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(Audio Snippet)The Mandalorian S2E1 Review: "Chapter 9: The Marshal" (TeeVee 672)

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Just because the new season of The Mandalorian is already underway, doesn't mean you won't find some seriously entertaining conversations at the A Complicated Profession podcast. This snippet from the tail end of the season opener review, has guest Helene Wecker complaining about the lack of creative metaphors on Tatooine, and establishing what she'd like to see in the show going forward.
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Yeah, I think so. To go back to your earlier question, you know, there's gonna be hits and misses. There's gonna be the references that doom or when they land, there's going to be the references that do less when they don't land. Um, And then there's going Thio be just, you know, the things that fly right over my head. I did not realize until I went on the Internet after seeing this that apparently, um uh, the marshals speeder is made from one of Anakin's Padres or engines or which again is like, Wait, aren't there more than, like, six things on on tattooing? We have to just keep your purpose ing the six things over and over again. And maybe that does speak to Okay, Now you're going a little too far down. You know, you're disappearing into your own belly button a little too much when it starts to become, improbably, not just improbable, but like head scratching that Why would this be that thing? Especially in a galaxy that is so large and rich? I think that's the thing A lot of people struggle with is like what we love about Star Wars is that It's so expansive, right? And there's all this amazing, amazing aliens and amazing technology. And sometimes it feels like we have foregone creating new things for the Oh, let's show us. Let's show you this thing that you know already and that will get that dopamine hit out of you is a good thing, because it was referenced last season. But I don't think before that I don't know of it before. Okay, Yeah, that's, like, give us a few new things every once in a while, Give us give us, like, a new start building on instead of just re referencing I I think would be, you know, sort of my recommendation. Um, but, you know, for many lines, as they have toe walk is many tightropes. And And And not to mention, the fact that, you know, I'm sure there's some, you know, overseer a Disney saying, Here is what you can use here is what you can't use. Um, you know, for their own, you know, future purposes or whatever. Um, there. I still think they're doing a pretty excellent job. Yeah. Um, well, any last thoughts from you about where you want to see things go Or like what? Storylines. You're interested in any? Any conspiracy theories? I'm all ears. I That's funny. You say that because I was just gonna talk about Baby Yoda, who was also all ears, Um, the I want to see mawr of Baby Yoda doing the Baby Yoda thing. Um, I want to see more of the relationship that's developing between them. Um, I which which is also, you know, the thing that you think that you want that when you see more of it. You know, that's it's little touches here, and there would be wonderful. Um, not just like he puts him in a saddlebag. And then, like, Baby Yoda has toe find his way into the door and into the spittoon. Um, but I want to see I really love the character of the man DeLorean. I think, um, I want to see him get a little more tested. Um, I want to see him have to come to a point where he has to be asked Thio he has to make a decision between sacrificing some part of what seems to be a very rigid code, Um, for either a greater good or something that he's decided is worth Justus much to him. And maybe that will be the child. Maybe that's, you know, eventually what's going to happen is he's going thio, you know, have to to make a pretty large personal choice. Um, and there was, you know, some little hint of that back in the seven Samurai episode last, ah season with with the woman that, you know, he basically was trying to get him to settle down with her, um, which I thought was not not the most convincing, But I do. You know, we've seen at this point how much being Amanda Laurie means to him. Um, and that it's it's, you know, it is the thing that is, has has kept him going for a very long time. And it's it's the framework that his life revolves around. And I would like to see that shake in just a little. I'm totally with you. The challenge, I think that's where the interesting point comes is like you said, we've seen him. This defines him. It is it is who he is. To him, it's part of his identity and having to have him challenge. At some point, I thought last last season. They did a nice job of that with the scene where ID D 11 has to patch him up and remove the helmet. Points out that he's not. You know, I'm not a person. I could see you with your helmet off and he was willing to sort of make that allowance. That was part of it, right? We saw him challenge about his his feelings on droids and like how his trauma had played out. But I agree that it continually testing that element, especially because in other other stuff that we've seen man DeLoreans in and he's presumably going to come in contact with Moorman. DeLoreans, as the season goes, you know, continues have proved that they have different interpretations, right? Like any. Like any group that has these sort of laws. There is different, you know, interpretations of that in different degrees of strictness and how much they're observed. And I think there's almost a hint of that with, you know, our faux Manda Lauren this week. Removing his helmet all the way is him having to deal with this idea of like, Well, what if I'm just taking this like a lot more seriously than everybody else's on. I think that's an interesting question. And it's nice to see you know, that character developed and have to come to terms with that. Yep. All right, well, there's lots talk about in this episode, and I'm sure there will be all lot mawr as the season goes along. But I would love to thank my guest this week. Helene Worker, thank you so much for being here and talking about the man Laurean with me. Well, thank you very much, because this this has been a real treat. And that's our show for this week. We'll be back next week to talk about Chapter 10 of the Man DeLorean. Thanks for tuning in, and we'll see you then.
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