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In tonight's terrifying tale: As a terrible storm rolls in, Jess and Drew begin to suspect that the creeping dread they feel may be caused by more than... **JUST THE WIND**
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and now my true and loyal listeners on with her ominous episode for the evening. Tonight's tale of terror is also concerned with words that sting words that are carried along by the rising air breathed into being by some unknown and perhaps malevolent source. Can you hear them softly whispering by on the breeze, faintly screaming through the branches of the trees outside? Maybe it's best not to listen. Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable telling yourself a little lie. Yes after all. Perhaps there are no voices at all. Perhaps it's just the wind. Ah okay. Mhm, mm hmm. Mhm. It's really hollowing out there. Don't you think Drew ship? Drew shit? What? What What's up the wind? It doesn't sound off to you? Um nope. But will you turn that off? It's just the wind jess. We live in the midwest. It's as natural to us as collecting grease and mason jars. You don't think it could be a tornado. Do you know our phones would be buzzing and the sirens aren't even going off. I think we're okay. You want me to go outside and look? No. Okay. What? Nothing? It's just that you're getting a little jumpy because the storm is coming in. You just need to try and relax a little bit. I'm not jumpy. I don't get jumpy. Right. What was that? It's just the door babe. It's fine. It sounds like someone's trying to get in. What? Oh it's just the wind babe. The door has a little gift to it is all ah Here let me show you don't open the door. I won't. I promise. Just watch. See it's just that the door doesn't sit in the frame right? It's pretty typical for a shoddy apartment complex. You just need some more time getting used to the new place I guess. I just can't believe that a story your grandmother told you as a child still has you scared of thunderstorms? You really want to be this asshole right now By how does it go again? Beware the wicked winds from the west. My little pretty Oh I can't hear you all the way from asshole. Ah polis What are you doing making? T want some? Oh yeah sure take it off your ass. Touche. Hey. But really, what was it your grandma used to say? Come on. It's been a while since you've told it. Just old folk tale nonsense. A stupid wives tale from the old country. It's nothing nothing she says nonsense even but she can't step outside in the rain. I really don't want to do this right now. Come on. It'll feel good to get it all out again. Come on. Oh my God fine. She would always say, don't listen when the wind household little jess or else the witches will come and get happy I forgot by which is she means I knew you'd do this. Do what you're making it sound stupid and I'm stupid for being scared by it. No babe, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I've really forgotten the actual story. Please keep going. Trees. She tell me that witches used the wind to communicate to other witches, sharing their secrets with one another and them witches don't take too kindly to ear hustlers. Right. They do not. If they find out that someone has been listening in, they snatch them up and spirit them away. Little jess never to be seen again. To where? Just away grandma never said where convenient. Sorry. My grandmother's folk legend isn't as fleshed out as you like. Well she's definitely no token. That's for sure. I'm always left wanting something a bit more than just a way. I mean come on. Maybe no one knows because the people telling the story aren't foolish enough to find out or they're the survivors. When I started asking questions she told me another story about how her mother also told the story to her and her sister Vanya when they were young grandma was the oldest and thought that the story was something grown ups used to scare Children into behaving. Vanya believed it though and my grandmother would go around pretending to hear the voices of which is coming to take her sister away. Until one night while both their parents were out there was a terrible storm and Vanya came screaming into her room. She said that she could hear the witches on the wind and that they were coming to take her away. But my grandmother didn't believe her. I thought it was a nightmare or that sounds outside we're scaring Vanya, but it was really them fooling grandma into not believing don't fall for the witch's tricks, little jess, jesus grandma made Vanya go back to her room and she went to sleep again later. She heard the window break in Virginia's room and ran towards it calling her name when she made it inside, her sister was gone, she called out the open window, but got no answer, she was gone and with her the storm, it rolled away, leaving only my grandmother behind. But then what happened? Her parents reported Vanya as missing and she was never found later. Her mother came into her room, sat on her bed and said now, you know? Yeah. Mhm. Reach did it just get colder in here? Hmm. Oh yeah, I guess it did. Is that a breeze? It feels nice hey, did you open the window? What? No, well it's open. See there's nothing to worry about with the storm, the window was open this whole time and you didn't even notice. Close it quick, it'll be okay, I swear it's just a nice cool breeze. Would you just close it? They can't know. We're listening. Wait what? Who? What? Would you just close the window? Hey, hey, hey, hey, let's just calm down and go through this real quick, let's say that witches actually exist and they're gabbing right outside now, wouldn't they already want to take us away. Hell we could hear the wind blowing, even if the window was closed. It's not about hearing the wind. It's about listening to the difference. You're hearing me right now but you're not listening babe. It's just shut it close the window. Okay. Okay there that is, jess. What's wrong? The window is closed now. It's okay. We're okay. I heard him what hurt them? I heard them in the wind. The witches three jess. It's them jess. Just just calm down. The neighbors can hear us great now. We're those new neighbors. Yeah, I'm coming. Sorry about the trouble. No, it's them but don't fall for their tricks jess. It's okay. It's just the wind. Right, let's go get that t go away. Hello thomas, are you all right? It's okay. I'm not going to open the door. Hi, who are you? Oh I'm just I live in your building. Is everything all right in there? Some of us are getting worried. Hi ann I'm really sorry about the noise. We just have a hard time during thunderstorms but I think we're about to quiet down now. We just need a little bit of time to ourselves in order to settle down and I'm sure sorry about your trouble with the storms. I too have a little trouble with them. I could give you something that should help. They're lying. I don't know we're not to take the candy from strangers type but we appreciate the offer. Oh, I understand honey. Don't you worry enough? But maybe you could still open the door. I'm sorry. And was it? We can't open the door. That's just something we can't do right now. But if we all go back to our couches and chairs and everything will go back to normal. Oh well I understand that. But as I said, there was a lot of noise and some of us out here are getting worried. I think it would make everyone feel more comfortable if you would just open the door and come outside for a second. Okay? Open the door. Everyone who all is out there with you right now are peek hole has gotten smudged from the storm and and hey, hey, put this sh it out? Stop, go away. Leave me alone. I said cut it out. I won't tell anyone what I heard, Jess come here. I won't I won't get in the bedroom and close the door. I'm going to take care of this. No, no, it's a trick. Don't go. I'm not going anywhere. I'm just going to make sure that they go away. That's all just stay here until I come back. I love you. It's all gonna be okay in just a second. Stay here. But it's them. They're after me. Can't you hear them laughing? I don't really know what's going on right now, but I'll take care of it. Just wait here. Tell me you can hear them. It's just the fucking wind. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but you need to just wait here for a little bit. I'll be right back. I'm going to make it okay. Uh huh. Yeah. You better run you old hag. Okay. I get it. We're all assholes. So let's just go back to our lives of silently hating each other. Sound good. Good. Okay. Huh? Mhm. Did someone lose a cat? Mm hmm. Hold on, little guy. No one deserves to be out there on a night like this. Mhm. Come on kitty here, kitty kitty jess. What happened? I'm coming. Just stay. Still look. No, what? Just who's in there? Mhm. Yeah, jess. Where are you babe? Who broke the window? Where are they, jess, jess, john, I don't understand. Where did he go? I don't understand. Where did you go? What? It was just the wind. It's just so end. It's just the wind. It was just the wind. Yes. Okay. Yeah. Mm hmm.