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(Audio Snippet) A Review of The Mandalorian S1E5

From Audio: The Mandalorian S1E5
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Hosts of The Chosen Ones: Mandalorian, Dan (GoodNightPunk) and Wink, bring the poignant critiques you look for in television and film reviews to The Mandalorian. Staying objective in the face of the Star Wars franchise is the best way to support it, and ensure it upholds the quality we expect, so if some of their criticisms seem scathing, remember that they are what separate blind franchise following, and devout franchise faith.
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Well, let me let me set the scene here, and you can tell me what you think. Okay, so Amanda now has no money because he was just paid Pelley for fixing his ship. Okay, ship razor crest is good. No. So, you know, you've got Mando and Amanda on little green gizmo. They're often this separate place that you don't know where they're at or what's going on. There is still a bounty on Finnic, right? Yes. So, man, who knows where Finnic is, So it cuts to the scene where you're back out in the Tuscan Raiders area in the desert and you hear these, like, spur type sounds as someone's walking. And this figure walks up to Finnic laying on the ground and it stops with the legs of that person with a cape standing there over finnic on the ground. And that's where the episode ends. I got a couple thoughts. One I don't think Phoenix dead. Okay, that's not fair. I think we're gonna Seymour Finnic, By the way, I thought it was interesting. We didn't mention earlier finnic. They talked about finnic being a, uh, a death dealer or, you know, sniper contract killer for all the bad people in the area, including the huts. So they mentioned the huts on Tattoo Queen. Makes total sense. But he was, I don't think I don't think, Phoenix said. And then you got to figure out who this character is. Is it man DeLorean going back to get the bounty on hair because he has no money? No. And, well, that's I would say no there as well, because who would he turn the bounty in to get the money? It also didn't look like him, I think. And this is just my opinion. I think that is the introduction of Jean Jean Carlo Espinosa's Espinosa Espinola Giancarlo Last name. I can't remember at the moment the guy from, um breaking bad. I think this is the introduction of his character. Okay, that's what I think we're getting into in the next episode. So s Oh, I have to say so far in the show. In general, I'm disappointed at the hype for Gina Carano, and the fact that she's only been in one episode is kind of disappointing, and that might be something that they're doing is kind of like these higher profile people. They kind of get their own episode, which, if there was a little bit disappointing, but I guess I can deal with, but I don't Episode five there. Nine episodes. We have four episodes to get Giancarlo Esposito's character. I have a feeling we're going to see more of Kara Dune, and I agree. I think that those three are the only three that I really think are going to be big in this Siri's. And I don't think we're going to see the client until maybe episodes eight and nine. I think we're going to see that guy again. Okay, I'm talking about right. Uh, which guy? The guy that hired man DeLorean to get little girl grief. Not grief. The Empire guy, The client e don't think we'll see him till eight. Episode 89 And I think that he's going to play a big part in the show, but not until we see him again. Later, Jean Carlo is going to have some part with that guy because obviously Gin Carlos character is empire, and so is the client. Um, I think car dune and him are going to get back together to fight in the may be the last three episodes. I hope so. But I think there's a lot going on here that I really think that's what they're leading to. I hope that we lied to like our long 89 episodes. I think there are only eight episodes in this season. Brother eight. I think there's nine. I think there's eight. I am. I am checking. I just checked Wikipedia and it says that there is eight. That's what I've been thinking in that confirms what I was thinking. Alright, well, they got three episodes to get all that done. So I have a feeling. In the next episode we get to meet Giancarlo Esposito's character. I think eventually if we don't meet car doing again in the next episode, I bet we do in the eighth or seventh, because I just feel like that. Cara Dune and Jean Carlos character and the client are the flat next most impor important characters besides Mando and maybe grief somehow as the twist at the end of Episode eight. Okay, that's what I'm thinking right now. I will say this. What do you think? What do you think? What do you give the rating for this episode. Personally, I think it is the maybe sticks. That's exactly what Really I think this is the least exciting episode. That doesn't mean I don't think it was good, but I don't think it really added anything. I way learn the part that we learn about the characters. In this episode. We learned the man DeLorean make stupid decisions, and is that what we were supposed to learn? Because that's what we learned. But I mean, like, what was this episode for? You know what I mean? I mean, I don't I really don't know. The only thing that I can see this episode being used for is to introduce the character that finds, um, they ended up finding Fenix shown at the end. That's pretty much it. I mean, I don't really see any anything else? Maybe. I mean, maybe as a reason to get him on tattooing. He needs to be on tattooing. Maybe the rest of this season will take place on tattoo wean. Um, I mean, I could see that as a possibility, and we might look back on this and think that this episode makes more sense. But as of now, um I mean doesn't, and the last episode was kind of the same way. It just kind of seems like there's a big man of culture. In the last episode we lived, there was going on the last. Okay, so that's that. Is Mawr important than this episode 100 episode? Didn't have anything that important? The only thing I can think of is that we we learned that there's a big There's a big warrant out for the man DeLorean. We also learned that the guild is not on this planet. That might be kind of big, because be a key that I did not think about. But it's a faras. My other point where we learned that he's everybody's going after him. I don't think we needed an entire 30 minute episode to realize that everybody wants this guy. I think we realized what the last episode, what it meant to betray the bounty on her guilt. I don't think we needed, you know, Finnic, telling an inspiring bounder honor what it meant to catch him and turn him into the bounty hunter guilt. All that stuff. I don't think we needed to know of that. I think that that was pretty much assumed. And if we did not have this episode, I would have assumed that anyways, because in most things, any show where you break a code or you break the Greul of someone that you are working for, especially in a show like this, it's a big deal. I didn't need a new entire episode to tell me that. So I wanna know going forward and we'll probably learn this later on. Like you said, maybe the bounty hunter thing on Tattoo Queen or the fact that he's being changed so hard or that everyone that knows what happened on Navarro, the new planet we learned, should know who he is and what it would mean to turn him in. If that's all we learn. I hope that in the next couple episodes, we learn why this episode was important to the grand scheme.
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