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(Audio Snippet) Ep. 1 (Chpt. 1 & 2) - In Favreau We Trust

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Last Played: December 18, 2020
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Check out a snippet from the series opener of Den X Media's Mandalorian podcast, We Have Spoken, where intergenerational conceptions of intergalactic entertainment harbor different demands. This clash between two relatives, one not so young, one not so old, leads to a far-ranging discussions painted by a breadth of opinion best illustrated by Dennis's disdain for the prequels, and Ricky's sentimental ownership of them. Together, they develop their arguments under compensatory terms, creating well-rounded analyses that hold Star Wars to an appropriate standard while holding them accountable for the fidelity they owe to what made the franchise great in the first place.
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as much as the prequels air. Such of weird, odd bad movie, those air, My Star Wars. I remember being a kid going to see those movies. Getting the toys playing the video games is actually a big part of my stars fandom. The games there, honestly, where I've been the most involved, are invested in the universe outside of the movies, on the toys, obviously, with the toys. I was able to just make my own stories and everything like that. But yeah, there's some really good games, and I will. As much as I hate the prequels, I will say the prequels have some of the best video, for sure. I think they softened the blow of the prequels for me, for sure, but it still was really hard toe. Except, you know, George Lucas, the man who created all of the things that I just man, I just loved like how he could just completely just who Paul over on. That's just, you know, like I don't know. That's just not not just my opinion. Andi, I know you don't see it that way, but with the man DeLorean, it's finally we're seeing that people have an appreciation of it the same way I did, or even more so And there they care for it like it's their baby, you know. So people have adopted Star Wars now, and they understand that if they want it toe, keep going forever. And obviously there's a business associated with it. They're gonna wanna make it good and make it fun and so good and in different flavors. I think that's that's kind of a nice you have your kind of Ogi trilogy through lines Still, that's going on. And then you have this, which is its own kind of odd things, like in a good way, though I don't think it's odd, though. I think the thing about this show is that it's so calculated because there are things about the show that are so fundamentally Star Wars and very familiar. That's not an accident like they chose the things that they know people from my generation. My generation has very specific things and very specific ideas about what makes Star Wars good bond. Then there's your generation who doesn't understand it. Um, so okay, Boomer joke there somewhere, but I mean, to be fair, even even I'm not a boomer man. That's old man like That's I'm not. They're not even remotely there. My parents are boomers. Um, I feel like everything so far in this show. I have seen in my mind I have played in a video game, and it's familiar, but it's it's new to the screen. It's super exciting. Yeah, it's created by Jon Favreau and with Man DeLorean, he said. What are the things that people love about Star Wars? What are the things that are divisive about Star Wars? What are the things that take two generations of people growing up with Star Wars and cause them to argue? And how long can I go without addressing those things? Totally, at least at least the first episode. Just in the first episode alone. They try and shove so much Star Wars in there you get, you get action, you get adventure comedy mystery. It's Star Wars. It's got It's got spaceships, monsters. It's got puppets. It has droids. Cool gun. It has Yeah, guns. And they make weird sci fi noises, and they go pew pew. It's almost a disservice to call it fan service because it it's not gratuitous. They make it work and it is everything you want. It all fits in the story. It's so far. Yeah, and you know more, most importantly, to get everybody on board. Boba Fett. Oh, that's like the type. That's what I'm saying. Like he found the things. What do people love about Star Wars? They don't feel my case. Jango Fett. Oh, my God. That is I wanted Jango Fett to be something really cool. Instead, he ended up being the reason they had to go back and change the voice acting for every single stormtrooper in the original. Truly. But yes, Jango Fett is also really cool looking because he looks like Boba fans. Uh, you know, he figured out all we got to do is make the main character look like Bo. If it I mean both. That was so minor in the Star Wars universe. But what made him so awesome is because you have no lions. You never saw his face. You never saw what he looked like under the mask. All he ever did was fly around with a jetpack, shoot flamethrowers and put people in carbonite. There's just so much to build with your own imagination. off this character, and I think that's why people like the man DeLorean yeah, with that said, like I mean, the other cool thing about this that is different from normal Star Wars is it's actually a really small scale story, you know what I mean? It's not so far. I can't speak to what's gonna happen later, and I'm still trying to say this with without spoiling. For a moment, every single one of these movies or those movies has been about saving the Galaxy like there's a good and a bad There's a giant floating ball that's blowing up planets, and we've got to destroy that and save everybody and and free all the slaves or free all the people under the tyranny of whatever. And this story is just about the dude. He's a bounty hunter, and he's doing his job and you could tell he really, really needs money. Yeah, well, he's not like a He's not a good guy, and he's not a bad guy. He's just doing his bounty hunter thing. Yeah, and so for me, that's that's always been a very compelling part of Star Wars. It always follows Luke or an account or whatever. You know, one of the Skywalker's, it's always following them. But in the background there's all these people that they exist in this crazy universe where people have the force and can, like, bring an X wing out of a swamp or like blown up in a second or mind control people or Khost themselves. But you know, they can use a light saber to just deflect blasts everywhere exactly where they want them to go on, like they're just like these ridiculous characters that can do anything. And there's no reason that anybody else should even be able to function in that in that universe. You know what I mean? It's just it's amazing to me. And like what cracks me up the most about bounty hunters in this specific universe, especially like man DeLorean bounty hunters is they have somehow adapted their skill set to thrive in a universe. That Jedi existence or sit or whatever, you know, like Force Wielders is just amazing to me that, like that's a job like where you gotta go hunt people and, like, sometimes you gotta hunt Jedi. So far, that's not been the case. That's not to say that that won't happen. But, yeah, this character just is taking jobs, you know, like making money and making money. And sometimes, you know, crazy stuff happens along the way, and he's got to roll with the punches and stuff. It's just so simple the story and it makes it so fun to watch because you just get to take in more of the world like John Wick is kind of. It's about bounty hunting and assassins, kind of in that sense. But that kind of gets a little more ridiculous. That's weird to say. Comparing to Star Wars like this is just basic. Oh, go get this guy capture and bring him back There's no as right now secret underground mythology of layers of Well, there's a code that was apparently like an assassin code. Yeah, I mean, I think there's a curb among the bounty hunter, a t least among the man DeLoreans, too, and we can maybe talk more about that when we get spoiler time. But but yeah, I mean, we still haven't learned it, but I do feel you like it does feel like it's riel somehow, and by really I mean it really exists in the Star Wars universe that we know. It's not beholden to the giant over our king stories of, you know, galactic freedom and all these things. You know, it's just this is a dude making money. If that doesn't sound interesting to you, then e. I promise there's way more stuff. There's different Star Wars.
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