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(Audio Snippet) "Helmet Trouble" The Mandalorian Chapter 4 "Sanctuary" review

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Last Played: December 21, 2020
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Often in the world of Sci-Fi fandom, you find a particular force of fanboying imbued with the confidence that Star Wars could do no wrong. And while spreading the intergalactic gospel's important work, it's still gotta be grounded in reality. Like in this audio snippet, where our hosts rank the untraditional episode 4 of The Mandalorian, and do so with some clever (if sometimes bawdy) quips.
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delicious. So, Bubble, what is your ranking for the sanctuary episode for Of the man DeLorean. Well, I might go off on a bit, but I'm gonna rake this eight. What I'd like to call Double H is out of 10 0 double H double. Wait. Oh, no. I knew about double. What A double H is again. Double H refers to when a character is helmet horny. This widow in the village, she got horny for that helmet. She wants toe touch it. She wants to take it off. Gentlemen, you know the lady is like in your stuff if she's a little double H helmet tourney. Uh, I of course I'm jealous. I'm thinking. Now I need to start wearing helmets to the club. It might help me. Catfish. This whole time you've been talking about while g shits an actor and a helmet, we don't see his eyes. We don't see his expressions. We don't really see his reactions. For me, this episode felt very different because of an issue of we now have kind of a buddy road movie where one of the buddies doesn't speak. So to explain to the audience. Okay, why is the Mando flying to this planet. What is his thought process? He has to explain it to Baby Yoda or Tween Yoda as we like to call him Quota. And so he's kind of saying things where in the first couple of episodes he didn't have to talk so much. He talked an awful lot in this. There was an awful lot of talking in this episode, which was very different from the first three. The second episode there wasn't talking for, like the 1st 12 minutes or so, and so the fact that this one was so chatty felt different. I think that's why you're seeing some of the feelings about it online of the Mando kind of has to talk so much. And there's so much things. Hey, let's talk about our feelings. The reason why I went upto eight where I was a bit down on last week's episode is two weeks ago in Chapter two, the child when they had that montage at the end of Mando and Doug Nolte fixing his ship. I was humming in that podcast. I was humming the 18 thong like, uh, this was an episode of the 18. The 18 was a show. Younger listeners. That was on when I was a kid. It was in the eighties. It was about these mercenaries who would go around and help people. And, you know, they'd leave at the end of every episode because they were wanted for a crime they didn't commit in a bunch of kids. We watched it, we knew, or at least let me say I did. And I'm certainly not an Einstein. We knew in the eighties that the 18 really wasn't a good show. But this episode tickled me because it was like, What have you spent 100 you know, $10 million to make an 18 because of that. Like what If you made a good episode of the 18. Because of that, I actually found myself charmed by it. Ah, lot of the times I'm with you. This wasn't the show I would have wanted. This was isn't the show. I would have made a bunch of side quests having a mini 18 episode in it, but where last week's was very predictable and the whole series has been predictable. But last week, like it was predictable and un enjoyable, this was very predictable. but it was almost enjoyable. And how much in the little twist, their little things that I didn't see coming? I may have been naive, but when the bounty hunter had his scopes on Baby Yoda, even though, you know, baby Yoda can't die, I tensed up. So I'm going eight out of 10. That's my initial thought. You can't do that. You can't threaten baby quota. I will come for you if you threaten, baby quota. See you. Now. I found this we have said over and over again is Western western cliches. They're going through the whole book. It just turns on whether you enjoy other things in the episode or they do kind of a twist on it. And this one? Yeah. I mean, I just don't believe that he's going to be suckered away from being a man. DeLorean. It's been so important him and he's only been, you know, in this town for like, a day and a half, you did kind of sense from his voice. Kind of a wistfulness. That was good. But you just I just didn't believe he was gonna be taken away, that he was going to decide to change his life. I also knew instead of him that there is no way that Toyota was gonna be safe on this planet. So So some of those things that they did, I didn't find them enjoyable because they were just delaying tactics that were not believable. That's the kind of the issue I had. I mean, we did definitely have some amazing, Amazing. If I were to give rankings on these shows purely on toward a deliciousness, this would be a 10. The things that happen with quota, which we'll talk about. I want to ruin them all now because when we get to him, I won't be able to do my like my my younger person squeegee about the different things that quota does. But yeah, the other thing was, you know, I was complaining about, you know, I think we need more talking. And then, as expected, I wasn't Thio into the person who was talking the new character. We were introduced to this week but were introduced to a couple but one. We think we'll come back. Who knows? Maybe both off these women could come back. It is strange when you go to a planet and you're like, Okay, can anybody shoot? And there's one person who could shoot really well. It's kind of strange, and they're the ones that might be. There might be multiple back stories going on here. I love it.
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