last years again. Don't call them lesbians. Our favorite 10 couples. Travis, you tell us. First, give us the first one. Oh, my God. Might want, I think, the best one to in terms of how interesting they are. Sarah Paulson and the Holland Taylor they were dating in started dating in 2015 which I can believe it. Spend four years already. There is a 32 here age difference between Holland and Holland to his 32 years older than Sarah. Paulson slid into her D m's to ask her out. Yeah, they met. It was like a Martha Graham. Okay? And then they started following each other on Twitter. And then Damn, she got in those d m's because that's what you do. It and Sarah Paulson. I just think it's like the most funny, amazing person in the world. Yes, and I love her all the time. Our next couple ing would be Angelina Jolie and Jenny Shimizu. They met in 1996. There, on a movie set, Angelina said she fell in love with her the 1st 2nd she saw her. And then they were like hooking up when Angelina was married to John like someone else to It was, it was before my time. Oh, this was before your time alive, but barely. Yeah, you were, like, not really constant like lesbians, too. I wasn't aware. And then we have on our list portion Ellen there, like the ultimate right there. The A list? Yeah, they're like the rich. I once saw them in the bathroom. It was at the Clive Davis party at the Beverly Hilton on, and one I want to say it was poor showed that, like picked something out of Alan's teeth. My first, it was like the Cubist thing ever. You know, like like that really deal there so normal like that. And I think it's it's exciting because it's not like, oh, lesbians air so different They're just like regular people. And we talked to Portia just like us. Exactly what we talked a portion event last year, she said. It was interesting when they were subject to divorce rumors in the tabloids because she said that then that was when they really knew that the perceptions had changed. She's like she told us, I'm not kidding. I know it sounds ridiculous, but that's when it started happening. I thought, Oh, now we're finally accepted eyes, every 70 couple kind of thing. And then she also was subject to, you know, divorce rumors and pregnancy rumors and not pregnancy rumors. So she was like that. That really means there's acceptance for us. Really appreciate that. Travis, who's next on our list? My favorite celebrity couple in the world who is not really together anymore. But Tessa Thompson, Engine Elmo. Now I just think that they are so cool. I'm such a fan of both of their work. There are, I think they look so sexy together. They're so hot together and just cool ass bitches. And you know, they haven't really said that were no, have it. They've been the super cryptic about and they're going to get overly Krypton like they're like, You know, they're not saying out loud that, you know the person is smart, the people is dumb, like people have to be told we are lesbians in a relationship straight out, like on the cover of us weekly. But you know, they did like a magazine covers you and they're like, We're so close we vibrate on the same frequency. If people want to speculate about what we are, which I do, it doesn't bother me. So thank you. They were lesbian lovers, lesbian. They were. They were lesbian lovers at the time that they were together at the time. There together and bad they were acting as lesbian luxury drag every level five. Moving on Lindsay Lohan's mother on This may be my favorite, one of the messiest for a long girl relationships we saw spill out. They dated 2008. Lindsay was like more blocks, never then on. Then, when they broke up in April 2009 after rehab stint, Lindsey moved in right next to Sam Bronson, which is, like so much step and eventually Sam how to change the locks because that suit to do when you have a next, like Lindsay Lohan. But Aaron Foster, right? But then, like Lindsey and Sam used to fight on Twitter and have that crazy accusations about each other. And, like Sam would, like, talk about Lindsay doing drugs. One tweet she wrote was like, If you're gonna be an idiot and do coke do it outside the bathroom, some of us actually use them to peons. That was really Travis. Why did you put Sarah Gilbert and Linda Perry on this list? Um, you know, I put Linda Perry is a fun nineties. There were some of the nineties throwback lesbian couple that I feel like a lot of people forget. Right? And if you were growing up together, they're still together. I don't remember when they got together, but there's there. Have been together for a long time. They've kids, maybe seven years. Yeah, but it was just so quiet is love. Linda Perry of four non blondes like iconic 90 super groups are Gilbert on Roseanne and they're still together. Just, um I also loved Ellen DeGeneres. We'll also loved Elena generous with an hash. That was, you know, Elliot, Sarah here. It's too young for that? Yeah. Do you even know? Wow. She's a lifetime. Go to your room, Um, challenged the lifetime. Movie them? Yeah. I love Lifetime, though. Clearly, don't. Ellen came out in 1997 in April that year, and then that year she was paired with an ash. Was it together? But they broke up in 2010 hours after they split and was hospitalized because she was found in, like, Southern California. She was confused, and she walked into a guy's home and she was talking about, um, God and said she was gonna take everyone toe having with her on a spaceship. And everyone was really worried about her mental health. But years later, she said she was on ecstasy. Oh, that's nice that I used to celebrate your break from Evelyn for a little walk of the desert. You know, that's just how good Ellen is. Um, okay, psycho. We've got just a couple of couples left. Travis, Who is your other favorite lady on lady? Your wife, Cathy. Travis at their name. They were married. You remember that? Why did you love that? I just I always forget that Susie Orman is a lesbian and She is so like the top of her field to give. Anyone needs financial advice. She's the one person to call it. Isn't that Wouldn't that make you remind you that she's lesbian? You know, you think it would, But it doesn't. And I always forget. Like her. Per and her wife, whose name is Kathy Travis, are very happy together. Do you like they did the research on the Yeah Whitney Humanization needed name. He used it in Robyn Crawford were next on my lift. Listen, because before there was Bobby Brown, there was Robin Crawford on Whitney moved out of her mom's. Yes. Yeah, Bobby Brown. Robin. Robin was the the maid of honor at Whitney and Bobby's wedding. And then, you know, we're oven and lobby. Didn't really see eye to eye because, you know, you've got the ex girlfriend and the current husband. She was out of the picture. Um, but no, that was a good relationship We were just hearing more about. And then our final couple I love tomorrow. Wiley and Lauren Morelli. They got They got married, uh, very recently. Got married in 2017. Well, she also did my favorite thing is when she stole her from her current TV show. Mackenzie and Laura are Morena. What's her last year in the background in Gotham? Yes, yes, I love couplings. When people went actor, they're working together and they're married to someone else and they get with someone else. But Lord Lord thing, chemistry carry Ross unfolding before your very eyes is my favorite. Kind of like Brad Pitt and Angelina, Angelina Jolie and the most iconic. But Lauren was married to a man and she was writing scenes for Smyers. Character on orange is the new black. And then they got together. Um, let's move on to someone who maybe should dabble in lesbianism. Yes, I've been thinking that for years. Talking about me. Well, you should. If you haven't already, you should be in the thick of it. But Khloe Kardashian, she is still tangled up interest in Thompson Drama. What is going on here? Sarah Karen. Nothing good. Eso Newport docks were discovered there, actually from November, I think. But they were just, like released to the public from Jordan. Craig, his baby mama first baby mama saying that she had pregnancy complications after she never named Chloe in the docks. But, she said, a couple months after she found out she was pregnant, Tristin and her broke up and she moved on or they moved on. We don't know if they were really broke up, Um, and he was spotted with someone else. And paparazzi is We're taking photos of them and there's a lot of photos. And obviously we know that August 2016 was when Chloe interested in our first fight it together and dating, so it's pretty obvious it's her. And she said that, um, every day, several articles were published mocking my new unfortunate reality, and my pregnancy would now become one of most popular gossip headlines due to the woman Tristan was dating. Well, the thing is, Jordan said that they had not officially split, and that's the crazy thing. She said she was still with Tristan, and she had asked him about like, Oh, are you seeing this woman? And he was like, No, no, no, I don't even know her. And then all of a sudden, there, perhaps on the lawn, and she's like, Oh my God, this is a real thing. And then Chloe took to her Instagram stories and she was like, I'm disappointed. I even need to post this. I need to say my truth. My truth is, I'm Tristan because he chose to go on a blind date with me for a mutual friend, set us up. And then she said that they wanted some dates. He told her that he had an exit, was pregnant and she was reluctant about it. But then he had her talk with all these people in her inner circle, including lawyers. And they all swore to him that the relationship was over. His best friends has been associates. And she said, If for any reason, this is not, in fact, the truth and so completely and utterly sorry that Tristen in his inner circle would lie on something like this and not trust in no, no one deserves to be. Oh, Trimester Thompson. True eating right At the moment, he is honestly, like when it comes Teoh dirt. But I mean, apparently he was going to being a little bit of a deadbeat because he was not giving Jordan the child support she felt she deserved. They came to settlement in May, but yet another reason that the words when I tried out of here, but they're trying. Master Tom. Come on. It's so Prince William on. Anyhow, don't thank you for joining I delicious chapter of our hot Hollywood podcast. We'll be here again next week. If you have any comments. Questions? There are things we haven't talked that you wanted to talk about. Leave us a note. Describe me on Instagram after hee a Harlan. She wants itself. It had fun. Tea and sugar bear. I dream. And I'm at Mr Brody Brown. If you have any questions, comments, concerns you want to shoot us, Please do post that or trying because we're moving you to tears and pain. But join us again here in next week here.