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(Audio Snippet) Chapter 6 & 7: The Prisoner and The Reckoning

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Last Played: December 17, 2020
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Listen to Guy Davis and Brendan Dando, hosts of Four Finger Discount's Take It Like A Mandalorian, where you'll hear plenty of names thrown around by these two film experts, and plenty of interesting industry stories too. This snippet showcases the type of supplemental content only their raw experience can bring to the table, while also demonstrating their refined criticism for the series, in the sense that it doesn't buy into a Star Wars sentiment that excuses low-quality entertainment. Lucky for us, there's little of that to be found in what they discuss.
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a za, much as we all love George Lucas for justifiable reasons. Find some bad moves. He also hate sand. No one could make that work. I mean, poor old Hayden Christiansen. I mean, it's the cops. A lot of flak for being a bad actors. I think you're Aziz bad. As good as the tools you're working with Sometimes on this guy's shit tools e take it like a man. DeLorean, Chapter six. Speaking of sand, the prisoner was a prisoner. Uh, Episode six was indeed the prisoner. I'm going to say this is my favorite episode off the series to date. I liked it a lot. Yeah. I mean, there's just so much fun. Like I love a good highest. Yeah, and that's the thing that I think with each episode, this sort of taken various. I think we talked about this before. They're taken various genres and just sort of really shrinking down, giving a nice condensed version of each. And yeah, this was a great sort of, you know, people on the mission movie heist movie breakout moving. I mean, yeah, it was really good version of it. And I liked how at the start at the recap for you know, it'll gets under way. You're getting all these, uh, getting an indication of how dangerous it is for old Mando. You know, he can't trust anyone. He's constantly on the run. He's constantly getting into fights. And yeah, I was like, Yeah, times are tough for our boy. I mean, just in, just in case you forgot. Yeah, well, the thing is I was gonna post is at the end. But what do you think about this Yoda, baby? Yo yo, Dito. He brings pain and suffering to anyone who comes in contact with pretty much. It's just so adorable. And everyone got a falls for him. But, uh, if your friends, you're in trouble, Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. People bringing, bringing, strive to everyone around him. But, you know, then he would just sort of coup, coup or look up. He's got to getting cuter as he goes along as well. They're really playing up the facials very much, I think. Well, getting ahead of ourselves here, But I mean thinking Episode 70 sort of seeing strutting along Lucky's instead of hard favorites. I actually think I wrote down about an episode something in Episode seven saying Maximum Yo, Dito cute. This, um which hand that might be for Episode 16. But we'll get maybe Yeah, my favorite facial off baby Yoda. Daytime is when he's choking Caradon and that you could tell it means it just the brown a greater risk. It's good because you realize when there's a lot of power in that little little green body. So, yeah, you know, if it gets into the wrong hands, like, you know, the clients hands God only knows what could happen. So six had a lot of cameos. Didn't did have a lot of Yeah, One thing I've written down here is I mean, I've got exclamation marks all over the page because every time a new member of the team got introduced, the the way we should do a bit of a brief, That's what this episode. Okay, well, yes, The Mando realizes he's in trouble. He needs a bit of money, I think. Did he give all his money away? He gave a lot of it to know he gave the gunslinger's money to the woman, didn't he? That's right. Yeah, sure. What happened in episode five? I don't think he just needs money. Yeah, he always needs money. He's running low on funds. We need to take a job. Ends up working with some shady old associates to bust someone out of a prison ship. Um, he was basically the Mando teaming up with four other sort of low life bounty hunter kind of characters, all of whom have their own personalities. And all of them are played by sort of people that you might recognize that you should know. I mean, you know, once played by the comedian Bill Burr, if you've gotten that, you would have seen him on everything. That was really good casting. Actually, I don't think we're actually seen him in an acting role, But breaking bad was seen breaking bad. He was one of the henchman. Oh, God, he was too. Yeah, it was fantastic. In it, I stand corrected. What a dope e. I've known primarily, and I think a lot of people do just as a stand up, and he's got that kind of a sign of where he looks like. The kind of guy who would talk a lot of shit, isn't afraid of starting a fight, but may not be you fight more enthusiastically than skillfully. He's someone who really would. You wouldn't mind getting into a bar fight would probably get his ass handed to him. Maybe six times out of 10. Yeah, I just did it Anyway. I find E find that you can tell he's a bad person, but a part of you would still trust him. Yeah, well, there's a great line in the Tarantino movie. Jackie Brown, he says. You can't trust Melanie, but you can trust Melanie to be Melanie. Yeah, it's like this guy is like these guys in ourselves that e can probably you trusting us faras that I have all this group. I'm going with that guy e. I mean, then the guy in the red makeup was like, Do I think it's you know it's somebody? Yeah, And it's Clancy Brown who is the Kurgan in Highlander and has been in a bunch of stuff and started troopers. Yeah, absolutely. It's cooking from Highland E billions. It is a billion big rolling billions. Fantastic. Yeah, it's terrific. I won't say who spoil it for you, But big, wrong billions is really, really good. The woman in the sort of Lizardi make up with the vampire. Taylor's like That's talks. That's from the Harry Potter movie. And the guy doing the voice of the droid is this UK comedian named Richard Ao Aide. Who? Yeah, yeah, crowd. He's also directed a few movies, written a few books. He's a very, very funny guy. So, yeah, it's a really good lineup. Let's not forget, let's not forget Mark Boone. Junior. I've got a story about night Burn Junior one here. I was gonna ask you hosted something within months, right? I did that kind of back a few years ago. Back nearly 10 years ago. Now, uh, Santa Monica on TV at this point. Yeah, maybe it wrapped up, but origins in 10 years ago, I finished. I watch out of Nikola and being with it for eight years. Maybe this was around to actually maybe 2013 or 2014, 6 or seven. Yeah. Yeah, but anyway, Mike Brown, Jr Kim Coates and Tito Ortiz. Tito or tea? Yeah, UFC fighter. I'm thinking another one. This is started. This is made Charlie bad memory. Hang on a sec. I'm gonna pull a Mitch and pull out my phone. That's fine. We're going to Google. Something for you? Yeah. Yeah. The guy who plays juice on juice. Yeah, on Sons of Anarchy. That's the way Theo Rossi theory, etc. Very nice. Anyway. Hey, Sorry. You're fine. It was six years ago. My you. Anyway, they came out to Australia on a bit of Ah, not a promo tour, but one of those things where, you know, they get up on stage and they sort of tell stories about the, uh, about this show, the B Q and a with the with the car with the audience, All that kind of the show's over. We want to milk it. For what? We came before it very much. I did one of those with surprise. It was not long ago. Yeah. Surprise. Um, slight detour. Big pussy came out. It was multi. Santee was you know, Michael Imperioli. If you Well, it was three or four. And you're hosting that as well. No, no. I interviewed Imperioli, but this one I didn't have you theory Rossi prior to it? Yep. And the guys go back to my set up. It seemed to handle it pretty well. And you seem toe know the show do you wanna, you know, host these Q and A's. We're doing one in Adelaide. We're doing one in Melbourne. I'm like, Yeah, that's cool. Yeah, but so it's It's Boone, Kim Coates and and Theo Rossi. Yeah, I mean, they, of course, done this a while, and I think they wanna be hanging around with something new from Australia. But I was smoking cigarette this stage. Don't do it, kids. It's a bad habit, but ended up having a few cigarettes with Boone at the front of the hotel after this one. Right now, he's been a bunch of movies. Now it's sort of like and But you also is a bit of a gruff gentleman. I mean, that'll them. He was kind of like the the old man. Don't if I want to sort of get on Boone's bad side. Yeah, said, uh, it was like, you know, some people. Yeah. Do you mind if I just ask you a few sort of nerdy questions? Ugo, Because he made Batman begins. He was in Batman Begins. He's the corrupt cop. Yeah, he's always shaking down the falafel Dio. I said I wasn't like working with Gary Oldman on Batman begins. Hey, did not like Gary Oldman on, Proceeded to tell some stories about how just he wasn't a very generous actor to work with a man like like E O. But look, it's not a great Mark Boone junior story, but I did like smoking a few cigarettes at in front of our hotel in Adelaide with him and hearing, you know, having my illusions about Hollywood shattered. It's awesome, but it was good to see him show up. And, yeah, he's always, you know, it's just this big, gruff gentleman who always adds value to everything and very convincing. Casting is kind of the guy who leads Mando into trouble, but yeah, yeah, but I'm not just, um it was a good dynamic between the two of those as well. I mean, yeah, I just love I just laughed at line with that line. You know, Nando sort of tilts his helmet looking at his own. What's that look about? E, Don't watch this. And I was like, don't trust him, and I don't trust him. I don't trust any of these guys on. Yeah, I mean, it was a bit sort of been taken aback that they were taking the piss out of the man. DeLorean, you know, really sort of taking shots. And I'm like, I don't know if you wanna be, you know, Isn't you're one of the Galaxy's best fighters? They're all saying that they're all acknowledging that, like, Wow, this guy's got a really sort of gnarly past, you know? Maybe the chip on their shoulder. They think so. None of them could measure up to the Mandalore. So they're all just, you know, having to go. You know, What's the name? Tongues. They're saying, Oh, this is the way. It's like you wanna be disrespecting the way, baby. It was a couple of back references here to the original trilogy that I appreciate it actually prequel as well. So when he said I was imperial sharpshooter, that means nothing. I wasn't a stormtrooper
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