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There are many great qualities that The Mandalorian television format brings to the world of Star Wars, namely the concentrated amount of content we get, and the frequency with which we get it. For, unlike the end of Star Wars films, the end of the 1st season (5 hours and 23 minutes of action) promises fans a season's worth of discussion. A year to digest, rewatch, talk about, and predict, just in time for season 2, whereas in the past we poured over the trilogies until they lost their uniqueness, blurred in concept like a repeated word. I get it, episode 3 was a milestone of my childhood, but that was 2005. When, in 2015, we finally got our episode 7, we prayed for something like the Mandalorian, to understate itself and over-provide, something we've grown accustomed to seeing the franchise fail to do. The Mandalorian delivers where they could not, and our dedicated podcasters are hot with predictions.
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he said there was gonna be a Luke Skywalker, and he was in the first episode. I don't think it's gonna happen if that does happen and we get a Marc Hamel de aged toe look like he did in 1983 or 84. I will be very excited and that'll be fun, and I'm not going to shoot on that, but I don't know he's gonna happen. So I think what we are gonna find out is that he has to find Baby Yoda's home planet, which, as you said earlier in this episode, is one of those things. We don't find out. We have never heard about where he's from. What his people do again, we don't know about his Penis is about that. And we they've never given them a name of the species like this is what a few aliens that has always been. It's just Yoda then, and that's part of the reason everybody calls the baby Baby Yoda. Otherwise, you call baby man, you know? Well, we I will say we do know Yatil on the Jedi Council in episode one way. Know that there is a female version of the species just like. But Seattle is very much in the vein of George Lucas on, uh, Steven Spielberg. Like female e t. Right. It's basically the same skin, but just like a flower in her hair kind of thing. Or like a wig, Miss Piggy wig. Eso That's that's what I'm expecting to see is we're going off on this journey. There will be stops on that journey. We will definitely say maf Gideon again. He clearly has, um, you know, a pretty remnant at his disposal. I would like to point out W W E Superstar Sasha Banks is in this season. She is a woman in the hood. Sasha Banks is a very popular professional wrestler. If you don't like wrestling, that's fine. You know you don't have Thio, but as a wrestling fan, I'm very excited to see what her character is. Um, yeah, I can't I can't really speculate too much on what the twists and turns we're going to be. It does seem like Manda was going to a boxing match and I didn't know the Star Wars universe had boxing, but I'm very excited to see Star Wars boxing. Um, yeah, I think at the end of the season, we're finally gonna get the answer. The question of what is Yoda? Where is he from? And this was what I will leave us with is the big question that everyone should be asking about Yoda is Does that mean that every single Yoda is for sensitive? And if so, are we talking about a planet that is teeming with Jedis in the universe, where we think there's only one That is gonna be a crucial question for this season that hopefully we will get answered at the end of it. I love that. I think here is I'm gonna do my predictions then and leave with these. There's two things. One. I really hope that this first episode explores moth Gideon a little bit more like, even if it if it means like that thing where they kind of delay what's going on with Mando and the child just for a little, because I think that that's a really interesting piece of this that was only teased. I hope that they really dig into that in these first couple episodes on do a little bit of that, you know, crosscutting between the two stories which we haven't really seen. And then two, I wanna know if every other man DeLorean in, uh, in season two is upset that for some reason, this one man Lauren gets to be called Mando and everybody else is some other name like that's the only person that gets that nickname. Yeah, it seems unfair. I mean, he has a name. It's gin din Jarrin. He has a name, folks. He has a family, but nobody calls him that because he is very private about his back story. And I assume that we're going to get a lot more of his backstory. What it was like growing up during the galactic Civil War. What it was like losing his family and being taken in by the man DeLoreans and why he is so passionate about his religion. And and that's it last. And you know, not to progress too far. One thing that is also true. This is another story of an orphan, right? This is not somebody who was born a man DeLorean and which is interesting. I'm I'm curious. Why That this is this is a story point. Um, and not just the born Amanda Lauren, but I hope that comes into play in season two. Yeah, I mean, I think that's one of the great universal things about Star Wars. Is we all feel like outsiders Sometimes, you know, for a variety of reasons. And the Star Wars characters are all outsiders, you know. Even Princess Leia, who should, hypothetically be the ultimate insider, is an orphan. She's kind of, you know, weird and aggressive and quirky and fun and exciting compared to the other Royals and in the Star Wars universe. So I think that's why they make these decisions. It's because they know those are the characters that people really, really fall in love with. And hopefully you as a listener will fall in love with this podcast because we're gonna be coming to you every week. We're gonna be talking about Amanda Laurean. Season two. We're gonna be talking about all of the fan theories, all of the crazy cliffhangers and all the things that you're obsessing over when this episode is over. So please subscribe. Please leave a review. Please tell your friends that this is the best man DeLorean podcast on the Internet in the world ever, because I think that's true. That's right,
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