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(Audio Snippet) Way Too Early Season 2 Predictions

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Last Played: December 29, 2020
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In this clip from an episode of The Mandalorian Watch podcast, host Alex Maxwell and Mac Lacey make some reasonable predictions as to what they expect to see in season 2 of The Mandalorian. Reasonable, but looking back on it, MAN were those some wild calls! Regardless, they're fun to listen to, and they love interacting with their fanbase. Check out their station, where it's all Star Wars talk, all the time.
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so Yes s okay. Let me get into my first official prediction. Hold on your seats. Hold on to your But here we go. I believe the child will be named quill by season's end. An honor of quill. The Ugg not? Yeah. The fallen dearly departed. He gave him down in his prime. Maybe. Nice prime. But he gave his life for a little baby Yoda. They did? He did. And that was man. That's that shot. Messed me up. Yeah, it's very, um, for sure. Okay, so my second and final prediction for season two of the manner. I'm sure when we start listening to the voice mails, we'll have a lot more time. Yeah, but I feel pretty good about this one. Okay, I believe we'll see O'Meara again. Okay. I believe she will be revealed to be a former man. DeLorean, which kind of goes with yours, so maybe OK, maybe. Alright, alright. Yeah. You could definitely feel that role. There was just something there she knew she was She was oddly curious about the man DeLorean like, more so than I feel like right in instantly captivated, like and I mean, I don't blame her right. I mean, e definitely don't blame her, however, like she picked up everything really, really quickly. And then she she knew how to relate to him and Thio interact with him in a way to make him feel comfortable, which is something that nobody else can do up until, maybe, like Kara Dune. Even then, I don't feel like Kara Dune has a way to make him feel as comfortable as O'Meara does right. Like he obviously has a strong connection with her That's different than Keira. Care is one of the like buddy cop situation, I think on there, and there's obviously some romantic feelings that he has with Amira, and yeah, I know. I just get that. I get that since there, there's a lot more to Amira than what we know. And I hope that we start to find that out because I think she is more than what Maybe we're led to believe. Yeah, that's fair. That's fair. All right. Awesome. Well, yeah, we're keeping it kind of light just because this is the way to this is the way to early version. Um, once we see a trailer or any kind of marketing, you know material. We're gonna We're gonna be doing a lot more of this kind of thing. Um, yeah. Like none of my theories air that that wild? Yeah. I mean, mine aren't really either. So it's not like we're saying Ma Gideon was dingy. Aaron stepped out or anything. Um, cool. But the real reason we wanted to do this because we wanted to hear what you guys had to say. Uh uh. So let's hear from you guys. Say, hey, Mac and Alex, this is Jon Emery from the Bronx, New York. I know I've said this before, but I love your show. It's my number one source for man DeLorean reactions and analysis because you two are literally it for me. And so I'm happy to know. Aiken, turn to this podcast when I need some man DeLorean good stuff in my life. So onto my predictions, which I think are there way too early to share. But at this point, you know, they're they're kind of wishes, so I'm going to share them anyway. And hopefully you will come true. But here's what I think so Number one, the man DeLorean and the child they definitely need some time to rest and heal from the events of the season one finale. So it'll be really, really cool if he goes back to Sorgen because I love that planet. I love Chapter four, so we gotta go back. So you know, he knows how much the child enjoyed being in the presence of other Children, and that's actually where he was intending toe. Leave him anyway. So why not go back for a little R and R? And my second prediction? I have no doubt that we're going to see more man DeLoreans, especially the survivors from the covert as well as the armor. What I'm hoping is for Din to meet other man DeLoreans outside of his covert because seeing other man DeLoreans practice their creed differently. I feel like that's going to have an impact on him, you know, it's a big galaxy out there. They're different practices and different faiths. So I have a feeling we're going to see those points of views, meat and maybe even clash, which would be really interesting. Number three. I, um I know that dense personal mission is to find the child's kind, but I don't know, I don't know what about four sensitive people showing up in the second season? But it would be awesome for that toe happen because that's, you know, that's where it should go, given what we saw in the season finale. But if we dio, I know some people have suggested younger, ah, younger version of Luke Skywalker. Again, it's a big Galaxies. So there are other characters out there, either old or new, who could fit that role. But part of me, honestly, part of me would flip out if it turned out to be like Ezra Bridger. That would be amazing because, you know, technically he's around at this time or theoretically at least, so this would be really cool. This would be a really cool way for him to be thrown back into the picture, basically, so that would be awesome. Number four, I seriously, highly doubt Boko Town was killed offscreen like I refused to believe That's even a thing so I can see her having survived whatever confrontation she had with Gideon in which he took the dark saber from her. So whether she lost an arm or whether she was imprisoned, I honestly don't know, but I think din or someone will catch wind of this and make it their business. Thio either free her, rescue her or help her again. I don't really know, but, um, Bo Katan has to make an appearance in this upcoming season, either in past form or present form, because you can't show the dark saber, especially knowing what we know happened in Star Wars rebels and not have that happen. You have to have her in there. Um, and last one, my fifth prediction. I'm thinking the season will finally tell us what the child's name is like. I'm hoping Din will be the one to name him. So far. Personally, I've been calling him Din Junior, but I really want to know his name. And it be amazing. Toe have didn't call him something other than Kit or child because their clan of two. So he's essentially a dad. So he's got a name, his kids, something. So that's it. I mean, I feel like if talked an essay, I feel like I've been talking for so long, but, you know, keep up the great work, you guys. And, uh, here's one way to say goodbye in Mandalore in Nando, and it's ready to shame me. So here's hoping we'll meet again in the future by well, we should have just handed this episode Thio. Jenna Marie. We actually tried Thio schedules just did not line up. We were gonna have Jonah Marie on this episode, the whole episode with us. But unfortunately, our scheduling conflicts came, came in and so we asked, This is not the last you'll hear from her. We're gonna have her on again. We love her. She's e I couldn't say this. She's coming on to do our Chapter four commentary with us for patryan especially, especially given that call just there. I think I think that would be a really, really cool discussion. Um, yeah. So we love her. And she gave just way Mawr inspired. Yes. Way better than ours. Like takes than us
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