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Audio of The Jack Benny Program Audio: How Jack Found Mary | Jack Benny - Single Episodes - 1944-1945 | Audio

station description THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM The Jack Benny Program aired from May 2, 1932 until June 2... read more
Jack Benny - Single Episodes - 1944-1945 | Old Time Radio Show | Audio
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Duration: 29:30
In this episode of The Jack Benny program, listen as Jack recalls how he first met Mary Livingstone.
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In this episode of The Jack Benny program, Jack recalls how he first met Mary. Enticed by a sale, Jack enters a clothing store and meets a worker, Mary Livingstone. The two quickly start exchanging quips and the rest is history.

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Jack Benny Program quality of product is essential to continuing success. A mammal is old milk. Lucky strike means fine tobacco. So round, so firm, so fully packed, so free and easy on the draw. L s m f t l s m f T l S m f t. Right you are, sir. Lucky strike means fine tobacco. So round, so firm, so fully packed, so free and easy on the draw for your own real deep down smoking enjoyment Smoked lucky strike for lucky strike means fine tobacco Yes, Lucky strike means find tobacco the finer the lighter the naturally milder Lucky strike tobacco. So smoke that smoke of find tobacco Lucky Strike A sold arms lucky strike program Starring Jack Benny with Mary Livingston, Phil Harris, Rochester, Larry Stevens and you're truly Don Wilson on now, ladies and gentlemen, let's go out to Jack Benny's home in Beverly Hills. At the moment, Rochester's alone in the kitchen, preparing breakfast and look at a table showing doesn't look appetizing. Large glass of orange juice, a bowl of cornflakes and cream, two fried eggs, sunny side up a thick slice, a ham, a piping hot cup of coffee and 300 coming English muffins. Well, now that I make some tea and told him in the back, I think I'll give him a treat. Today I'll scrape the toast. I know he likes to do it himself. That's the only exercise you get. You get on the ground. That it? Oh, here comes the booth. Good morning, Rochester. Now let's see what we got for no orange used cornflakes, ham and eggs. Rochester, what do you make such a big breakfast for? You know I'm on a diet going. That's right. Now we can't at all this food go to waste a made it and you'll have to eat it yourself. Oh, boss, don't be so mean. Meanwhile, I've been on a diet a whole month, and every morning I come down and find the same big breakfast. How can you make such a mistake? And what's that? Strawberry shortcake on top of the oven? That's a dessert for the mistake. I'm gonna make way. What? What did you say? A Rochester disregard boss. Just regarded. Well, just don't let it happen again. I'll have this tea and toast. Look how burnt the toasters like charcoal. Give me a knife. All scraping? Yes. Who Toast is hot. You hold a Rochester here. I got it straight away, Boy. You're down today. No. Well, never mind. I'll have one of those English muffins that looks good. Has got honey all over. And look at that. Raising on top. That's a baby. Still working on it. Go away. Be going. Going well, Hardy A like those California be. They opened the windows themselves. Rocket there. I'll have my Tina. Never mind you after the door. I'll get the team myself. Oh, hello. Hello, Rod. Catchers. Mr Beni. Oh. Oh, I'm sorry, Rochester. I didn't know. Didn't know. What will that black bands you're wearing around your sleeve? Oh, this Mr Bennett makes me wear it every time he loses the Academy Awards. Why does Mr Benny take it so hard? A lot of actors lose it. I know, but he's been losing since 1900 to Rochester. What's keeping Oh, Bill. Ryan Jackson. So you lost the Academy Award again, huh? Yeah. Crosby wanted. You know, Phil, it's gonna be hard to hate him. He's such a nice guy. Maybe Maybe I can hate one of his kids. Tell you one thing fail. I didn't mind losing the award this year, but I certainly think I should have won it. When I made that picture, George Washington slept here. George Washington slept here. You didn't even come close that year, did you? Jackson? Close. What? That got more votes needed. Rochester bed came in second. Never mind. I bring this hair some coffee. Okay. Well, what brings you over here so early? Well, Jackson, I got great news for you. You know how you and Mary have always been picking on me for running around and wasting my time. Yeah, well, starting today, I'm going to settle down and be a dignified businessman. Well, congratulations, Phil. What did you do? Bought us alone. What? You know, Ah, nightclub. A nightclub? That's different. Me and Frankie, my guitar player running that things were going great. Jackson's last night. Our bartender was so busy mixing them drink. He didn't have time to sit down. No kidding. Yeah. Tonight ought to be even better. We're gonna let the customers. I think so. You on. Frankie bought a nightclub. A what do you call the placed? Well, I got a name for Chip, but well, I got a slogan. Slogan? Yeah. You know, like Duffy's Tavern. Now their slogan is Where the elite come to eat. Uh, mine's gonna be where the swine come to dine. Well, you crazy, You're gonna call your customer swine when you got to close the 12 Jackson, it don't make no difference what you're calling. Take my advice. You got a great opportunity to be a businessman. If you want to be successful, run your night club in a really high class with your where, Jackson. I'll handle a joint right here. You call. Thanks, Raj. Hey, what's that noise, Jackson? Well, that's the sculptor working up there. I wish he finished that statue of me and go back to ST Joe in the coffee pills while Jackson Hey, let's turn on the radio and see what's going on. Okay, That was Mike Jones playing. Let me love you tonight on now, folks, A message on behalf of my sponsors. The bleeding heart finance company. Friends do you need money? Could use a little extra cash. Do you want a loan of 10 50 or $100? You do get something else. Seems like ages since I've heard his voice. I wonder if it'll be the same when I heard again. I can't stand this white waiting this suspense. I can almost hear him now. Oh, I hope he hasn't changed. I couldn't stand it. I could 10 more seconds and I know five, two seconds. There it is. Four oclock grew when watch time. He was wonderful. What a part for Ingrid. You get another station failed. Have you been hit by an automobile lately? Do you feel run down? Are you getting fat? Are you beginning to launch upon all the spaces between your teeth suffering from middle age spread? If you have these or any other ailments, why not try him? Remember for Simba the spelled backwards Is your tap amiss? Y t a p m? Why? Yet you have a man. You have a Yes, folks, Simba, The soothing syrup is good for people over 35 wonderful for people under 35. And to you people who are exactly 35. May I say happy birthday? That's sweet. I missed it by one year on Now, ladies and gentlemen, we bring you our special guests. The singing store of the Lucky Strike program. Larry Stevens. Hey, that's right. Feel Larry Stevens told me he was gonna be on that show. Yeah, let's give the kid a lesson, okay? I wonder how much they pay for get shot on the program. No way. Way wasting way. Uh, me. Go way. Thank you very much. Larry Stevens On next week, ladies and gentlemen, our guest star will be that eminent songwriter Maxwell Langley who will play his own composition. The current song hit entitled Raise the Awning. Mother, Daddy's leading a shady life Hey, that's a good song. Feel I must learned on the violin Raised the owning mother cause Daddy's leading a shade England third on the hit parade There's somebody at the door Shut off the radio field. Come in. Who is that? Oh, come on in. Hi, Don. Hello, Dak. High fellow. Don t what you doing around this way down? Well, you know, I'm getting a little heavy, Jack. So every morning I go for a five mile horseback ride. Oh, I was out this way, so I thought I'd just drop in. Good, Good. Where's your horse? Is lying down on your front lawn? Well, a wrestled him. Go say, Boss, What is the Rochester just got into the sculptors room. These almost through with your statue is Yeah, but you ain't no like your expression. Why he got me frowning or smiling. You can take your time to get it to him. Who had? Yeah, Your home one among your lamp. Over heaven. Say, you look like you're going bowling. I'm going right up there and tell us. Amanda. Jack, I think that's wonderful. What's so wonderful about to head? You can smoke to lucky strikes at the same time. Well, I'll be there. And between those delightful pops, when mop can say ls MFP on the other, one can answer. Why, sure, you bet. That's right. Lucky strike means find Michael. All right, all right. But when that sculptures finished with my statue, it better be the way I want. Ajax Not gonna run along now. See you later. I'm going to wait a minute. I'll go out with you. So long, Jackson. By dawn, fellas. So nice out. I think I'll take a little walk. All right, Captain, I'll be back a little while, okay? This is really a nice day. Yeah, I needed um Dum dum Daddy. Wow. Look, I haven't seen you. Come here. Come here. What's the matter? Why are you crying? Oh, that Don't take it so hard, Lassie. I didn't win either. Better luck next year. Raised the owning mother goes Ah, shading live. Oh, Daddy. Leaving a terrific song. Well, I walked far enough. Yes, I'll turn around. Go back. Well, here comes that little girl. It's on the Fibber McGee program. Hello, little girl hole. I I know who you are. Poor little thing has a cold Tom. Dumb dio Benny. Uh oh. It's you, Mr Kern. Yeah, I was just on my way over to your house. You were? Yes. You know, that interview you gave me last week about how you found Rochester was very interesting. My editor liked it a lot. Well, im glad. In fact, he liked it so much, he sent me back to get another story. Really? He wants to know how you found Mary Livingston Omeri. Well, Mr Kearns, this is a rather unusual story. Walk back with me. I'll tell you all about it. Okay. Now, Mary, as I mentioned last, we joined me on the radio about three months after I got started. I happen to be in Los Angeles at the time. Almost 14 years ago. Yes, I remember. That was the day I bought this shirt I'm wearing. They give guarantees, you know? Anyway, it was the latter part of 1932. That's right. 1932 hours downtown. As I was passing the May company, I noticed they were running a sale. So I stopped looking right. Just a gigolo. Everywhere I go, people know the part I'm playing. See, that's a catchy new tune. Young, Dumb Got a down fall is such a nice time of year leaves are turning brown in the air. My wonder Who will be re elected? I think I get me one of those high collars now my next to short when the blue of the night with the boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo. That new singer has a nice style, but he can't last. Hey, look at those shirts in the window. Silk ones with stripes 4 98 marked down to a dollar. 99. I think I'll go in and let him try to sell me one. Let's see, I wonder where the apartment sir. Can you tell me where the short counter is? A shared counter. What he asking me? Do I look like maybe a floor walking for water? Well, I thought you were You see, You're not wearing a half in this depression. Who could afford her at? I'm sorry. Well, maybe I can help you get a job. What do you do? Well, I do different things. I could be a cop. Dinner, huh? I am also a plump Wittner. Ah, plumber. And I'm also a very good thinking dinner. Oh, you can do a lot of things. Yeah, but in this depression, there's nothingto painting or to plant or to cotton. That's too bad. Well, thanks just the same. But I've got to find the shirt counter will say maybe I couldn't like something you never mind. I'll find I'll find it myself. No. Well, there it is. Over there, boy. Look at those sporty shirts. I love those new long pointed collars. What can I do for you, young man? I want to buy a shirt. I like the silk one with the strike. Yes, sir. Shall I wear it for a few days or do you want to break it in yourself. I'll, uh, I'll take it now. How much is it? Well, that'll be $1. 99 cents. $1.99. Okay, here's $2 when I'll have to go upstairs for the change. Oh, that's all right. I'll wait. Just a gigolo. Everywhere I go, people know that. Hey, look at that beautiful dame behind the horse. Terry Connor. What a chicken. I think she's looking at me too. Don't over try to date her up. Miri. Miri? What is it? Mabel? Look at that guy over there. Steal in action. Where? Right over the shape counter. He looks kind of prosperous down a talking. You tell with those bell bottom pants you might be barefoot. Look at I'm winking at us with both eyes and get a load of that store. Hattie's Weierman with the bright red ribbon around it. Yeah, and look what it says on it. Oh, you kid. Hey, Mabel. He's tipping his hat at us. You got the string in his cock it. Wait a minute. Coming over here. You want me to take me every? No, no, I can handle him. Just don't gigolo. Everywhere I go people know the part. I'm playing. Look at him. He's walking like feta. Baron, um de todo. Hello, kiddo. Have you been all my life avoiding it? Hey. Hey. You're good. Just my type. I like my tomatoes with a little spice. Hey, baby. What's your name? Mary. Mary. What? Quite contrary. Oh, brother, is this guy corny? What was that? Look, My name is Mary Livingston. I was born in Plainfield, New Jersey. I know I should be in pictures, but I'm happy here to make company. They think I'm a very good sales girl Now. What do you want, Jelly Bean? Wait, I'm gonna take it easy. You got me wrong, baby. All Stop tipping your hat. What? And take your bag of peanuts off a counter? No, no, baby. I put those up around purpose. Help yourself. Help yourself. You're a pretty 40 guy. Do you think so? Yeah. You always carry that ukulele. Oh, you ought to hear me out in a canoe. Okay, I'll bet that ukulele set you back planning. No, no, they gave him even. I bought this suit. Mary. Uh, you know, my my cornea Mary did me If I am If I wait around you get through. Can I take your home? No, I don't think so. Why not? I got a taxi outside. Look, I went out with a taxi driver. Want in the way? I'm not baby. Don't you know who I am? No. Well, may Wow. Hang out of the counter, baby. Embrace yourself. I'm Jack. Benny. Can I let go of the counter now? You're kidding, baby. You know who I am? I'm a big shot. I've been on the radio three months. So what? My alarm clock Been on the radio three years. I got that award. You're alive. You're plenty fast on the trigger. What are you doing working here in a department store? You should be on the radio. What I tell you, Mabel, I knew it was coming. What? My mother told me there'd be men like you, but I thought they'd be much younger. Hey, you're terrific. Listen, baby, you got everything. It takes good looks and my speaking voice. And what? Our personality. I bet you tell that all a girl. No, I don't. What? You laughing? You're leaning against the counter. Why? It's pressing the bulb in your pocket in the water squirting out of that flower in your lapel. I can't. You at all that I listen, Mary. Mary, listen, You want to be on the radio with me? I get your places, you will be a big star se. You're not kidding, are you? Of course not. Why don't you meet me tonight for dinner and we'll talk things over, Okay? You know that the night cafeteria across the street we can about Syria. Not when you go out with Benny, baby. I'll take it in a brown derby and afterwards, Michael dancing at the Coconut Grove. When you're out with me, baby money means nothing while take you with me. Mr. Here's your penny change. Thank you, baby. I'll take you any place you want to go. All right, I'll meet you. Find the story. I'll be there. So all on. Oh, boy. You're gonna be great on my radio program. Of course, I don't want a spoiler. I want how much they pay her at the May company A while after tonight, when we're having dinner at the cafeteria. And that Mr Kearns, on how I found Miss Livingston. Well, that's a very interesting story. Well, Here's my house. Mr. Current, would you like to come in for a cup of coffee? No, thanks. I've got to run along now. Goodbye, Mr Benny. Goodbye. Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, the recent meeting of the Big Three of the Alfa proved that even though the war is far from over, the Allied nations are preparing for peace in time of war. Planning the nucleus, perhaps the fundamental framework of a post war organization to make certain that war does not come again. Nations are made up of individuals. People like you and me. And we, as individuals, must coordinate our efforts for that post war peace by supporting all war activities. Now the time to protect and strengthen our knockout blow by giving freely to the Red Cross buying and keeping warm on, giving more blood for plasma by supporting rationing, writing cheerful deal ethical V mail letters to him over there and sticking to our wartime jobs. There's no difference between individuals and nations. Thank you. First of my good friends. L a speed regs. Kenneth. Tell me even a little bit about that. I smoke that smoke of find tobacco. Lucky strike. It takes fine tobacco to make a fine cigarette. An independent tobacco experts president The auctions can see Lucky strike by the finer the lighter the naturally milder Lucky strike Tobacco This fine, lucky strike. Tobacco means rial. Deep down smoking enjoyment for you. So smoke that smoke of find tobacco. Lucky strike The famous tobacco auctioneers would on a nice programmer. Mr L. A. Speed Rigs of Goldsboro, North Carolina for many, many, many years old American Mr Effie Boon of Lexington, Kentucky. Sold I married and Drysdale speaking. L s m f T l s m f T l s M F T. Yes, fine. Tobacco means of fine cigarette. So smoke that smoke of fine tobacco. Lucky strike. So round, so firm, so fully packed, So free and easy on the draw. Well, folks, this ends. Another program will be with you next Sunday night broadcasting from the redistribution station at Santa Barbara Meanwhile. Oh, Jack. Jack, I'm so sorry I'm late. This the first time I've ever missed a program. Yeah. What happened? Well, I took a nap before the broadcast. My alarm didn't go off. Well, it's all right, Mary. Don't worry about what you do, Jack. What with the show about Oh, nothing, Nothing. Oh, come on, tell me. Know how you wouldn't be interested? Goodnight.
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