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(Audio Snippet) Episode 50 Mandalorian Season 2 Prep! NO SPOILERS

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Our parents recollect the premieres of the original trilogy with nostalgia, even if they didn't care about the movies, because it represented a mainstream milestone that made a world without the household names - Darth Vader, Skywalker, Leah - inconceivable. A world without Star Wars? After 1, 2, and 3, I understand why it was easier to picture. The movies may have then lost their luster for mom and pop, but barely post-infancy, we cared little that they lacked narrative depth. Once again, the magic of Star Wars was reborn for a new generation. But since the Disneyfied third trilogy and the animated series, we feel as if the franchise lept from our laps to tend to Gen Z. The Mandalorian, however, succeeds in filling the void that left us only suspecting the genius Star Wars.
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Our Certain Point of View hosts Jim and Tim are AMPED for the premiere of The Mandalorian season 2, and you can tell in this season 2 prep episode by all the asides their talk drags them into. Lucky for us, there's never a lull in a conversation with these two, nor a pun unseized, nor(and most importantly) an opportunity to educate untaken. These guys got a certain point of view for sure, but there's a good chance you mostly agree with them.
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if you're not into reading comic books, but you love Star Wars, you love the stories. I'd be happy to help fill you in with what's going on. Heck, yeah. Especially since so much of the Lord comes from there. And the one that we've talked about is I really want Thio read. I'm really excited to read and look at the one about. Gosh, I forgot the Jedi's name, But the one who Vader gets his first crystal from as a Seth and leads it, um, it was Tony Lewis last week. Who I was his name. I could not remember. Tony Lewis is the lead singer from Was the lead singer. He's dead now. He died on October 19th. Which, by the way, is the anniversary of Lord Cornwallis surrendering Thio George Washington at Yorktown, Virginia, which essentially ended the American Revolution. Well, that's because of Mel Gibson and his hatchet. Yeah, and they stabbed a horse with a flagpole, which was not I thought that was just awful on all kinds of levels of like, that's the flag. Dude, that's a horse. Uh, but I guess you do what you gotta dio um Yeah, Tony Lewis was the uh Oh, my love. Oh, my love in the world. See, I was just trying to work in a chance for me to sing. He was English, so he probably did not appreciate the fact that he died on the anniversary of America's Victory of England. Yeah, so is that. That's an old school warfare, though. That zip Eichmann style. What People don't realize about the whole American English relationship because we're such good buddies with England now, Andi. I mean, I love England. I'm very fond of that country. And I'm not only font of England and find font of the United Kingdom. Heck, I'm extremely fond of the Commonwealth of Nations had the I've been very lucky to have traveled a lot on been Australia, New Zealand and Canada and England and Ireland and all that. And I've been to these Commonwealth countries that have been in South Africa in Africa, but not South Africa. But anyway, the Commonwealth countries rule. That hasn't been said. I mean, you know, the old joke. They're basically like nice Americans. They're like Americans. If we were nicer, um, which is probably, sadly, some truth to that, but that have been said we were enemies of England. Up until the 18 nineties, that wasn't like a just OK. American Revolution. Okay, War of 18 12. Which nobody cares about the War of 18. 12. Wait a minute. Somebody has a war of 18 12 flag, don't they? Yeah, oddly enough, of all the things to be a fan of, Tim is a fan of the War of 18. 12. Okay, but any way you like to study the War of 18 12. Yeah. That animosity lasted all the way up until the 18 nineties, when Germany emerges of power in England. Kind of had to decide who's gonna seek out globally for friendship. And that was when they finally started becoming more and more friendly to the United States. Um, but of course, back then we were just in agricultural slash industrial country, not a military one. Uh, the good old days. So that's the news and the history. One of these days, I'd like to do a history podcast. Um, countdowns. That was just texting you about that. Nice cantons. All right, we are saying ready for it. I'll say it. Oh, my gosh. Say it. Three days, nine hours 50 minutes and 41 40 39 38 from What is it? I'm gonna go with men. Lawrence is a to Oh, yeah, it is time. So close. So, so close. What do we say? That's nine hours away. But again, nine hours, 10 hours away. That puts it it like, uh, six in the morning. A little late. I'm excited about this The same way I used Thio. Well, I've always been excited about like, uh, Star Wars movie premieres until the last jet. I killed that for me, but like I always used to be, you know, I'm excited, man. This conversation people again today that was You know, just and I know we've talked about this, but this is also a lead into our recap. So it actually applies, even though it seems off topic right now, the fact that this episode is coming out and that's it and not the Siri's and not the show this'll episode. Uh, you know, it makes a huge, huge, huge difference for me as a fan being able to watch the show talk about the show e have conversations with different people throughout the week about the show before I enjoy the next episode and not just burned through them all. You know I do. Don't get me wrong. I do marathons of shows, especially when I'm working like I could put man DeLorean on in the background and just work all day long. But that's once I've seen it on dunce. I've had the time to digest each episode. It's one of my problems with Clone Wars. I need to go back and watch Clone Wars. I didn't watch Clone Wars until, uh, ignoring season seven until after the Siri's had ended. Yeah, and so I washed clone wars quickly. I got through it, you know, a really fast amount of time. And I missed a lot of those details. And that's just something I need toe fix and work on. Um e I mean, I do. Okay, you guys have all heard me talking about it, but, you know, I could do better, So I'm excited about that. Three days, nine hours, 48 minutes and 38 37 and Chapter nine. Since I love it, they they are doing the naming conventions the same way they did with the first season. It's done in chapters, but they don't release the name until they release the episode, which is nice. But what I can tell you. Chapter 9 October 30th, like I said four days Directed by Jon Favreau Written by Jon Favreau s Oh, they're gonna come out of the gate strong on this one, I'm betting, but I didn't see them. I didn't see the chapter name. They're calling it Chapter nine. That's awesome. It's called Chapter nine. That's really exciting chapter. So right. I'm glad it's not like, you know, book to Chapter one. I like that. Yeah, and it'll be eight episodes again. Chapter 16 will be the last of the of the season. Two. Yeah. So sweet. So that Z was supposed to be part of our countdown's, but we started launching right into her E z. I mean, it works out well, Yeah, it seemed off topic, but it was really on topic countdowns. Four days until the release of Mandalore in season 27 days until the release of Mando Mondays, which is november 2nd. Yeah, we've talked about that already. Yeah, we're done with that 22 days until lookie Life day and the premier of the Lego Star Wars holiday special that's gonna take over for me, Um, instead of the Charlie Brown specials since they took that off Network TV. Apparently great pumpkins going well, it's on like, uh, iTunes or whatever. The apple equivalents. Apple TV. Um so I'm every year I'm gonna have toe make my kids snuggle around and watch the Lego Star Wars Holiday special. And then we'll have the airing of grievances and feats of strength, right? Yeah. So 71 days, we got a lot of prime numbers. This time Star Wars, the High Republic books come out. That would be January 5th of 2021. Excited about that. The next one is all the way up to 190 days that Star Wars Day May the fourth be with you. 100 90 days. Star Wars, Lego The Skywalker saga. The game Monday 31st, 217 days. Sorry, A little hole 372 days away from Star Wars, The Man DeLorean and original novel. We are almost at a year, but that's November 2nd and then finally, because I don't think we should be doing this new trilogy stuff that we learn more about it. Star Wars celebration, though, is 2022 which will be August 18th. And that is a 661 day wait. Also a prime number. Yeah, I do want to know that we have our countdown going. So those numbers that he didn't say or 7 81 1516 in 2244 days. Yeah, I love was meant to be kind of love that lasts forever. Oh, you do know you're Peter cetera? Yeah. All right. So tonight, stop it. The man DeLorean Season one highlights and things storylines, that sort of thing that we might want to know going into season two. What I didn't tell Jim is that I have the script to season two, and I'm just gonna read it to you. You son of a gun. Your father must be because you're a son of a gun. Yeah, well, I got a joke for you. Ready? I was born ready. Um, I don't actually have a joke. More of a limerick. There once was a man from, um, Bombay. I don't actually have a limerick either. Um, so season one started with an episode written by the great John A Favela and directed by the equally great Dave Filoni. Um, and that was simply called Chapter one Man DeLorean. And it's then this episode, if you listen to our podcast last week, we did our like highlights our favorite episodes in her favorite moments. And, of course, 10 pointed out a few times. You know it depends on your mood. Depends on where you're at when you're watching it. But my favorite moment was literally the opening scene of this episode. Chapter one, The Man DeLorean. Because he goes in this bar and they do a little bait and switch on us because there's some clearly bad guys in this bar and they're like, Oh, man, the world is here Toe take care of these bad guys and he does. But it's only incidental that he takes care of these bad guys because they basically make it so that he has Thio and he goes after a guy who seems to be a fairly likable guy. But the very first line the man DeLorean uses is I can bring in warm or I could bring in cold as he puts his hand on his blaster and it establishes the gun slinger feel. Actually, that would be the name of an episode later. Um, the Western field. It establishes the character very, very well. What do you want to talk about with Chapter One way probably won't spend too much time on each each episode. No, I don't want to do a whole lot of Chapter one, but I think we talked about a lot of Chapter one. You get to know a couple of characters, frankly, the card of major characters Way Get to sit on a hot dog, Don't you see in Chapter one? Yeah, because he gives the bounty on the child. Shout out. I do have a concern about him, and I understand why it happened because of the way while I'm thinking about, we have ah band that is now called demented Penguin because of the shout out Thio Verner Herzog. So shout out to demented shout out demented Pinguin Your best a her talk impression I'm sorry, don't want So this is something I wanted to bring up last time. You know, it's just been Oh, this was the thing. There was something I could remember what I want to talk about. This was it. Um and I think we've talked about it before, but this kind of take to send it into the second episode, but a hot dog. Everybody has been ordered to terminate the child. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's a big part of this man. About everybody connect. And he wasn't now correct. As a matter of fact, the Camino guy is the one who's like No, no, no, don't. Well, that was my concern. So So the client kind of said, but even when the client was originally talking to him, he was like, Well, you know, we don't We don't really care. Um but on the other day, I was like, I don't know, he has to be alive, So I don't know if it was just because that guy was there. Thank, but yeah, it Z I'm so excited to keep talking every year. I don't mean to do that, but Yeah, Verner Herzog initially pretty much indicates that he's okay with this guy Dad. Like it sounds like that's the bounty has killed this this target. And then we see a guy with a uniformed from Camino. But we know Imperials don't like to deal with alien life form. So even though he's from Camino, he's a human. Um, and he is very adamantly no, we need him alive. And Herzog his character. I can't remember his name because I said word Burner called the client. The client says I'm being pragmatic. I think is the word he uses. Um, he's being a pragmatic tub. Eso apparently, Yeah, live is nice, but dead is fine. But when he meets I g 11 and all the other bounty hunters, it straight up dead. And that was the weird part because they were ordered to just kill not a kill or capture. It was just kill. And that seemed that seemed really odd to me, especially considering and this was the other piece. The client gets away when the man DeLorean comes back. And there wasn't a whole lot of time. Which means the implication, I think, is that he wasn't there anymore. Yeah, that it was. But But if they're basically in hiding, right, like they're trying to save themselves as remnants of the Empire and do what they need to dio, which is a good time to point out that the mandatory in episode one takes place five years after return of the Jedi. So, yeah, we see the empire has pretty much started to crumble apart, and the Republic is trying to establish itself, but has not quite done so yet. Yeah, and that's and that's the So the part that got to me was the fact that I'm kind of streaming into Episode two here, which we'll get to but, um, way assume everybody's seen this. So we're not, like just telling you the story we're just reminded of Come on. Is this Meets a child and decides to take take him instead of like, tournament is that step said one. Yeah, So they've you know, once he's turned him in, he goes back for him, right? But the client isn't there is the client and the fact that it was so important for all these other bounty hunters to just kill this'll child like they didn't want him around it all. And then for him, it was like we'll find, bring him in. But, you know, they just needed to extract whatever they needed to extract, and then he needed to be killed too. I was surprised that that he was not around, that there was no verification, that the child was gonna be killed later on, when he When the man Lauren got there, the client was gone already. Even if he was fleeing, I feel like he would have done something. Well, the clients there by the seventh episode, the reckoning, so I don't know, I just assumed he was I don't know, I never even thought about it. Be honest. Where did the client went? Because having brought the child back alive, that would make the Camino Dr Guy suddenly the guy who was, like, interested in the child. So I thought maybe the client just left him to his own devices with that. But they weren't that. There's somebody else above them who's in charge of the whole thing. Where they said that too. Yeah, I would have. So that small Gideon Yeah. So I don't know. It's just it all seems It was a little strange. It was a little, um not not a bad way. I just don't I don't know. Like that's one of the things that leaves me wondering with with what's going on in the background of the Empire